Return to<>911 can easily revisit USA, as fbi and  cia incompetence and corruption continue

April 2001 Update To Terrorists' Methodology:
1. Intentionally cause brake failure by using a standard (instead of a metric) wrench to damage brake line, causing leakage.


2. A) Send Phillipino female to express her preferences for men who undergo sex-change operations by removing their male organ.


B) Subsequently enter T's dwelling and plant the following message on the kitchen sink.


3. Continue electronic surveillance in T's residence, home invasions, and plantings of drugs in T's food and drinks; after T digests the poison, consistently leave the following message on T's telephone answering machine : "end of messages".


Harassment/terrorism continues unabated even as United States Court of Appeals considers merits of T's request for injunction. fbi continues constant surveillance of T in home and car (using tracking devices on T's car and on T's person); assaults on T by fbi operatives recur as fbi thugs regularly attempt to provoke T; following these incidents, fbi operatives and agents enter T's home and car to leave yellow objects and to continue tampering; fbi thugs also appear at T's intended destination (usually UCLA campus) prior to T's arrival and leave cleverly disguised notes designed to remind T that those who hate him and who enter his home and plant drugs in his food and who enter his car and turn on the lights (or otherwise disable his car regularly) are only a few feet away from him in the UCLA computer room.


June, 2001 Update, to Terrorists' Methodology Continue to use Conditioned Response technique, even though such tactic is to date largely ineffective in controlling T:


Repeatedly reset temperature control panel (digital reading) to 8. or to 8.5 and reset manual temperature control setting to "economy, low, high", depending upon the cost to T to repair damages which the Terrorists do to the vehicle on a given day; such damages include: cause water pump failure by over-tightening belts which put pressure on bearings and on seal; replace new or serviceable oil pressure switch and connector with defective ones, causing leakage; puncture radiator (at various areas) to cause water leakage in multiple new radiators; enter T's vehicle while in the repair shop and reset the temperature control panels as described above, so that when car is delivered to T by the mechanics, T sees the new messages; disable clock and radio; replace serviceable coolant sensors and connectors with defective ones, causing the vehicle to stall. Continue other terrorist actions in concert with those described above: enter T's residence and car to leave additional messages (i.e.: If T is having finance difficulties, turn on the hot water in the residence just before T arrives; plant pennies on the top of T's car, the number of pennies generally corresponding to the degree of debt or the amount of expenditures (on credit cards, etc.) which T may incur on a given day. Continue telephonic harassment; as a reminder of the terrorists' causing bodily dysfunctions in T (by placing drugs in T's food as previously set forth ) call T repeatedly and regularly ask the same question : "What's Up?"; also, place pornographic material on T's workstation at UCLA when T momentarily leaves the computer. Continue assaults on T, including the following: Have terrorists' approach T in traffic to ask how many new parts T has placed on the car in the last year and then offer to pay T $1500.00 for the car so that T can buy another used car.


July 4, 2001-Update to Terrorists' Methodology:


T no longer eats at home ( except for fresh food), so the fbi intensifies campaign to place chemicals in T' s food in restaurants. The side effects of the drugs are the same as previously set forth, except that on some occasions the dosage of drugs in the food is great enough to cause centralized stomach pain/burning. Based on T's other symptoms, the primary effect of the poison seems to be to reduce the ability of blood to flow to the body organs associated with the libido ( this interrupts on a relatively permanent basis T's ability to have intimate relations). To accomplish the delivery of the poison, the fbi co-opts restaurant managers to permit fbi Operatives to serve T food (tainted with poison) and then the Operative disappears (the most recent incident of poisoning occurred on 6-28-01 in the Westwood area, Los Angeles, California). Click Here To See Police Report dated 6-28-01.


Both prior to and following the above described poisoning, the fbi thugs discreetly assault T and later leave the usual telephone message on the home answering machine (i.e.: "end of messages"), so that T will know that he has once again been caught with his guard down. As always T is undaunted by the terrorist activity. However, T begins to consider the possibility that Congress and the Courts favor the fbi 's criminal actions designed to neutralize T. This realization suggests federal corruption at all levels of the United States government and bodes ill for the world at large.


See LA Police refusal to investigate and unprofessional verbal attacks on T (last four sentences of LA Police Report # 01 08 16099). Click here to see report.

