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The fbi's "Tony Iommi " (TIM) sends the hate message (dated 2-20-2003) seen on this page. Note that his personality is shaped by the task at hand: to demoralize and possibly kill the Target. The setting for the verbal assault is within the context of 24/7 harassment, surveillance, and crimial assaults on the Target. The form of   TIM's   mental illness is reflected at once in his flair for the dramatic and in the hysterical words and meaning of the hate mail itself; the characteristics of the insanity that move TIM to so selfishly act out are routinely as follows:

* "...commonly...hysteria is a disturbance in the behavior of a person predisposed by an attention seeking, emotionally unstable, and egocentric personality..."

to assault a Target with such intense commitment.

 *Cecil Textbook Of Medicine, W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1985, 17th edition, edited by James B. Wyngaardner, MD, Lloyd H. Smith, Jr.,MD, p.2013.

See   "Tony Iommi "  as the Living Dead Here

See evidence of an fbi's own criminal stalker, hate mailer & terrorist as evidenced by his hate message and by his apparent covert & intimate knowledge of fbi's assaults on Sosbee;

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