February 26, 2002:

The following reflects some of the actual events of T's life over the past several years (the ' T ' also refers to targets generally of the terrorists' campaign). From the moment that the thugs and assassins in the fbi, cia, or any other group begin the campaign of terror, T must accept the truth that T is targeted for death; this realization does not come immediately, but the sooner T confronts the reality of the situation, the better chances T has of surviving. After T discovers that T is the object of a psychological and physical warfare designed to lead to the death or imprisonment of T, T must overcome the initial fear associated with such assault. This does not mean that T is free of all fear, or that T should pretend that no threat exist; rather, T must not allow fear to dominate T's life. In time the degree of fear will level off and eventually turn into a mild anxiety which itself may lead to improved methods of dealing with stress generally.


The psychological journey now forced on T by the thugs is an opportunity to travel in time and space far beyond the realms of everyday life; T must learn to accept the challenges ahead with a sense of wonder and with a willingness (and openness of mind) that allows for growth both intellectually and emotionally. If T accept the challenge and survive, then T serves both himself and all of humanity by defeating the sociopaths and psychopaths sent to destroy T. T serves his own interests by expanding the understanding of the human condition and by redefining T's relationship with the world around T; T also serves humanity by at once not allowing the lowest form of human intellect to enjoy a twisted victory over their fellow creatures and by recording for the benefit of others the obstacles which made the journey for T so awfully tiring and potentially deadly.


--At no time may T surrender T's psyche (will power) unto the terrorists; however, T may from time to time allow the terrorists to think that they control T (this is done when T wants to manipulate the terrorists in some manner).


--At all times T must minimize unhealthy habits, for T's energy and good health (both physical and mental) are T's best weapons against the terrorists.


--At all times T must not become consumed with anger, self pity, or a sense of vengefulness, for any such animus is unhealthy.


--At all times, except as otherwise set forth herein, T must not allow the terrorists to dictate any important aspect of T's life.


--At all times T must proactively "go after" and confront the terrorists in an intellectual sense, for this kind of attack is unexpected and largely indefensible to the thugs who have little or no comprehension of the dynamic for human intellectual capabilities.


--At all times and after each new terrorist assault on T (whether such assault be physical or psychological) T must "let it go" or dismiss the assault from T's conscious thoughts as soon as possible, for a healthy mind remains so by constant rejuvenation by forward looking attitude.


--At the inception of the campaign of terror or as soon as possible thereafter, T must attempt to align with at least one friend; this is most difficult and even selfish of T, but T can compensate by giving more than T ever thought possible to such a friend.


---From time to time T must adjust T's thinking from conventional or traditional patterns to outrageously creative ways not imaginable to society at large, or even to T heretofore. This means that T begins to see that T's contribution to all of mankind may be in the offing and that T must not fail or give up, for only in life can T speak for other victims of fbi/cia terrorism, past and future.


--Indeed, in the journey of T's new life T also owes a duty* to his fellow humans to document as well as can be expected under the trying circumstances the positive aspects of the nightmare that now consumes T. This means, for example, that T share to the extent possible the emotional and mental growth that T experiences, even though contemporaries may have no interest in such account.


--In terms of the unending assaults, T must expect:** home and car invasions, electronic surveillance around the clock and around the world, with tracking devices placed in T's car and person; the poisoning of T's food and drink by drugs that are designed especially for T, considering how best the terrorists can effectively disable T; the tampering with T's personal effects wherever located, including accounts and all business and personal relationships; the planting of viral infections*** or biological agents in T's food, including possibly the HIV or AIDS virus if the fbi/cia can fit T into their manufactured profile which is consistent with a particular illness; the unending isolation of T from mainstream society, including even rejection of T by family and friends (except MOTHER can never be turned); the continual efforts by the terrorists to provoke T into a physical confrontation and the occasional efforts at fraudulently conceived and illegally carried out attempted stings on T around the world; the refusal of all authorities to honor T's reports.


T in the final analysis must be happy with T and such result is possible if and only if T listen to that inner voice that compels T and all persons of good will everywhere and for all times to work toward the highest goals of mankind and (at the same time) to celebrate by survival under attack the indomitable human spirit.


Respectfully. Geral Sosbee

*"It is the duty of every citizen according to his best capacities to give validity to his convictions in political affairs".

Albert Einstein


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** For updates regarding the kinds of assaults that the Target can expect from the fbi and the cia see:



VOA has the following message for the fbi's own special agent assassins, torturers and terrorists: