See AUSA Sara Robinson's absurd assertion in her US Supreme Court pleadings that  "Public Interest" (i.e. public policy) is  legal justification for torture & attempted murder of Sosbee (and by implication other Targets): 



The law of the United States and all the globe under the NWO.

From Brownsville, Texas

October 1, 2004


I present a summary of my actions against the fbi and the implications of my case under the NWO.


I brought suit against the fbi to stop them from the painful and horrendous assaults employed against me in their efforts to silence me from reporting their crimes. The following excerpt from the court's decision in my case states the law of the land as currently upheld by the United States Supreme Court (which refused my simple request for a preliminary injunction to stop the assassins of the fbi from a continuation of their hideous campaign which continues to date uninterrupted for almost seven years); the ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals, ninth Circuit, stands at once as a disgraceful monument to United States government corruption and as a pronouncement of things to come to the people of all the world under the NWO; the decision seen below

(and also reproduced in its entirety at www.sosbeevfbi.com)

is dated 7-23-01 and is affirmed by the highest court in the land on 10-1-01 (see 534US894):

"The district court did not err in dismissing Sosbee's claims against the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the individual defendants in their official capacities because agencies of the United States and federal agents in their official capacities are immune from suit for constitutional violations."

Click here to see Writ Page i

Click here to see Writ page a01.


Sosbee writes:

The population of the earth must be told that the torturers/terrorists of the fbi/cia are now reaching into their homes, work and play with the same outrageous and unacceptable authority/intention as that implied above and that, unless stopped now, great suffering of astounding proportions will ensue for generations to come at the direction of the fbi/cia and their operatives.

Geral Sosbee



From Brownsville, Texas

September 6, 2005


The law of the United States and all the globe under the NWO is multifaceted and contains all administrative rulings which affect fbi and cia covert and criminal operations worldwide. For example the official court approved fbi response shown below to Sosbee's complaints of fbi terrorist actions against him is recorded by P. Sean Murphy, Esq., Assistant General Counsel, Employment Law Unit, Office of the General Counsel, fbi and was submitted to the Merit Systems Protection Board Administrative Judge JoAnn M. Ruggiero, MSPB Docket No. NY-752B-05-0266-2-1:


Appellant [Geral Sosbee] alleges that he was "harassed and terrorized," "driven out of the United States," and subject to "torture and torment" at the hands of the Agency...." "...None of these allegations, however, are substantiated and should not be considered as reasonable...."


From Brownsville, Texas

November 5, 2005


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Government must create criminals

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The US Army, in cooperation with the murderers of the fbi/cia, study my material (without shielding) to make their  presence publicly known while they torture me with the directed energy assaults. The law of 'torture at will' by the USA's executive agencies is forged by corrupt public policy as a result of the people's apathy; the  indiscriminate and arbitrary use of high tech torture weapons (i.e., elf) by the US Army, et al, reflects the moral collapse of the United States Of America- the assassins' nation.[ Note that if, by world demand, the Army and their thug associates stop the ELF assaults against one Target, they must stop similar assasults against all Targets.]


The law shown to the left here from Special Counsel Hryniewicz authorizes the fbi to torture (and possibly kill)  the whistleblower with impunity.


Click here to see the obscure and corrupt little rule that authorizes the fbi,irs, etc., to lawfully launch a phony investigation and torture/harassment campaign at will against  ANY PERSON. Doj discreetly advises me that this rule was in fact used against me.


If the above link does not work, see first two pages of the unconstitutional rule as applied by the fbi, et. al. by  entering  the following words in Google for the link. Note: the first page of the first document (of 23 pages) reads in part as follows:

"federal rules to non consensual audio monitoring." Office Of The Treasury Inspector General 7-1-09

Chapter 400  Investigations

(400)-160 Technical Investigative Support

160.1  Authority for use

Electronic Tracking Devices

Video Monitoring

Technical Surveillance And Countermeasures

Surveillance Platform And Undercover Vehicles

U.S.C. Sect 2510-2522

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