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Special Update January 5, 2002:


The following information represents the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee and is not intended as legal advice.


All criminal and civil cases in which the fbi has been in any way involved during the past fifty (50) years may contain (and in some instances does in fact contain) fraudulent or prejudicial evidence used for predominantly political purposes to remove innocent citizens from mainstream society and to subsequently terminate them by means not generally known by the people of the United States of America.


Such cases include all federal, state, and local jurisdictions where fbi personnel (including fbi laboratory technicians) have had any input in the evidence submitted to the civil or criminal courts and tribunals. The evidence submitted by fbi agents, operatives, and associates may be (and in some instances are in fact) fabricated and based on fraud, perjury, extortion, and a variety of other criminal tactics which, if such had been known to the court at the time of the hearing/trial, would have been inadmissible; indeed, in many instances the fbi knew that the accused was innocent both before and after the defendant's incarceration and (under these circumstances)such fbi personnel would have been subject to criminal charges if the Judge had known all the facts relating to fbi planting of evidence.


The fbi agents and operatives regularly engage in fraud on the court for a number of reasons, the chief ones being to acquire a personal gain and to protect the fbi from embarrassing revelations of fbi criminal conduct, as briefly outlined below and as set forth in this website. With no oversight of fbi operations by the courts or by Congress, the fbi often runs with wild abandon over their targets.


In order for the fbi to maintain its false sparkling public image, and at the same time do its dirty work, the fbi encourages its agents to engage in secret meetings where each agent is asked to use his imagination and to share with others in the cell (usually consisting of 5-10 agents) ideas on how to neutralize the target (subject or suspect) of a particular investigation/political concern. The members of the cell then engage in a kind of "Mission Impossible" discourse in which methods of neutralizing a given target are examined; the suggestions are not limited by any legal or moral considerations, and generally criminal actions by the fbi are considered. After the meeting, no one is allowed to discuss with any other agent, outside the cell, the contents of the discussions; no one is allowed to criticize any suggestion, regardless of the outrageous or inhumane nature of the suggestions. Many suicides and false confessions result in the general population from the success of such missions.


However, the most common methods of terminating the target is to simply kill by firearms the individual and anyone who aids the target. Another method is to build a file, using false statements by fbi agents, operatives, and informants. Such statements are then legitimized by using an official FD302 Form and by using fbi informants (and sometimes known assassins) who submit similar statements which on the surface appear to corroborate the other perjurious statements. Then such fictitious evidence is presented to a civil or criminal court (often in secret) for judicial action or consideration.


The fbi shields itself from outside scrutiny by blackmail or threat of blackmail. The fbi also shields itself by establishing a National Security screen to protect those FBI agents whose operations are patently illegal: the fbi places such agents into supervisory positions in fictitiously created "Security Desks" (i.e.: Squads) and then allows that agent and his criminal activities to all of a sudden be undiscoverable ( and for all practical purposes non-existent). The agent so placed may have no training or experience in National Security matters and the agent is promoted to supervisor even though his fictitious squad has no other members ( in other words, he is the entire squad).


In criminal cases the fbi faces a relatively easy task of eliminating the target because few individuals (including many Defense Attorneys) directly challenge the veracity of fbi agents, operatives and informants. Those who do question the fbi's honesty may have their careers destroyed, or worse. In civil cases the fbi has a more complicated job: To put together a case for incarceration/institutionalization of the target by use of numerous fbi operatives and informants; in some instances fbi controlled psychiatrists write fictitious reports on the target and the fbi professional profilers insure that all reports consistently paint the perfect picture of one who poses a threat to himself or others. Indeed, the business of using profiles of the fbi targets have proven over the decades to be a clever way to both dazzle the media and to entrap innocent and perfectly sane and normal human beings.


If the Target dare to ask Congress or the Courts for a fair hearing or review, the fbi provides them with the false report (complete with a parade of horribles) in which the target is portrayed in an unflattering light. In fact in some cases the target is then blackmailed into false admissions. In other cases the target is told to plead guilty or to accept the dictates of the fbi, unless the target wants to see his family destroyed. The Hanssen case may be an example of that tactic (see this website "RPH").

Finally, as I have pointed out in this website, the fbi occasionally resorts to terrorism to destroy those who pose the most serious threat to fbi/cia stranglehold on the country.

Very few individuals survive the fbi's efforts to kill them. If they do survive, they are incarcerated or they have their brain cells rearranged so that they cannot report the atrocities witnessed. Others like the author of this website live under a kind perpetual siege until exhaustion takes its toll.


