From Brownsville, Texas

August 6, 2003


The terror campaign continues in full swing. The most recent events include the following: T visits Matamoros, Mexico and enters a commercial internet access business; shortly thereafter the fbi sends a drunken Mexican male (of the size and conduct reminiscent of M1- as described in many of these updates). The drunken md attempts to provoke T into a fight, but becomes the object of attention when T's associate and amiga engages him in light conversation in a most charming manner. The little one then slivers off to his bar across the street where the Handler's assistant awaits with more instructions. About an hour later, as T tries to leave, the drunken one returns a second time to attempt to provoke T into a fight; this time the fool attempts to block T's entrance into T's vehicle. T avoids violence and the little one again crawls back into his retreat.


Home invasions, psyops, psychotronics, complete electronic and physical surveillance also continue. Poisonings continue with greater intensity and with more severe consequences because the fbi now engages doctors to inject directly into T's blood the harmful drugs. T receives treatment from a doctor and a dentist as reflected in the medical summaries shown below. Subsequent to the treatment T notices severe symptoms (similar to those previously reported); also, the fbi sends T the usual notice that T was just poisoned shortly after the visits to the doctors. Then, on July 30, 2003, the fbi enters T's residence, reviews the contents of T's present rough draft update to this site and places into the trash the two documents shown below. The fbi also destroys the curtains in the kitchen as a reminder to T that his efforts to document the poisonings are unacceptable. Conditioned response techniques continue to be employed against T even though to date the techniques fail to control T.

The following medical documents were provided to T by the doctors. The statements in this update represent the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee and are not accusations against any person. However, any doctor, dentist, or other health care provider, who injects T with a poison/drug/medication at the direction of the fbi/law enforcement, or court order is in my opinion a criminal and a coward; such doctor or lay person is also a mental punk and a md for selling out his/her own powers of reasoning and good sense in return for the favors/good graces of the perpetrators of offenses reported in this website over the past several years ( presently, T notes that the fbi campaign to imprison, drive insane, or kill him is now in the sixth year, around the clock and around the world). The actions of theses doctors are the more reprehensible because they enjoy a position of doctor-patient trust in a monopolistic profession which is now become in many instances an instrument of tyranny and oppression. The doctors and others are therefore partly responsible for the possible breakdown and death of the individuals targeted for termination.
These health care providers are (like their mental dwarf handlers) the lowest form of human intellect for prostituting their skills and licenses to the terrorists in the United States government. For this, the doctors cannot be forgiven. They have ruined their profession and caused great suffering and no doubt many suicides, even while their fbi commanders look on in real time.
The medical documents are reproduced below:

Dr. Castillo may have committed suicide as I have reported, but the Harlingen, Texas ,Police Department, and others covered up the true facts in the case in order to protect the fbi assassins whom the Brownsville Police also previously assisted in the campaign against Sosbee. A double indemnity clause and several witnesses in Castillo's office can substantiate the theory that indeed Castillo probably killed himself in order to be free from the homicidal operatives of the fbi who induced Castillo to cooperate with their dirty campaign against Sosbee. Also, the insurance company that paid the "accidental death"  claim studied the material at, but they too feared reprisal from fbi for truthful handling of their own investigation; thus, all investigations conformed to the hidden and criminal fbi mandate and agenda to stay out of their way.The letter below from the late Dr. Castillo proves that he refused to treat me after he learned of my documentations on line of   1) the fbi efforts to kill me and   2) Dr. Castillo's apparent cooperation with the fbi, especially as the fbi presented Castillo with a  fraudulently obtained court order allowing the fbi (& their operatives) to "medicate" me while in Castillo's office.


Special Note:


In 1999-2000, T visits the office of another dentist as shown in the records below; following the visit T discovers the possible implantation of a tracking device as evidenced in this website. The records from the dentist are as follows: (click here to see evidence of the tracking device that Stefan Zweig placed or allowed to be placed in Sosbee).

Special Notation: T notices that he fell asleep during a recent dental treatment and that the tracking device implant may have been removed or otherwise manipulated/replaced. In any event the irregularities of some procedures in the dental chair (such as possible poisonings, etc.) suggest that the fbi and the cia have total control over doctors whenever needed. Dr. Castillo permitted the fbi to do whatever the fbi pleased during the visit in which Castillo induced sleep in patient Sosbee as directed by the fbi. Then, presumably Castillo left the room until the fbi operative dentist was finished. Sosbee is certain (IMO) that during the visit to Castillo's office, the dentist (Castillo) induced sleep and allowed the fbi operative-dentist to perfom a variety of invasions of Sosbee's person. Click here for evidence of this.

