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February 21, 2002: The long arm of the law...SOSBEE'S LAW...indicts the fbi and the cia (and every other evil institution known to mankind) with a fundamental premise: That gross abuse of power (as often characterized by treachery and cruelty) subjects all agents (including their operatives, assassins and thugs) to an everlasting condemnation that cannot be erased; and that while the short term benefits gained by these tyrants in their careers may ostensibly reflect in a sense their general and collective depravity, the ultimate responsibility for their evil deeds is individualized, so that each of them and severally must someday answer, especially as they cannot avoid the truth of what they have become: Killers of human beings and Destroyers of the lives of people the world over. The particularly heinous crimes against humanity, such as the cold blooded murder of a woman and her baby, or the wholesale killings of men, women and children huddled in terror in their church-home, or the intentional and cruel infliction of psychological terror in efforts to drive the targets insane, or the regular bearing of witness in order to imprison or kill the object of their extreme calumny, cannot be forgotten even with the passage of time because all of humanity (in its awakened senses) would condemn these events as unacceptable. So, the fbi must stop using in their logo the words 'fidelity', 'bravery' and 'integrity' because these concepts are legitimately evaluated only in a historical perspective by intellectuals of good will and benign spirits who, having nothing to gain by an objective evaluation of a prior generation's conduct, call upon a higher standard (than known at the moment) for determining who best deserves praise for making positive and truly lasting contributions to Humanity. The fbi/cia will have no place in such a contest. Geral Sosbee


Regarding the Worldwide Network Of Friends Of The Accused And Terrorized:

February 25, 2002: The purpose of this network is to try to save the lives of individuals targeted for death or imprisonment by the fbi, cia, or any other police or governmental organization and to provide any lawful assistance possible to all such individuals (regardless of the accusation). This alliance against government-sponsored terrorism requires the assistance of all persons worldwide who are willing to share ideas and to communicate with any person so targeted, as that targeted person is seeking advice, counsel, or friendship. Please list your name and how you may be reached on the net, or by any other means of communication. Law Enforcement is not welcome here unless you want to provide aid and comfort to those you and your associates are trying to kill.


The alliance needs a safe house in every state in the United States and in every country in the world. If you are interested in providing such facilities (in a house, boat, bus, or any other domicile), please so indicate. Most of all the alliance seeks your input to devise methods to deprogram the world from a place dominated by hate, fear and a pervasive prosecution complex into a garden (albeit virtual for now) of interpersonal, inspiring and provocative communications aimed at making the earth a place where all of its inhabitants may live in peace and harmony through a sense of shared humanity and common purpose.


In furtherance of these goals, the alliance calls upon the intellectual elite to do your duty (your real duty) to all of mankind and thereby explore on this or any other forum your ideas for improving the human condition, particularly with respect to government sponsored terrorism in the United States and in any other country on earth. For example, I hope that the great legal minds of the United States will find a way to remove the criminal code from existence; by this I mean that all offenses must become in time decriminalized and converted into civil errors. I think this can be done now with all routine traffic violations throughout the United States. Further, I suggest that all law enforcement officers be disarmed and that they not be allowed to terrorize our people with their ever-expanding collection of new weapons and flashing red lights.


I also hope that the great philosophers of our age (and I know that you are out there) get involved in addressing the need to re-think the social architecture of our time, toward the goal of bringing to each man and woman on earth a personal sense of self-worth and inalienable dignity which is not dependent on financial or social status.


Finally, as I do not intend here to overreach, I call on the social scientists and thinkers all to devise a plan by which we can free our brothers and our sisters from their prison cells across the nation. All but a few can now be re-directed back into mainstream society and the prison system as we know it can be at long last shut down permanently. In order to accomplish this we need to offer counseling and job referrals to all who accept the responsibility of freedom. We need to admit to them that they are needed in our world because they have the insight to teach the rest of us the meaning of humility and inhumane degradation.


