I am certain after eight years of terrorist assaults on my person that the agents/operatives/torturers/assassins of the fbi and the cia actually watch in real time and record as the Targets of their inhumane attacks (described in this site) take their own lives. The failure of the Congress and Courts of the United States of America to so much as publicly inquire into my allegations/documentations as set forth herein reflects the collapse of the constitutional government here and signals to the world that the United States is become a totalitarian and a fascist state bent on world inhumane domination (see world in a box).

See Also: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/affidavit2007.html

Geral W. Sosbee 10/4/2005

Click here for evidence of the fbi's use of artificially fabricated kidney stone in the person of Sosbee

The torture campaign by the

The fbi parades Mafia murderers around the fbi academy for the education of their agents, police, etc. The Mafia serial killers (hit men) are homicidal sociopaths and are often in the witness protection program; the fbi learns from them how the mafia uses violent, deadly and inhumane practices against Targets.



DOD Criminal Participation In The Torture Of This Combat Vet


See dark messages to Sosbee from the 
aphasiac and advancing Living Dead.


I see in the above photo some very notorious, prominent & soon to be infamous figures (such as those listed below) who strive to imprison or put to death (for public show) our brothers and sisters who in many instances are innocent of the charges lodged by these elected officials and who in all cases are mistreated and abused by the Living Dead (& their representatives) all around us:

Governor Rick Perry,   Attorney General Greg Abbott ...... Sarah Palin


Sara R.

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