Jan. 7, 2002: During the past several days the fbi frantically scrambles to find a way to stop T from continuing his outpourings of opinions regarding political issues; tactics include poisonings, attempted stings, home and car invasions, assaults and battery, harassing e-mail and telephone messaging, etc. (as previously set forth). The need to silence T is greater now than ever because of the international focus on terrorism and the need to portray the United States as the innocent victim of evil doers; the fbi, though competent as assassins in any other context, is incompetent at dealing with one of their own officers (namely T) who shows no fear and who steps over the fbi's placement of potentially deadly obstacles as so much trash. The dilemma intensifies for the fbi because the truth of T's reports rings loud across a world previously deprived (by the media) of documentation regarding the actual reality of fbi/cia sponsored terrorism and corruption worldwide. T is grateful to the United States Army who trained T to survive all threats/injuries for the sake of the mission; most of all, T is grateful to the intellectual giants who recognize that the small minds of the fbi/cia and their <> associates/conspirators must not be permitted to rule the world any longer. Finally, T is happy to be alive and is even happier (though humbled) to contribute to the improvement of mankind by telling the thugs and assassins of the world that you are finished.

Geral Sosbee


The following information represents the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee and is pure speculation:

Editorial: The world is now in the grips of an inhumane power grab emanating from the dark side of human nature (that part characterized by extremes of greed, selfishness, vanity and fear), such hold being orchestrated by the fbi/cia (and like minded entities) and being financed by the world's most powerful nations; the global coup is enforced by a military monstrosity which commands the allegiance of world governments and all media outlets. This state of affairs is centuries in the making and requires for its continued success the total domination of earth and space (and with simultaneous subjugation of the world's people) by the United States Military and power structure (including the corporate community).


The distinct possibility of a United States sponsored nuclear war suggests that we should be prepared for the following scenario: As the United States loses the respect of the majority of the world's people, the fbi/cia/ military establishment stages an attack on the United States of America; the city (cities) chosen for annihilation are known now; the rally points for those chosen to survive are also known and are subterranean, well supplied and well protected. After the attack on itself, the United States launches an all out offensive against those countries which have not behaved in the past century and against any other target on earth where potential dissidents may emerge. China is safe for now, but only if China obey strict guidelines which are even now being presented to the Chinese government. (Click Here For China's Messages To Sosbee) Friends and allies of the United States are safe, but only if they pledge total allegiance to the central government and to the fbi. Human beings then are targeted for termination; those not targeted are subject to control by remote electronic devices which also inject specialty drugs into their bodies by remote control (this is done by device implantation, subcutaneously, by doctors and dentists and others under the employ of the fbi/cia). The use of other methods of termination, such as social isolation and labeling, will play less a role than outright killings by local police and the usual imprisonment/institutionalization of the targeted human beings. Absent an awakening by the people of the world this type of event, or one even more abhorrent, is inevitable.

In My Humble Opinion. Geral Sosbee

Jan. 17, 2002: The fbi now corrupts all courts in the United States at will by obtaining fraudulent civil process to institutionalize involuntarily the target of an fbi political retaliation. Here is how it works: fbi female (usually) operatives file false sworn affidavits accusing the usually male target of misconduct (or aggressive conduct); the affidavits are then presented to a judge (usually state or local) who sign the order and the target is then arrested and put in a mental hospital and then is seldom heard from again. In T's case the fbi had their plot foiled when a local judge in Dallas, Texas reported to T that such corrupt process is being drawn against T . Today, T learns that similar corrupt and secret law now allows the fbi to place impotence-inducing drugs into the food of the usually male target for the purpose of causing the target to lose all ability to experience an intimate relationship, to cause target to have mood swings, to cause target to face what the fbi assassins think will be viewed by the target as a hopeless lifestyle (given the 24 hour surveillance, assaults and provocations) from which no escape or respite is apparent. The law which authorizes the fbi to place drugs in the target's food in his home or in a restaurant is purely civil in nature, is executed in secret against the target and is not subject to general review by any other court*.


*For evidence of this see My Story In Detail, Parts nine and ten regarding the corruption of the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners (Director Ivan Horowitz) and the manipulation and control of medical doctors through fraudulent civil process; click here.

