Part 5-Update


From Brownsville, Texas

December 1, 2005


T suffers severe symptoms associated with the fbi use of ELF sleep deprivation , or directed energy assaults over the past several months (the most recent being on the night of Nov. 30, 2005). The fbi occasionally sends T a notice that he has been (or will be) assaulted by the Sleep deprivation technology; the notice comes in the form of a visit to the site meter of and the most recent example looks like this:

From Brownsville, Texas

December 24, 2005


Evidence That The United States Embassies Authorize/Condone Terrorist Reprisals Against Sosbee:

On or about December 3, 2005, T sends a message to a U.S. Embassy in Europe, using a feedback form provided by the Embassy on the internet; the message from Sosbee contained several links to his (and others') websites and also read in part as follows: "You are a bunch of cowardly fools". About two days later (on December 5, 2005), the Embassy provides the fbi with the contents of Sosbee's message, whereupon the fbi sends Sosbee a renewed (implied) threat of additional directed energy assaults as shown below in the site meter image (marked as Exhibit I).


Then, on the Evening of December 5, 2005, at around 8 PM, the fbi thug drives a 2" long Phillips screw into the right rear tire of Sosbee's vehicle. Sosbee removes the screw on the same evening, and he notes that only about half of the screw had entered the tire (See receipt from Firestone below dated December 6, 2005 and the actual screw marked as Exhibit Il.)


Also on the night of December 5, 2005, the fbi assaulted Sosbee all night with ELF, a sleep deprivation technology which prevented Sosbee from sleeping all night, again. Then, on December 6, 2005, the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, visited , as shown in the site meter entry below, marked as Exhibit Ill).


Sosbee surmises that the visit by the Kiev Embassy reflects communications by that Embassy with the specific representative who originally read and was offended by Sosbee's remarks.


For additional evidence that the U.S. Embassies direct, condone and make apologies and excuses for the criminals of the fbi and the cia, see:


Note that the failure of U.S. foreign policy is in part due to the covert, illegal and often deadly global operations of the fbi and the cia; thus, little wonder may exist as to why so many victims of U.S. global atrocities seek to harm US. The total absence of accountability with regards to the black operations of the fbi and the cia, combined with the lack of leadership at all levels of the United States government continue to further alienate friends and political allies. The evidence submitted in this update shows that those Embassy employees who are aware of, or who feign ignorance of fbi and cia sponsored crimes are either co-conspirators, or fools for serving on the front lines of a war they neither comprehend, nor necessarily support. For evidence of U.S. military implied criticism of the current leadership in the U.S. see: .


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