The fbi placed a bacterial infection in tooth #14 on August 6, 03 and the photo below shows infection on 'dark' space at root of tooth #14.

The name of the dentist who first discovered and successfully treated the infection in the gum area near tooth #14 (shown to the left on this page) is Dr. Emilio O. Hernandez. As of 2012- 2013, Dr. Hernandez and staff have apparently decided to insult me, thereby discouraging me from future visits to his office.

On October 25 & 26, 2010, the fbi repeatedly hacks the above update, particularly & intentionally entering the following misspelled words:

Emil, fib, Castile, Sobs (the correct spelling was originally entered by Sosbee and webmaster as follows: Emilio, fbi, Castillo, Sosbee)

From Brownsville, Texas

May 26, 2006


During the past three years the above cited infection continues to plague T, even though several efforts were made with antibiotics to remove the infection; this continued problem with the same bacteria suggests that the fbi dentist/operative may have had a bit more in mind for Sosbee than simply a painful experience and multiple trips to the doctor (Note: The last antibiotic treatment occurred 5-16-06, at which time T was again treated with : Amoxicillin 500 MG Capsules, sold at Walgreens Pharmacy, 4490 E. 14th St, Brownsville, Texas 78521, NDC 00093-3109-05, MFG TEVA.) Due to the stubborn resistance of the bacteria to antibiotics and considering the proximity of the infection to the brain, the fbi dentist/operative who originally injected Sosbee with the bacterial infection may have intended to induce oncogenesis, or similar life threatening condition.

Click the 3 links shown below for evidence that the late Dr. Castillo (fbi operative dentist) committed suicide after he discovered Sosbee's on line documentation of the artificially manufactured bacterial infection near tooth 14.

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From Harlingen, Texas
February 21, 2009

I believe that I met the fbi dentist/operative who placed the infection in tooth #14 when he appeared at the Brownsville, Texas, Kinko's store pretending to use the machines there with his assistant. I was in the Kinko's store at the same time and the dentist made sure to make my acquaintance, ask me a few questions, and offer to remove the tracking device in my right jaw. I do not remember his name (apparently a Jewish name) and he stated that he is a former jet pilot for the Air Force (or Navy); he indicated that he is moving from Brownsville, Texas, that he is single and unhappy with the low morality of Hispanic women whom he has encountered in the valley, etc., and that he understands that the fbi is very unhappy with me. I knew instinctively that this dentist is a serial killer operative for the fbi and I played along to see how he responded.


Click here for evidence that the fbi orchestrated and synthesized/induced a 3mm kidney stone (calcium oxalate monohydrate & calcium phosphate apatite) in my person in their continuing efforts to silence me from reporting their crimes.