We must aim toward the dismantling of the fbi because this little group of elite terrorists have all but ruined our country; if the Congress will not protect the United States Constitution from the thugs in law enforcement, then such representatives should also be ousted. Regarding the lethargic court system and the mainstream media, they have all but forfeited their right to participate in the real renaissance of this century. Respectfully Submitted IMHO. Geral Sosbee


March 3, 2002: The following is the public statement by the fbi regarding its "core values":


The strategic plan for accomplishing the FBI's mission must begin by identifying the core values which need to be preserved and defended by the FBI in performing its statutory missions. Those values are: rigorous obedience to the Constitution of the United States; respect for the dignity of all those we protect; compassion; fairness; and uncompromising personal and institutional integrity. These values do not exhaust the many goals which we wish to achieve, but they capsulize them as well as can be done in a few words. Our values must be fully understood, practiced, shared, vigorously defended and preserved.


Observance of these core values is our guarantee of excellence and propriety in performing the FBI's national security and criminal investigative functions. Rigorous obedience to constitutional principles ensures that individually and institutionally we always remember that constitutional guarantees are more important than the outcome of any single interview, search for evidence, or investigation. Respect for the dignity of all whom we protect reminds us to wield law enforcement powers with restraint and to recognize the natural human tendency to be corrupted by power and to become callous in its exercise. Fairness and compassion ensure that we treat everyone with the highest regard for constitution, civil and human rights. Personal and institutional integrity reinforce each other and are owed to the Nation in exchange for the sacred trust and great authority conferred upon us.


We who enforce the law must not merely obey it. We have an obligation to set a moral example which those whom we protect can follow. Because of the FBI's success in accomplishing its mission is directly related to the support and cooperation of those whom we protect, these core values are the fiber which holds together the vitality of our institution.


The above statement reflects the ignorance and outrageous arrogance of the band of thugs which is today's fbi. Specifically, throughout the above statement the fbi makes reference to the fbi's respect for the dignity of , "...those we protect...," yet the United States Constitution allows for EQUAL PROTECTION and DUE PROCESS for ALL OF THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES, not just those selected by the fbi for protection. Indeed, the core value statement issued by the fbi reads more like the motto of the organized crime syndicate than an organization governed by the letter and spirit of the United States Constitution. By their own statement, the fbi is therefore criminal and traitorous to the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES and to the document that guarantees to all of us the same privileges and immunities that the fbi thinks it alone can issue or "Protect".

Geral Sosbee


April 23,2002

The current fbi regime, unchecked by both the courts and by Congress, permits the fbi to continue the following questionable practices:


1) Submit false and misleading records of expenditures to the GAO to cover up illegally obtained moneys. Each field office of the fbi throughout the U.S. has a slush fund which the fbi uses to carry on illegal covert operations here in the U.S. by paying fbi operatives, informants and thugs, directly from the fund. The GAO suspects that the accounting is fraudulent, but the fbi operates such activity under the shield of national security and thereby precludes GAO inquiry. This fund was used to carry out illegal operations against T. The unlawful moneys is obtained from a variety of sources; they include, but are not limited to the following: a) fbi headquarters provides some; b) search and seizure operations , including the seizure of suspects' personal items are another source of funds; c) unlawful commodity and/or stock trades handled by a well known brokerage firm which permits the fbi to use a fictitious account not traceable to the fbi is another source of untraceable funds; c) Contributions to the fund are also made by the society's elite.


2) Provide cash incentive and other awards to Special Agents of the fbi who falsify records, make unlawful arrests, or engage in perjury when appropriate; the most common purpose for the perjury is to cover fbi crimes, or to railroad a suspect or uncooperative witnesses into prison or destitution. The fbi also regularly forces the targets to spend money on attorneys in order to find out why the fbi is investigating a given target/suspect; the fbi knows that the target will go broke by paying legal fees (this happened in the case Sosbee cites in this website (see the Rodriguez case ). Also, the fbi tells Sosbee to get a lawyer.


3) Provide the fbi agents selected for reward (for their dangerous but unlawful activities) by allowing the agents to write a book (or documentary) while the agent is at the same time in the employ of the fbi; such agent is promoted to a fictitious internal security desk (supervisory role) so that the agent can write the book at his leisure and without outside inquiry; once the book is approved by the fbi headquarters as suitable propaganda for the glorification of the fbi, the agent retires (after only a few years service) and then the agent receives royalties from the book and the movie (if a movie result); the U.S. Department of Justice is always aware of such activity and often issues commendations to such "heroes" (Special Agent thugs). One such thug actively assisted in terrorizing T in New York City in 1978.


