From Brownsville, Texas

October 26, 2005


From time to time the following agencies visit this site on the payment dates of U.S. government annuities to Sosbee:

U.S. Treasury, Social Security Administration, Office of Personnel Management, Veterans Administration; the timing of such visits often corresponds to the fbi psyops, psychotronics and other assaults as outlined in this site; on a few occasions the visits follow Sosbee's communications to the world. Therefore, Sosbee must assume that the government may intend (through such visits) to threaten to stop, interrupt, or impede the delivery of future payments to Sosbee. The most recent visit by the VA is shown below and was written to Sosbee after he sent numerous messages to military institutes (including faculty, students and alumni) around the country.


Sosbee sends the following reply message to the cowardly fool of the VA (a sometimes hostile, cruel and incompetent group of bureaucrats) who sent the message to Sosbee as shown in the image below:


If you intended to threaten me by your timely visit as shown below, I have a message for you:


You are a Mental Dwarf and I have no respect for you; when the soldiers and young men and women thinking of becoming soldiers learn of your terrorist threats against a combat veteran of the United States Army (Geral W. Sosbee) the damage that is caused thereby will be attributable to your ignorance, unbridled arrogance and corruption.


The image of the VA visit:

From Harlingen, Texas

May 30, 2008

The VA this date sends a subliminal (and ominous) message to Sosbee that his name on the VA records payment center is hereby incorrectly and maliciously changed to:

"Gerald W Sosbe"

The actual entry looks like this in the bank records:


Sosbee accepts the VA's message as a threat by which the fbi and the cia intend to further intimidate.

Sosbee to VA:

This won't work, girls, as I am already prepared for the worst.

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