Note that officers Arambula and Thomas of the LA Police Department are guilty of writing a false police report (#01 08 16099) and should be prosecuted for intentionally creating a false public record for the purpose of covering up other crimes committed by the fbi. The corruption of these two incompetent officers is hereby established as a matter of fact.


July 18, 2001, Death threats continuing, the terrorists 'pour it on' as follows: Intensify in a single day hostile acts against T with apparent intent to overwhelm him. Place fbi operative as cook at restaurant frequented by T and plant a mixture of drugs in food (one prevents T from sleeping and the other enhances chemical attack on libido functions); enter T's residence and car and rearrange only those items which T has touched in the previous hours; assault and provoke T several times throughout the day; enter T's car and grind the ignition/starter switch excessively causing brushes to wear down prematurely, thereby disabling car. Coincidentally, on the same day the IRS notifies T of examination of tax return(s).

August 10,2001 Update to Terrorists' methodology:


Intensify conditioned response technique : Follow T from time to time with terrorists' vehicle flashing hazard lights; drop a screw into the cigarette lighter socket of T's vehicle causing electrical shorting (blowing fuse); then deflate tires on T's vehicle ; T is now unable to use automatic tire inflator . The next day continue threats and when T does not respond, loosen the bolts on the transmission pan so that the fluid leaks onto the catalytic converter ; at the same time break the hood release mechanism under the hood so that T cannot open hood to see problem relating to the transmission fluid leakage.


As T limits eating at restaurants and home, intensify the plantings of drugs in his food and beverage at every opportunity: when T orders a sandwich from a fast food service counter, create a momentary diversion and allow terrorist time to plant drugs in the food in a thirty second time frame when T's attention is diverted and the sandwich is on the counter; order a dish usually ordered by T just prior to T's arrival (at university sandwich shop), plant the drugs in the food, then cancel the order advising the fast food cook that the sandwich is untouched; the cook then places the sandwich on the grill again, not realizing that the terrorist has just pre-poisoned T's meal. The symptoms of the poisoning are the same as previously indicated, plus T notices increased body weight and occasional mood swings. Regarding T's car continue efforts to use conditioned response during the same time period that drugs are planted in T's food: Notify T as to the tire(s) that will be deflated in the near future (if T continues efforts to advertise his website) by: Removal of the air pressure cap from the valve stem on the tire to be deflated; the next time T misbehaves (fails to obey non-verbal mandates) disable those tires so indicated .


September 11, 2001: Update to terrorists' methodology: Continue a combination of previously described hostilities (home and car invasions, poisonings , exercising control of T's TV by remote control, etc.). Enter T's car on 9-6-01 and place large leaf on the seat; on the next day disable T's car by puncturing radiator at the seam. While car is in repair shop, disable brake lights by squirting water in the sockets or by replacing good bulbs with bad ones. All of these tactics have been used repeatedly against T over the past three years.


Terrorists' "messaging" continues as of September 12, 2001, in apparent efforts to silence T from reporting fbi crimes and methodology. Disable T's vehicle on 9-14-01 by overtightening torque fitting nut where transmission cooler line fits into radiator,causing leakage of fluid.


September 17,2001 Update to terrorists' methodology: Focus on psychological warfare: Resume with intensity conditioned response technique to include trigger words and phrases (or indicia) on four themes recognizable to T: terrorists' poisonings of T causing disfunctions of body parts associated with libido; Assaults on T world -wide by thugs who remind T that he has no where to run; Disablings of T's vehicle and other assaults causing financial stress on T; Twenty-four hour surveillance in T's residence and car with tamperings therein using tracking devices on car and on T's person -possibly teeth. The following four trigger phrases (or concepts) correspond to the foregoing four themes respectively and are delivered to T by the Terrorists via Internet, telephone, or in person: a) "What's Up ?" b) "Where You Going ?" c) pennies placed on or in T's car d) Taking over remote control of TV when T attempts conversation about the terrorists, and harassing phone calls following the moments T awakens or converses about the terrorists.