The fbi, in the case of T , warned T that if he failed to "shut your mouth" he (T) would be neutered. Normally, such a threat sufficiently frightens the target into total submission. The main point of this update is to document that a fascist-like legal system in the United States now authorizes such legal action by judicial fiat (and by fbi/cia sponsored terrorist retaliation ); thus, the fbi creates an inhumane legal method of bringing the target under control, or if the target prefer a reason for causing the target to seek a final exit. The members of courts and the legislature are afraid to challenge the fbi on such outrageous laws for fear of retaliation; these government leaders are particularly guilty of allowing the fascist- type laws to take hold in this country and to be expanded as the fbi sees fit. Regarding the threat mentioned above ("shut your mouth"), an fbi Dentist-operative in San Marino, California, issued the threat to T during a treatment process that also involved the placing of a tracking device in the person of T. The fbi also uses urologists to terrorize the targets.


January 21, 2002: This once great nation, the United States of America, is ruled by thugs, terrorists and assassins who (desperate to consolidate power by going to war at will) regularly and as a matter of course...


...murders, tortures and terrorizes human beings when its corrupt legal process fails to imprison or kill the targets;


...destroys other nations by the use of nuclear, biological, chemical, or conventional weaponry, when the threat of such force fails to subjugate the peoples of the targeted nation;


...wildly labels individuals and nations as criminals and terrorists even as the United States sends professional assassins to kill specific humans and to disrupt political and economic stability in the targeted nations;


...manipulates the global media by use of blackmail, extortion and financial isolation in order to control the daily news broadcasts;


...terrorizes and silences the most viable and credible critics of the United States by the use of a combination of some of the above mentioned methods;

...supports patently corrupt governments when such governments cooperate in the extermination of the targets;


...insures the continuance of the permanent underclass in the world by stocking the prisons and hospitals with people who cannot find work, who cannot gain social standing and who refuse to bow to corrupt and unjust authority;


...abandons any concern for the basic Rights of the majority of the world's population and treats the targets (for death) as no better than discarded refuse.


The failure of the world leaders to stop this tyranny is an indictment of them for the same offenses described above. Geral Sosbee


January 26, 2002: Re: Operation Northwoods. This activity fits the MO of both the fbi and the cia; however, a fundamental precept of such operations is that only a small group (cell) within the government is privy to the details, so that the truth can never come out. This same mentality could explain the assassinations of Kennedy and King (& others); the larger the issue (or the person) the greater the likelihood of fbi/cia involvement (the military is always included in such intelligence activities to insure no major weaknesses). The purpose of the military is to be prepared to kill and the purpose of the fbi/cia is to decide whom to kill and when. As far as the 600 people rounded up after the 911 attack, I doubt that a smoking gun pointing a finger to the fbi/cia will be uncovered. However, a special inquiry by Congress would no doubt turn up some discomforting parallels between those arrested and our own military and paramilitary operations (including the training of terrorists, which incidentally the U.S. calls Freedom Fighters as appropriate). This is not much of an insight, but I have not given much time to the subject and these are obviously conjectures. Please note I cannot use a computer in my residence, but I must go to public or commercial terminals to communicate. The fbi trails along with me, as today at the UCLA law library, and makes their presence known. So, sometimes I may not immediately respond to queries; even when I do, I have no great hidden knowledge of covert fbi/cia activities. I am not an expert in such topics as presently being explored regarding the 911 attack and I never participated in cells or group conspiracies of the nature we are examining here. One final thought: The fbi has a saying within the hierarchy of the organization: Take care of the small problems; the big ones will take care of themselves. This means that specific fires (targets) must be put out so that the greater goal can proceed without unnecessary distraction. I and a few others are small problems; the ability of the fbi/cia to continue and expand their inhumane assaults is unaffected by the conspiracy theories floating because the intelligence agencies know that the big problem of hiding their complicity in possible crimes (IMHO) against humanity will be taken care of.


Geral Sosbee


January 30,2002: fbi thugs enter T's car and tampers with the effects therein shortly after T writes the following message:


I sent the attached message and later learned that the fbi is unhappy with these ideas; so, I reiterate them and add more:

I have not yet reviewed the book. I suspect, though this is pure speculation, that China no longer has nuclear warheads pointing at us. On the contrary, China is doing all it can to further economic and normal diplomatic relations with the U.S. In the immediate future this good (relatively) relationship with the U.S. will continue because China has a great deal to gain from it. In the long run, the U.S. will (I think) win over the Chinese government by allowing it to run its own affairs, as long as no threat appears to us. As far as gun running, I do not see this as a problem; nuclear materials are the threat now and I think China is not attempting such a move. Furthermore, if the U.S. bombs itself, China will not get the blame because China and the U.S. have an understanding of mutual support with regards to national security: the U.S. will not disrupt China provided China performs no real disruptions or threats to the U.S. China will flex its military muscle from time to time, but they know that the U.S. is capable of destroying them in short order. As strange as this sounds, I think that China and the United States are fast becoming buddies in the new world where humans are commodities and where a human who does not serve the central government must be terminated. This common immorality binds the two together.