4) Place fbi agents in sensitive positions in virtually every department of the U.S. government in order to spy on fellow government employees. Sometimes these spies are active agents in undercover roles, but usually they quit the fbi in order to transfer to another department with the full blessing of the fbi. The career of Louis Freeh is an example of this type of subtle subversion and corruption. The agent always owes allegiance to the fbi and will do anything required to cover up crimes , protect the fbi, or further the fbi's political interests.


5) Place agents in the private sector with a guarantee of lucrative government contracts and connections which assure the agent a comfortable life style in return for unquestioned loyalty in carrying out operations of questionable legality.


6) Permit senior fbi special agents to retire with both over inflated bonuses and fraudulently seized businesses which the fbi targets for destruction; in one such instance the fbi targeted a boating company in Florida , forced the company into bankruptcy and allowed a senior fbi executive to take control of the company. Anytime an fbi approved former special agent takes over a business, no one dare question the finances of a company turned over to a fbi retiree; even the Trustee and the Judge in Bankruptcy Court do not question the seizing of the company's assets by a retired fbi agent. Shareholders are thereby defrauded and the fbi is unjustly enriched.


7) The United States and to a lesser extent the rest of the world are now the objects of an organized crime-type operation whereby the fbi provides protection to certain businesses in return for favors (see statement of "core values" in this website). Additionally, the security directors at some of the world's largest companies are run by fbi thugs and assassins who are retired from the fbi or who otherwise served on active duty in the fbi.


8) The fbi now provides assistance to the Russian security forces ( as well as other national forces around the globe) in an effort to gain total support from both the country's governmental hierarchy and high society.


9) The Wackenhut Corporation is perhaps the largest privately owned prison in the United States, founded by a former fbi agent and made profitable by preferential government contracts. Today the same group spreads their inhumane and for profit treachery worldwide .


The Wackenhut Corp. hires former and retired fbi agents and therefore such agents have a direct vested interest in the imprisonment of our people and others around the globe. This situation is an outrage to humanity. Business description:


Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC), incorporated in April 1998, is a provider of a comprehensive range of prison and correctional-related services to federal, state, local and overseas government agencies. The Company is a 57%-owned subsidiary of The Wackenhut Corporation (TWC), and is engaged in the privatization of correctional facilities throughout the world. WCC was founded as a division of TWC, a provider of professional security services. In 1986, the Company received its first contract from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to design, construct and manage a detention facility with a design capacity of 150 beds. As of December 30, 2001, WCC had 61 correctional, detention and health care facilities either under contract or award with an aggregate design capacity of 39,965 beds. Of these 61 facilities, 59 are in operation and two are being developed by the Company. Also as of December 30, 2001, WCC had requests for six projects with an aggregate design capacity of 5,050 beds. (As Reported In The Vector Vest Report)


The above list is not all inclusive and the perils facing the world from this kind of unchecked madness defies description.


Geral Sosbee


The following statement is a lie; I can tell you first hand:


"There is no such thing as a typical day for an FBI Special Agent. Every day is different. One day you could be testifying in federal court, the next day you could be conducting a search warrant and gathering evidence, the next day you could be executing an arrest warrant and the next day you could be back in the office catching up on all the paperwork. As crimes occur, FBI Special Agents respond. This is definitely not a 9-to-5 career. FBI Special Agents are required to work a minimum of 10 hours per day. Basically 50 hours per week. The usual hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 till 5 with two hours of overtime every day."


The truth is that everyday is the same: show up at the office and have breakfast with your fellow cheats; maybe return to the office to falsify records, but more likely spend a few hours at the shopping mall, movie theater, or special event (like a NFL football game). The concept that an agent might spend a day "testifying" in court is as remote a possibility in reality as the fbi agent making a solo arrest of an armed and dangerous fugitive, or performing some type of humanitarian function. Furthermore, few agents are useful in court because most of their work is designed to undermine the law and to rob the Targets of their constitutional rights.


The idea that Special Agents work 10 hour days is false. They work maybe 2-4 hours a day, but on some days they sign in and do no work, except on their personal projects, hobbies, second jobs. In many instances they meet their wives or their lovers, pretending to be involved with their fictitious informants who are often paid for personal favors rendered to the "Special Agents". On other occasions the wives of Special Agents are busy spying on their neighbors and preparing a list of special assignments for their Special Agent husbands ( for example: the wife sees a person engaged in a conversation which may seem bizarre to the wife, causing the wife to "open a case" for her husband to explore).


If the agent works overtime the activity is falsely documented (to impress the office and the agent's wife ) as a "very dangerous assignment". In reality, few assignments pose any danger; indeed , the hint of danger moves some agents to do nothing on the case. The favorite work for the "Special Agent" is of a cowardly nature: following an innocent citizen (Target), slandering him wherever he goes, interfering with the Target's employment or efforts to gain or to retain employment, and generally creating obstacles for the Target; the actual killing of the Target is done by Special Agent Psychopaths who are frequently identified as sharpshooters or SWAT members. Every major office has its complement of homicidal maniacs who live for the opportunity to use the shotgun on our people.


I could go on and on, but this will give the reader a hint of the fbi's total lack of useful function in our society.

Geral Sosbee


June 25, 2002

The fbi regularly notifies local law enforcement through coded language that certain individuals (usually with criminal background records) are to be shot dead; local cops then send their psychopaths who use the subjects for target practice.


July 29, 2002

Final Update to Website From Los Angeles, California: Eventually all of the people of the world, in each country and in every village must revolt peacefully against global tyranny and against the power- crazed lunatics who rule. All such war mongers, killers and torturers must be removed from power; the thugs in the fbi and in the cia are simply a microcosm of the larger global political degeneration that seeks to keep all peoples at odds and at war with each other, at least until the United States (and its underling nations) bring all of Humanity to its knees. This must not be allowed to happen.

Geral Sosbee


August 21, 2002 from Brownsville, Texas

Surveillance (electronic and physical), attempted provacations, extensive slander, home and car invasions with accompanying tamperings continue at the same pace as before. Poisonings have stopped, apparently because Texas law requires greater evidence than California with respect to involuntary delivery of drugs into the subject. The fbi apparently operates under orders from Washington ,D.C., to not stop the terror campaign until Sosbee is dead.


Sosbee counters the campaign by :


1) Careful attention to good medical and dental health and hygiene; this includes extensive root canal work, and a variety of herbs and prescriptive medicines to counter some of the effects of the previous poisonings.


2) Mental Health is vital to survive the relentless mind games played by the mental dwarfs who, always ready to show that they are not mental dwarfs, now change a bit their terrorist tactics as follows: Allow a few days (3-5) to pass with no overt harassment in order to prevent habituation (a natural psychological defense to prolonged periods of terrorist assaults); use a more subtle approach to cause the target to question his own memory/sanity (e.g.: re-set the day-night mirror and other settings, if the target touches it on a given day- this tactic is facilitated by the wireless surveillance camera in the target's vehicle and by the tracking device implanted in the target); the terrorists know exactly where the target is every moment, so that entry to the target's car can be accomplished during the few second/minute interval that the target may be away from the car.


The overall good health of the target makes the terrorists' job more difficult, especially when the target occupies his own time and thoughts in constructive ways. An important part of such mental health is the recognition that, though other people may disbelieve the target's reports of inhumane treatment, the target recognizes that the longer he lives the more credible are his reports; further, the longer the target counters the fbi/cia thugs terror-tactics, the better able the target becomes at 'letting go' of the memory of the ongoing assaults (a kind of immunity from neurosis takes hold); also, the target must accept the fact that while in many respects he is at a par in intelligence with many of the thugs pursuing him, with regard to the truth of the phenomenon that the target reports, the target is the master of the little ones to the extent that they fail in their low assignment to drive the target insane. The greatest labor in the target, aside from the daily exercise of mental acuity, is the requirement to understand that we have in our midst human beings who engage in such cowardly maneuvers at the direction of high ranking governmental officials in order to cause the death of or institutionalization of the target; this discovery of man's inhumanity to man is most hurtful.


However, the target must comprehend that his battle is not his alone, but is for those who may follow as targets; they will need the record as set forth by this target.