Continue conditioned response technique in concert with other terrorist activities during the week of September 17-23.2001. On Monday, enter T's residence and disable the battery charger to T's cell phone ( this reminds T of the previous poisonings affecting the libido); the next day enter T's residence and repair the charger unit indicating that T's libido may now recharge and bring physical sensation back to T's body parts; the next day, as T does not alter his anti-terrorist behavior, enter T's residence and place poison in food items that T occasionally eats; then leave the usual message (i.e.: "end of messages") on T's answering machine. On 9-23-01 at the precise minute when T turns on the cell phone to check e-mail messages, send the following message to T: Sender- Nobody, Subject -None, Message-None. (T has asked Yahoo to verify and to identify the origin of the harassing e-mail). To see the actual e-mail message "CLICK HERE". The terrorists continue to regularly remind T that he is watched in every room of his residence by sending T a variety of e-mail messages via phone and computer and by entering the residence and tampering only with those items which T has touched in the immediate past. The continuing campaign to silence T uses the same techniques as previously set forth in "My Story In Detail" and presently the fbi alternates between disabling the car and planting drugs in T's food, all for the apparent purpose to cause T to submit to the conditioned response goal of punishing T for his unacceptable political expressions.


T continues efforts to defy the terrorists who then expand upon existing conditioned response /operant conditioning techniques as follows: Enter T's car on 9-24-01 and re-locate cell phone adapter device from compartment to floorboard and subsequently leave message on answering machine: "end of messages". The next day (9-25-01) as T fails to conform to Terrorists' demands, disable the cell phone data server, preventing T from on line activities; as T recognizes the problem with the data server and as the terrorists watch in real time, leave the usual message on the answering machine : "end of messages". Then after T has Sprint restore the service to the cell phone, leave the same message the moment T enters the residence: "end of messages". Throughout the month continue home and car invasions and tamperings (i.e.: damage the zippers in T's slacks; if T locks the car doors, the terrorists unlock the doors; if T leaves the car doors unlocked, the terrorists lock the doors).


On 9-26-01, T takes car to expert mechanic for tune-up. Terrorists intercede to insure that all parts placed on T's vehicle are designed for a different model. T then repeatedly returns to the mechanic over the next two days as the car repeatedly fails to function (e.g.: on one occasion gasoline leaking from fuel filter). After three vehicle malfunctions, one of the mechanics admits to T that the expert knew that the parts were all inappropriate for the car. On 9-26-01 and 9-27-01, the usual terrorist message is left on the answering machine: "end of messages". 24 hour surveillance continues on T.

Click For Evidence Of This:
Sosbee's letter to California Department of Consumer Affairs
Receipt From Gary's Chevron


October 6,2001, update: Terrorists continue to stalk and harass T by repeatedly tampering with car and contents therein: For example, unlock car doors or lock car doors each time T locks or unlocks car doors respectively at various locations; remove items from the front seat to the floor board of back seat area. These tactics are repeatedly used just prior to the disabling of T's car as T continues to defy the Terrorists' efforts to influence (or control) T and such tactics also seem designed to discourage T from continuing his campaign to expose fbi criminal activities. T is undeterred.


October 8-10,2001: Terrorists continue to monitor T in real time (both in residence and in car) as T struggles with finance , and other personal challenges (including lack of sleep); and the terrorists, now seeking to exploit any perceived vulnerability in T, increase the harassment to include the following: frequently enter T's car and residence and place "plug nickels" and dead insects in the dashboard and in the bathroom. Also, as T seeks medical treatment for the ailments caused by the terrorists, continue to plant poison in T's food and leave the usual "end of messages" on answering machine after each incident. {Note: T's ability to habituate is largely unaffected by a 24-48 hours lull in the harassment}


Oct 10, 2001: T attempts to hide medications in trunk of car for one hour; terrorists seize the prescription and relocate it, reminding T that the surveillance is indeed comprehensive and that anything T eats can be medicated ( Terrorists send e-mail to T to "eat your medicine)". Doctor advises on Oct.11, 2001, that terrorists may be placing high blood pressure medication in T's food because one of the possible side effects of the high blood pressure medicine is impotency.


Medical records confirm dramatic drops in T's blood pressure during times of poisonings
(i.e.: 134/81 pulse 94 in Dec., 1999, dropping to 110/70 pulse 76 in July, 2000; nose bleeds, weight gains and other dysfunctions documented by Doctors are all consistent with a doctor's belief that the terrorists are in fact using a high blood pressure medication on T with the intended effect to cause loss of libido). Medical report dated October 9,2001, also reflects a doctor's reluctance to report evidence of poisonings in T's medical charts. Doctors decline T's requests to examine appropriate medical records in context of T's reports of poisonings by the fbi.