Regarding China: The government has been slow to keep up with the expansionism which other countries (i.e.: the United States) have enjoyed over the past century. The result is that the United States now effectively controls all nations in S.E. Asia where human rights are largely ignored. Also, the patently corrupt government in Thailand enjoys a special place under the U.S. protective umbrella because Thailand is basically a base camp for the U.S. Anyone who seriously observes the way the Thai people are mistreated by the Thai government might wonder how the United States could permit such wholesale disregard for human rights; yet, the United States benefits from the corrupt government in Thailand and makes no effort to bring human rights issues forward (into the light). Of course, such inaction by the U.S. in the area of fundamental decency and human rights for the people there is consistent with U.S. valuation of human rights issues here at home. In any event China accepts the new world as defined by U.S. imperialism, at least for now. As the global economy adjusts to the increased attention to exploration of the spaces beyond our planet, China's population will serve (as all other countries' people do) as worker ants and good consumers who all support the building of Phase 2 of the New World Order. Today, no nation dare challenge the U.S. as the great one, even though the handwriting is on the wall portending the enslavement of human kind. In this regard the negligence of other nations in handing over (in a sense) to the U.S. the fate of the world's people is inexcusable and history will record that all such nations fail in their surrender not just their people, but all of humanity as well. The few voices calling for a more humane and peace loving universe will no doubt echo endlessly through the otherwise silent and infinite spaces, just as do the cries of those tortured, imprisoned and murdered in the name of global economic progress. In the end those of us who indict the assassins of today and challenge their warped values make the greatest contribution to humanity for our time and perhaps for all time. IMHO. Just some ideas.



Feburary 8, 2002: During the past week the fbi thugs enter T's residence and tamper with personal effects (i.e. Place female panties in the drawer with T's underwear, tilt all containers on bathroom counter and remove all the buttons from T's trousers, etc.); these are the same tactics previously used by the fbi in their mind games against T. The terrorists' methodology always follows the same themes and are intended to keep the pressure on T until T breaks (mentally); the terrorists also want to insure that T understands the goal, so the thugs scatter through T's car several broken toothpicks in self-enclosed see-through cellophane containers.


Increased visitation on T's website suggests that T's former associates in the fbi are now aware of T's plight and are communicating with each other regarding the Bureau's devotion to kill T. For the benefit of all, T now reassures the world that T is unphased by the realization that the fbi's psychopaths will not stop the targeting campaigns; the fbi also sees that neither will T stop his campaign to bring to light the total corruption in the fbi and the need to dismantle the fbi permanently. Those fbi agents and operatives who continue to support the fbi (and who try to further their own careers by destroying the lives of others) will be viewed by history as either assassins or cowards. In the final analysis the fbi's legacy more closely resembles a satanic cult than a national police force and the world is beginning to take notice. The next time that the fbi/cia assassins try to drive their new intended target insane the record set forth by this T will no doubt be useful to the intended victim and to honest lawmakers and persons of good will everywhere, as a collective voice of contempt will no doubt address the fbi as follows: "NO MORE".


February 13, 2002: The great irony of our time is that for all our high tech weaponry and advanced methods of killing and terrorizing people, we as a nation fail to see that we are our own targets, that we are the ultimate victims of our own ruthless and mindless/murderous savagery and that even as the United States proclaims itself the leader and the mastermind of the New World, in reality we lead the world toward destruction of the human spirit and toward a truly dark age characterized by unparalleled human depravity; but wait, the metaphor of the New World grows even more intriguing: from an ever present fear of losing its power over the global domain the United States (via fbi/cia and similarly chartered groups) must perfect, even more, the killing and mind-controlling techniques which brought such power here in the first place. The difficulty which the United States encounters with such a plan of attack on humanity is that right thinking persons of good will, with common sense and natural impulses toward correcting gross injustices will inevitably come along to stand in the way of the Beast and the tools that are employed against the evil empire will remind us of something we lost in the process of entrenching our power (i.e.: a dedication to improving all of mankind by a sense of common purpose and shared humanity). The tools to undo the thugs and assassins of the world are the same from one millennia to the next: ingenuity, relative fearlessness, total commitment to mission and love and abiding respect for the dignity and grandeur of all men and women in this glorious universe. No bomb, no drug and no threat can change this. Geral


February 14, 2002: The leaders of the United States know that the fbi and the cia engage in murder and fraud on a regular basis as necessary to protect the palace; these same government leaders (in Congress and in the courts) also know that the two agencies have personnel problems relating to unchecked neuroses and even psychoses. The employees who regularly engage in murder and terrorist acts throughout their careers are counseled by government psychiatrists who tell the agents/operatives that in defense of our great nation paranoia and even certain levels of psychoses are (if manageable) normal given the parameters and standards within which the fbi/cia must operate. In the social circles within the fbi, agents congregate together in small 'psychotic' groups; by this I mean that those agents who enjoy the killing and the terrorist activities against their targets celebrate their successes by having parties where they commend and reassure each other. Their supervisors also appear at the feasts and rewards from the Bureau follow. Many fbi agents stay away from these little satanic-like ritual parties, intending thereby to minimize their knowledge of the immoral activities of their colleagues. The sickness that permeates the fbi's culture and that also characterizes certain employees is evident by the comments of sane fbi agents within the agency itself. Such critical comments, however, are made only to select friends within the fbi, or (more commonly) to very close friends outside the government entirely. The purpose of this update is to document my report that the breakdown of moral responsibility and effective leadership in the fbi is rampant because the Congress and the courts fear to become involved in oversight of agency's activities. This state of affairs has been brewing for several decades and the general failure to address it will be seen someday as the partial cause of this nation's fall from grace. The psychopaths in essence rule in the fbi; they are the mental dwarfs in government service and their evil specialty is the central subject of this website. Geral Sosbee


February 15, 2002: The following information represents the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee and is not intended as legal advice:


The fbi controls all law enforcement agencies in the United States (and many others around the world in countries that rely on the United States for protection); such control is implied by the nature of the federal powers over state and local affairs and is enhanced by the indoctrination and mental programming at the fbi national academy where police officers at all levels train, if admitted. A "Brotherhood" type of relationship also takes hold of the graduate of the fbi academy whereby the graduate (police officer, state trooper, etc.) becomes in effect a quasi-agent and serves the interests of the fbi always. Also, the fbi places into the coroners' office in cities around the United States hand selected medical doctors who are fbi operatives; indeed some of the coroners are former fbi agents and owe first allegiance to the fbi (not to the community and not to medical science nor truth). In the smaller communities around the country the county coroner has the responsibility of investigating suspicious deaths and these doctors are also beholden to the fbi for their jobs. The point of this update is to suggest that a state of Martial Law exists today in the United States and is orchestrated by the fbi as an overlay on the social landscape of the country in such a way as to include fbi control/influence over all aspects of forensic pathology and criminal investigations. In other words the fbi decides what the coroner will report in a given case, if that case has or might have political implications.



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See my report on ''violence as a virus, unexplored science'' (alt links):




As I have shown the fbi has corrupted the police and  the courts across the nation and similarly around the world. The police and the judges accept the lies and propaganda handed them by the fbi. In turn the police also seek to harm the Target of fbi/police covert operations in any way possible; see my reports of how the fbi corrupts the US Postal Inspector and the Texas DPS, as well as police (also note that all the while the fbi and their operatives are busy in the torture (physical and psychological) and discreet attempts to murder  the Target):

http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/letterfrompostal.html For evidence of actual police corruption see the following link and its sequels at 19a,19b,19c:


Note that the judges are also under an obligation to accept the lies of the fbi and their operatives, and the result is a wholesale assault on the Target by all branches of government and by members of  the community at large:




Thus the most unimaginable horrors of a Nazi- type police state is upon us now. Those in government assist the fbi and police because no one wants to risk becoming a Target. Members of the ruling class benefit from the imprisonment and murders of Targets  by police and fbi:



The police across the nation are in many instances accessories to crimes committed by the fbi, including aggravated assault, torture, attempted murder, abusive process (civil & criminal) and various other crimes associated with violations of civil, human and constitutional rights of the citizens.


 Note that the Chancellor and UT legal counsel are aware of and cover up the crimes committed against Sosbee by the UT police and the fbi operative:


Court documents & police report on fbi operative Yanez (note that Yanez continues to harass Sosbee at the Harlingen, Texas, Library downtown branch and that the mayor and chief librarian refuse to dismiss Yanez):






fbi operative continues his own criminal mischief:


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