3) The slander of the target everywhere he goes, both in his quarters and at any social setting is relatively easy to manage: simply recognize that those who calumniate or hate men/women hate God, for there is no greater indicia of the holy spirit than is found by one human being in the person of another of his/her own kind. If there be no holy spirit in the universe, then the duty of every man and woman is to create one by the shared sense of commitment to the improvement of mankind and by an everlasting inculcation (from one generation to the next) of good will toward one another (even against those who would kill and torture his brothers and sisters). This suggestion nullifies the idea that we need a common God in order to get along and in order to love one another.


This update will be posted as soon as I can manage. I am grateful to all recipients of this message for your kindness in permitting me to vent/record these current fbi cover research/terror tactics against me and others. Respectfully.

Geral Sosbee


August 23, 2002:

The fbi has outlived its usefulness as an enforcer of the laws and has become itself an outlaw agency parading under the colors of the country I and others fought to defend. The fbi operates counter to the fundamental premise upon which this nation was formed: that all men are endowed with certain inalienable rights and that among those rights are the pursuit of happiness, free from the tyranny of oppressive government and its assassins. The fbi intends to terrorize even the leaders in Congress who have the duty (forfeited of late) to control the fbi's operations, at least to the extent of limiting gross abuses. The fbi limits free speech and ruins the careers of any American who speaks out in a constructive manner regarding how best to preserve our freedoms and our country. Indeed, throughout the history of the fbi we see indications of widespread slander and calumny by the fbi directed against some of our most noble and loyal citizens. This kind of fbi censorship represents both an attack on free speech and an underlying effort to undermine the intellectual expansion of our individual and collective efforts toward the improvement of mankind through the use of new ideas and social re-engineering; the one great force that has marked mankind's progress through history is the good will of one man toward another and the accompanying and underlying goal to bring peace and harmony to all creatures who share space on the earth. The fbi seeks to set man at odds with one another and the fbi endeavors to kill, imprison or otherwise destroy any person who suggests that the United States is wrong on a given policy, or that the agencies of the United States (i.e.: fbi/cia) are corrupt and inhumane, particularly in the areas of unlawful treatment of those persons targeted for death by the fbi/cia.


August 25, 2002: The fbi uses the form FD302 to create evidence to use against their targets. The FD302 is a means for the fbi to falsify the record, to prevent other evidence from being admitted, to intimidate or blackmail the target and to manufacture evidence. The fbi operatives and informants are afraid to be thoroughly honest and always say exactly what the fbi wants them to say, especially if the operative/informant is a foreign national or is engaged in unlawful activity in the United States. The FD302 is not subject generally to objective verification (as to the contents), is taken in secret and reflects only a narrow slice of facts which are not indicative of the truth of the matter under investigation. Indeed, if the facts were known in full the manufactured FD302 would in most instances appear ludicrous on its face. The FD302 should be banned.

See also statement from former Special Agent of the fbi, John C. Ryan, who wrote as follows regarding the fraudulent basis for use of FD302:

On May 7, 2001:


All agents were required to certify upon every informant contact that the informant did not hold back any information and that the informant showed no signs of emotional or mental instability. Both statements, in my estimation and that of most agents I knew that handled informants, were absurd. Informants frequently held back Information or altered the information to fit their agenda, which was often revenge, or to provide what the agent was hoping to learn, especially if payment was involved. I found this aspect so common that I regularly maintained informants to inform on my informants.


August 26, 2002. Sosbee's e-mail to supporter:

Giovanni- I think that few people are interested in my story, or my travails. Perhaps a few politicians may show some interest because over the past several decades Intelligence Officers from around the world have been and no doubt are now being targeted (in a manner similar to the details I report in my site) for termination/neutralization by the fbi/cia. The families of the foreign agents (here in the U.S. and around the world) are also subtly targeted in order to bring the principal target under control. Then the fbi and the cia agents claim credit for "turning" or converting a foreign spy over to work on behalf of the United States. This targeting of human beings for terror-treatment is quite successful for the United States (on the surface) because the principal target surrenders to the terrorists in the fbi/cia in order to protect the target's family from the psyops (psychological operations) designed to drive them crazy; however, in the long run, the United States makes a big mistake because the suffering that the fbi/cia thugs visit on their targets comes home to roost here in the United States (and on our people abroad). Perhaps some natural law is at work in this regard. Most people in the world do not see the connection between the hidden (not publicized) crimes against humanity committed by the fbi/cia and the current global political and military activities where the so-called "terrorists" are blamed for all the world's woes. In reality the U.S. is the principal terrorist in the world and pre-eminently so; this obscure fact is lost amid the misrepresentations by the propaganda machine which is also controlled by the fbi/cia globally.