October 17, 01, as T is cautious regarding where he eats, the Terrorists stalk T and learn that T regularly eats the same two items at the snack bar area of the UCLA campus late at night; the terrorists send operatives to discreetly learn that the two items are : 1) ice cream sandwich and 2) a half pint of skim milk. On October 17,01, T visits the snack bar area and purchases the same two snacks; though difficult to confirm, T has reason to believe that the two snacks (ice cream and milk) were prepared for T's consumption by the Terrorists. The symptoms are the same as previously set forth. T recognizes that such reports as this may appear incredible; yet T also realizes that this information is a part of the terrorists M/O and that hard evidence of assaults is difficult to obtain. However, even when T has such evidence (i.e.: witnesses), no authority is interested. In any event the purpose of this record is in part to report as accurately as possible the events surrounding the fbi efforts to silence T, even as the courts and the congress look on, and even as the United States condemns terrorists worldwide.

October 26, 2001: As T continues acts of defiance, terrorists begin the following messaging technique (to notify T that his activities are unacceptable): enter T's car & push left turn signal to on position and click high beams on. On the morning following T's hasty visit with computer technician for update to this site, terrorists place chicken feathers on T's windshield.


October 27, 2001: Terrorists enter T's apartment and tamper with drawer knobs in bathroom, so that when T pulls on them the knobs come off (Note: the only knobs so affected are those that T uses daily).


November 2, 2001: Terrorists continue to monitor T in his residence and in his car (by use of the wireless surveillance technology) and enter T's car (while T is at UCLA computer room) to disable heater (by replacing serviceable programmer with a defective one); on the same evening T visits grocery store during which time the terrorists enter T's car and rearrange the temperature control settings which T a few minutes earlier had touched. Upon T's arrival home, T notices that the personal items which he had arranged earlier that morning had been subsequently rearranged by the Terrorists.


November 7, 2001: The terrorist assaults on T continue: Home and car invasions are commonplace; electronic surveillance almost bearable. Each time that T hands out his flyers or otherwise advertises his website, the terrorists disable T's car; then, T promptly continues the same activities and the terrorists (who are stalking T in teams 24 hours a day) enter T's car the same day or night to tamper with the temperature settings (their favorite setting being: "69"), to relocate personal items or to rearrange interior fittings/latches; the next day or week, the terrorists again disable the car. On some occasions the car is also damaged or tampered with while it is in the repair shop. T presumes that the United States Attorney General, or a federal judge or magistrate officially authorizes fbi terrorist assaults on T in the name of national security and no questions are asked when the fbi invokes such a powerful image. Also, the courts and the congress amazingly do not concern themselves with the tactics used by the terrorists in the fbi/cia, even when inhumane methods are employed (T previously reported to Congress that the fbi goon squads and other selected fbi agents often place bets on the life span of one of their targets; such bets are a ritual which is interpreted by the conspiring agents and operatives as a sign of honor, strength and unity). The character types who spread their very special style or torture and death to people worldwide are generally unknown to most people. T is privileged to continue to present this information, though tiring of the ordeal; and T is gratified if but one other human being can benefit from this report. By shining the light on the activities/intentions of those whose occupation is centered on the torture of their fellow man, T hopes to make such practice less rewarding to the assassins who today run unquestioned (by virtue of their fbi/cia credentials) throughout our society and indeed much of the world. T gathers strength from the encouragement given by very special people who attempt in spirit and in word to reassure T that he is not alone. To all such persons, T considers you (not he) the brave ones- for you have much to lose and nothing immediately (materially) to gain by reaching out to T. T is committed to continue efforts to relay his story because he considers himself to be perhaps the only one at this time and at this moment in history who is strong enough to prevail against this particular evil. T plans to update this site less often than in the past.


From about November 7-17 the fbi terrorists continue poisoning T: The fbi operative applies for employment at a nationally franchised coffee shop frequented by T. The operative-applicant provides the manager of the store with the names of three references (all fbi contacts who agree to provide the operative with favorable, but fraudulent references ) and the operative is hired, but he appears for work only on the days that T buys "coffee latte". The operative poisons the drinks on three or four occasions; when T discovers the crimes, the operative subsequently fails to appear for work and is dismissed with prejudice by the store manager. Meanwhile, the fbi continues other hostilities against T by electronic surveillance and harassing e-mail (with the usual theme of loss of libido and dysfunction of body parts). T's medical symptoms continue as previously reported and T's prescriptive use of testosterone and viagra are now useless against the effects of the prolonged poisonings (possibly a drug traditionally intended to control high blood pressure, but with the side effects as reported in this site).


