FBI document confirming Sosbee's expertise in matters relating to: "National Security, Espionage, Foreign Counter Intelligence". Year - 1975


The FBI performance report (below) was purged from FBI files to cover up fraud and attempted extortion.

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See fbi Director's personal message to Sosbee, dated 12/19/75

As shown in the site meter image below, the fbi laboratory regularly studies documents on this website; the cowards and fools of the fbi lab know that the performance report on this page is evidence of various crimes committed by the fbi against me as I have documented. The lab technicians also have access to the official  performance report   that replaces the performance report shown on this page; the fbi lab officials  can easily verify that both Kaiser and Held signed both reports (i.e.: the one here and the one in the fbi file) , that the report shown on this page is authentic and that all signatures and other notes on the document are consistent with known writings and notations by Kaiser and Held  and me. Finally, the fbi lab experts know that unless the crimes evidenced by the fraudulent performance report are fully prosecuted, history will record the fbi lab personnel as cowardly, sniveling little fools who continue to falsify findings for political purposes and to protect the fbi thugs from a public lynching. 

Thus, the fbi lab violates federal law by not notifying Congress and OPR that the fbi agents named by Sosbee are criminals.


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The following words are obscured in the Xeroxing of the above document:
Security: Espionage - Foreign Intelligence

On March 31,1975, the Special Agent In Charge (and my immediate supervisor) submitted a *false and fraudulent performance report which differs from the one on this page as follows. The two officials (Click to see photo of Supervisor Special Agent Kaiser) entered an overall rating of "Satisfactory" and also entered "Satisfactory" 'check' marks in the center of the left hand margins of the document. A "Satisfactory" rating is generally used to justify termination of the employee at a later date. Sosbee objected to the report as a fraud, but Kaiser and Held agreed to cancel the report only if Sosbee resigned. Sosbee then demanded a U.S. Civil Service Board of Review concerning the false report. Both Held and Kaiser then withdrew the report, whiting out/erasing the check marks and entering in the right margins of the document the new ratings of "E" , and also entering an overall rating of "Excellent". The document which appears on this page is an exact copy of the new, altered report which Sosbee secretly copied at the Chicago FBI office in 1975, in order to document the fraud and attempted extortion, except for one notable change: the "E" ratings on this page appear in the right margins of the ratings column whereas in the official FBI personnel file the "E" ratings appear in the center of the ratings columns. The document which appears on this page was purged from the FBI files to attempt to cover up the criminal actions of Held and Kaiser, both of whom signed the document and thereby cannot deny the authenticity of the altered report. Sosbee also pointed out to Held and Kaiser that the fraudulent performance report contradicted the letter from the Director of the FBI, dated 12-10-74, wherein the Director personally commended Sosbee for "Excellent" work during the rating period in question. So, both Held and Kaiser avoided responsibility for their fraud against the government/conspiracy to violate Sosbee's civil rights, attempted extortion and unprofessional conduct, by rewriting the report which appears on this page. The new report is now on file in the FBI office and contains Sosbee's signature (together with signatures of Held and Kaiser) and displays the "E" (excellent) ratings in the center of the left hand margin of the performance report.

From Harlingen, Texas
September 10, 2010

Both SAC Held and Supervisor Kaiser ran covert intel operations against Sosbee in a fishing expedition in Chicago to see if any basis might exist to fire him; one such operation involved following Sosbee around on the campus of N.W. University and interviewing Sosbee's contacts. Another useless exercise by the two fools was to assign a female agent to befriend Sosbee in order to learn more about his personal life. Kaiser & Held also concocted other harassment measures against Sosbee at a time when he was dealing with several family crises.

*The false and fraudulent report was handed to Sosbee by Ken Kaiser (in Kaiser's office) and Kaiser stated that Sosbee is to review the report in Kaiser's office, sign it in Kaiser's office and not leave Kaiser's office with the report. Therefore, Sosbee was not able to make a copy of the original fraudulent report; instead, Sosbee made a copy of the revised report (shown above) which serves as evidence of a doctored report as set forth herein.


From Brownville, Texas


October 25, 2003


fbi letter dated Sept.11, 1978, falsely stating reason for Sosbee's resignation
from fbi. In reality Sosbee resigned under threat of DEATH/IMPRISONMENT.

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Note: John Conditt of the fbi office of professional responsibility promised to investigate the fraudulent fbi performance report (see A13 of Sosbee's writ), but the fbi headquarters apparently blackmailed Conditt to do nothing on the Sosbee complaint.

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