So, I can't do much to bring people to my site and to my story because the big picture is a bit too much perhaps for the average person to comprehend. Indeed, I am just now learning some of the inhumane methodologies used by the United States against the people of the world; this awakening in me could not have happened had I not become myself a target of the monsters in the fbi/cia who sometimes actually watch their victims in real time commit suicide.


Please forgive the abruptness of this message, but I must report as much as I can to whomever will listen.


September 19, 2002 From Brownsville, Texas

The fbi/cia are to date largely successful in efforts to kill, imprison, or force into suicide the targets; Congress or the courts could order an investigation to determine how many people have so perished while the fbi/cia look on at their handiwork. Absent such an outside probe into the psychological and high tech terror-killing games, the fbi/cia must improve the techniques because targets such as Geral Sosbee take too long to kill and cause too much distraction in their protestations.


Of course Congress and the courts can't investigate because anyone who moves against the fbi/cia becomes a potential target and we all know that our government leaders at every level are human and all have skeletons (past, present and future) that the thugs in the fbi/cia are ready to exploit.


Failure to stop the crimes (that I and others describe) creates a backlash on this country because eventually someone has to pay for the atrocities committed by United States Intelligence Services.


September 25, 2002, From Brownsville, Texas

The following is the official statement of the Society of Former Special Agents of the fbi:




It all began in February 1937, at the Lincoln Hotel in New York City. A small group of young former FBI Agents met to discuss the preservation of the friendships formed during Bureau service and in July 1937, the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI was formed.


From the beginning to the present, the Society has afforded a social function for its members and has focused on two primary objectives:


1. To preserve our heritage in the spirit of friendship, loyalty and goodwill.


2. To aid and support the FBI from which stemmed our common backgrounds.


Geral Sosbee writes as follows: As a result of Sosbee's reports on the corruption, criminality and gratuitous treachery in the fbi, the Society without notice to Sosbee, 1) canceled his membership 2) Sent notices to Sosbee that he is now a member of the " Society Of Foreigner Special Agents Of The fbi "; 3) caused all members of the Society to consider Sosbee as a dead man walking and as a liability to the fbi and to the Society; 4) Blocked all e-mail from Sosbee to the Society and 5) Assisted the fbi in the smear campaign intended to undermine Sosbee's lifetime of service to the United States of America. Thus, the Society's fraudulent facade is reflected in its misuse of the words " friendship, loyalty and good will". The Society in essence has no concept of the meaning of such words. Concerning the "common background" mentioned above, the Society's first and foremost objective is to aid and support the fbi assassins by assisting them in the terror campaign to force targets (especially ex-fbi agents and members of the Society, such as Sosbee) into an early and an often torturous death. Thus, the common background of deceit, trickery and malfeasance which was inculcated inside the fbi carries forward from fbi operations into the retirement of those agents (and members of the Society) who frequently have no identity of their own and who are (in effect) walking zombies programmed for life to kill and to destroy anyone, including those in their own ranks.


Geral Sosbee

The congenital torturers & assassins of the fbi/cia/mossad (and their supporters) neither seek nor deserve forgiveness for their continuing atrocities.

Geral Sosbee

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To understand the fraud that is the callous and murderous fbi and to see examples of gross violations of the constitutional, civil and human rights of this fbi Target by the assassins in the fbi, see the following reports among others:

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From Harlingen, Texas
September 4, 2010

I sent the message shown to the left to Giovanni Flores in the year 2002, at a time when the fbi was fully engaged in their efforts to imprison, kill, or drive me insane. Miraculously, Giovanni had befriended me when I was in Los Angeles and we continued brief exchanges of ideas for about a year or two;  I was able emotionally to continue my work to expose the fbi thugs in part as a result of the supportive  liaison with this great man, Giovanni Flores.