These statements represent the opinion of Geral Sosbee:


Nov. 21, 2001 Special Update: See anonymous and fictitious indexing of the concept "Post Vasectomy Dysfunction" in reference to T's reports in "My Story In Detail" (this site) regarding threats and torture. The vasectomy was performed fifteen years ago and no dysfunctions were ever indicated following the vasectomy. Therefor any reference to the current symptoms as set forth in this site is made to mislead. T assumes that such false indexing may be an effort to discredit T's current documentation of poisonings which have been occurring on a regular basis for over two years. Click here to see false indexing:


Nov. 25, 2001 Update: T learns this date that in an effort to force T's silence: A) fbi/cia terrorized T's brother who visited Thailand in the late 1990s by drugging him (causing the loss of consciousness) on the train, by threatening to rob him and by suggesting that he return to the United States immediately; B) fbi caused the United States Social Security Administration (in the late 1990s) to notify T's Mother (ailing and aged) that her income is "hereby stopped due to overpayment".

The following statements represent the opinion of Geral Sosbee:


Nov. 26, 2001 Update: The fbi alters T's computerized resume to falsely show a destination of China (political arch rival of the United States); click here to see alteration. Such alteration could serve as possible evidence (fraudulently created) for a possible arrest warrant charging T with obscure offense against the United States.


November 30, 2001: The fbi continues psychological torment by home and car invasions and by placing 5 pennies on T's car this date, one penny for every five thousand dollars lost by T on his investment in Enron Corp. Two hours after T attempts to update (11-30-01) fbi thugs enter T's car again, stealing personal items and otherwise tampering with T's



On Nov. 29, 2001: the fbi agents in Dallas Texas caused a major lending institution to cancel T's line of credit and deny a previously approved loan. The reason for the revocation is: Our decision was based in whole or part on information contained in a credit report received from the consumer-reporting agency. The reporting agency played no part in our decision (other than providing us with credit information about you) and is unable to supply specific reasons why we were unable to process your balance transfer request and the credit line was decreased on your account.


December 2, 2001: The fbi terrorists intensify efforts to force T into submission: Electronic wireless surveillance and invasions in residence and in car provide the thugs with new opportunities to harass T: Regularly send T tailored e-mail messages which corresponds to difficulties which T might have (i.e.: financial or medical). On one such occasion which took place on Dec.1, 2001, fbi thugs continue to remind T of his losses from his investment in Enron Corp: the terrorists, monitoring T's accounts and T's increasing debt obligations which are occasioned by the collapse of Enron Corp., send T an e-mail message. The message is dated Nov. 26, 2001, but was sent to T five days later. T's losses on Enron occurred on Nov. 28, 01 and the unsolicited e-mail was sent at a time when the fbi employed other tactics mentioned in the November 30, 01, update. T discounts the possibility that coincidence could account for the suspect e-mail, but such harassing messages occur on a regular basis and always correspond to a particular difficulty T is experiencing at any given moment, or to a particular activity in which T is engaged in his home or car (all such activities being monitored in real time by the fbi). The fbi reveals its desperation (and that of the Washington D.C. bureaucrats who order the attacks on T) by going 'all out' to silence T. Each new effort by the fbi fails as T sustains the assaults and rebounds with his determined efforts to expose the fbi for what is : A GLOBAL CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.


Dec 2, 2001: The fbi thugs, emboldened by the complete indifference of Congress and The Supreme Court of the United States to T's reports of fbi/cia terrorist retaliation, re-enters T's car on the evening of Dec.2, 2001 and seizes the prescriptive medicine that T is using to treat the effects of the drugs that the terrorists place in T's food; at the same time the fbi thugs return prescriptive medicine (antibiotic) that T used in prior months to treat a tooth infection caused by fbi-operative Dentist, fbi continues to send e-mail to T with the themes: death, impotency, bankruptcy/debt.


On several occasions T attempts to preserve evidence (eye witness and commercial surveillance video tapes) of fbi agents and operatives engaged in assaults (including the planting of drugs in his food/drink). The businesses refuse to release the tapes and the police refuse to investigate. On a few occasions, the police officer taking T's report is honest and states that the officer believes that T is telling the truth. Click here to see evidence of one such report: Evidence Of Terrorist Assault Contained In Gardena Police Report
99% - Articles & General info: Gardena Police says "THE F.B.I. IS OUT TO GET HIM."
11/02/2001 Commercial sites: http:/ / www.sosbeevfbi.com/ policereport.html


December 8, 2001: SPECIAL UPDATE: Terrorists observe in real time as T takes medications for 40 days (RX# PO221503, AndroGel 1%,5 grams; T is taking no other medications) and on this date T successfully and temporarily overcomes the effects of drugs placed in T's food and drink by terrorists; however, one hour later the terrorists assault T and then enter T's car to tamper (rearrange settings and locks, etc.) as an apparent reminder to T that his success is unacceptable ( Terrorists' intent: use a conditioned response technique to control T). T recognizes that if the fbi thugs are allowed to control or to significantly influence any important facet of T's life, then the same thugs can in theory control all of T's activities by simply repeating their terrorists' methods (or varieties thereof) anytime they so desire. Once the target surrenders to the terrorists even on one issue, then the terrorists know that they control him. T also notes that the effects of the terrorists' drugs are not limited to those previously mentioned and one additional effect is to cause a general loss of energy and a quantifiable reduction in T's physical activities. Presumably, the ultimate effect of the drugs is possibly a life altering lethargy and a general atrophy of the total organism.

December 12, 2001: fbi sends operative to assault T and to perform semiannual personality/psyche assessment on T.


December 28, 2001: fbi intensifies efforts to provoke T, by sending operative to assault T in the commercial computer room where T goes daily ( The thug approaches T, attempts to engage T in meaningless conversation, interferes with T's use of the computer, threatens T with angry face and clinched fists and departs when T moves to a different computer.) The fbi thug is described as Hispanic male, 5'6", 130 lbs, 22 yrs of age, clean cut and neatly dressed.This update reflects fbi's desperation to find a basis to arrest T, or to increase intimidation factor and thereby the stress level on T. Assaults on T at the computer usually occur as T sends or receives a series of e-mails associated with this website.

Terrorists enter T's residence and turn all of T's shoes upside down so that the souls of the shoes are facing up.


December 30, 2001, T receives the following e-mail: See hate mail.

Summary of terrorists' activity to date: T recognizes that the fbi's engagement in Crimes Against Humanity is a distinct probability and T realizes that Congress and the Courts refuse to oversee fbi-cia operations because to do so could subject high ranking government officials in all three branches of government to charges of complicity in such crimes, both in the United States and around the world . As previously reported in this site, the fbi-cia operative Dentist places tracking device in T's teeth so that T is harassed everywhere he goes (i.e.: assault and battery and slander are common); fbi-cia observe T in home, car and hotel room, as T shows symptoms associated with the poisons placed in his food and drink. fbi-cia agents and operatives continue other terrorist activity without interruption, so as to suggest to T that he should seek a final exit; then, if the terrorists succeed in ruining T's life and damaging T's thought processes ( by the use of drugs and constant harassments, including those described in this website, among others ), then T may make a mistake of judgment and under the watchful eye of the thugs/assassins in the fbi-cia give the terrorists exactly what they want. T's misery and ultimate demise at the hands of the terrorists are observed in real time and then the next victim is identified for similar treatment and extermination. These specialized agents and operatives are paid to torture and kill only those who pose the greatest threat to individuals in government who are involved in serious crimes; in the process of protecting criminals in the government (especially in the fbi-cia ) from public scrutiny, the torturers of the fbi-cia have become the new enforcers of an emerging evil empire against which no government dare to speak. Such a state of affairs is contrary to the laws of Humanity and is antithetical to the dignity of man.

IRS begins "Tracking" Sosbee's tax returns (see IRS message in the site meter entry below, dated October 18, 2010) after Sosbee files a claim for reimbursement of a $1000.00 overpayment of taxes for the year 2009. The claim for a refund was filed with the IRS in previous months, 2010 and instead of responding to the claim, the IRS begins sending notices to Sosbee that 1)* He is being tracked (via tax returns) as of October 18, 2010; and 2) As of November 19, 2010, he must pay tax penalties, interest and back taxes on previous years taxes (as per letters to Sosbee from the IRS).

The following message from the IRS reflects the criminal minds of the IRS agent who seeks (by delivery of his timely subliminal message, followed a month later by tax due notices) to assist the fbi assassins in the harassment of the taxpayer (Note that the tracking device means exactly that, track (as in 'track' tax returns), and the connotation of the word is assault by various methods, including fbi & IRS thugs as well as directed energy weaponry. The IRS thus confirms its true character as a terrorist in aid of the fbi/cia hoodlums.


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