August 30. 2003
From Matamoros, Mexico


The mental dwarfs of the fbi continue their desperate antics in efforts to silence, arrest, drive insane, or kill T. Increased psychotronic assaults both n Brownsville, Texas and in Matamoros, Mexico, continue as T seeks temporary refuge in Mexico in efforts to find a place to sleep free from the assaults. The fbi transmits the ELF (or similar electronic weaponry) into the Matamoros dwelling where the hostess is also prevented from sleeping. The psychotronic assaults continue all through the night and into the next day. The thugs also begin the destruction of Amiga´s car each time that T rides in same. Also, the mental punks use other psyops maneuvers to dissuade amiga from association with T. The little ones continue the usual cover research activities, including messagings, threats, theft of personal property, etc. T is in good spirits and is as always privileged to present this update.
Geral Sosbee


On the evening of the August 30 -31, 2003, update and in apparent response to the same update the cowardly hooligans of the fbi boldly unlock the pad lock on the gate of amiga's casa.


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Many doctors,lawyers and realtors have refused to provide me with services as a direct result of the fbi slander campaign, or as a result of my reports of fbi/cia efforts to torture and to kill me. In many instances I have presented evidence that some doctors  actively assist the fbi in their macabre agenda. See the data above and see also:

See also:

In a separate instance the letter below documents actions  by a doctor and his staff that may further underscore the need to separate the health care industry (and its practitioners) from the influence of the assassins in the corrupt and murderous law enforcement community.

                                                                                                              July 12, 2010     

Marcus McRoberts, DDS Md
1622 North Ed Carey Drive
Harlingen, Texas  78550

Re: Geral W. Sosbee, Patient, SSAN:___________

This letter confirms the following facts relating to recent events in your office:

Upon referral (a few months ago) by Dr. Ivan Rodriguez to you for extraction of tooth number 15, you consulted with Dr. Rodriguez, examined me, reviewed the x-rays, and accepted me as a patient and a candidate for the tooth removal. I executed all forms, one of which allowed me to request of you a private meeting for expression of a confidential matter (i.e., my problematic work for human rights). I also complied without reservation to all policy requirements in your practice.

I entered your office on July 9, 2010, at 10:50 AM, for the tooth extraction procedure, and I paid the required fee. I requested (of your assistant) whether or not my girl friend could be  present in the room during the procedure; at no time did I indicate that my request was  a demand, nor that my request was a pre-condition for the dental services contracted for.   The assistant stated, 'No', and I asked her to please confirm the 'NO' with you. She stated that she would ask you. A few minutes later she stated that the office manager, Rosa, also indicated, 'No', to my request; I again asked that I be allowed to ask the doctor himself. A few minutes later, Rosa called me out of the waiting room and explained the policy; I replied that I honor the policies, and that I simply needed for the doctor himself to tell me. Rosa then asked, "Why" do you want the friend to accompany you in the room? I replied as follows:

"Rosa, you asked me the question and I will answer; the government is trying to kill me." At that moment, upon hearing my answer, Rosa smirked in a kind of half smile indicating an apparent disbelief or surprise. Then, as I realized that Rosa did not accept my statement, or that she was alarmed, I stated:
"Rosa, you asked me the question; I answered it and if you do not believe me, then simply enter my name in the computer to see my *documentations."

Rosa then stated that I could ask the doctor my question (about having my friend present  during  the procedure) when I am called into the room for the extraction. I said, "thank you."

Then, a few minutes later, Rosa and the other assistant mentioned above together again called me out of the room to advise me as follows:
"Mr. Sosbee, as you are not comfortable with the office policy, the doctor does not want to see, nor talk with you, nor to treat you as a patient."

I then realized that the contract was breached at that moment and that you, Mac, displayed an apparent contempt for me as a patient.

I requested a refund of the money charged on my credit card and I departed in great disappointment over the humiliating in- your- face, unfair and insensitive treatment rendered by you and your staff as summarized above.

 A copy of this letter is hand delivered to the office of Dr. Ivan Rodriguez
(1610 East Harrison Avenue Harlingen, TX 78550-7309)
for  the following reasons:

He referred me to you by professional forms following appropriate examinations of tooth number 15.
You and Dr. Rodriguez conferred about my dental needs and he is my regular Endodontics Doctor upon whom I rely and place my trust.
He was the primary reason that I chose to come to you for treatment.
Finally, I need Dr. Rodriguez to assist me in locating a new doctor for the extraction.


Geral  Sosbee
P.O. Box 3374
Harlingen, Texas 78551
(956) 371-5210

* After I left your office, someone there may have verified my statements, as evidenced by the following site meter entries showing visits to my on- line reports of   fbi/cia ongoing attempts on my life.


The absurd letter shown to the left from 'Mac' (i.e. Dr.  Marcus L. McRoberts), dated September 9, 2010, was written to me (and was sent registered mail) at the direction of the Texas State Board Of Dental Examiners for compliance purposes. The entire letter, its timing and contents, are at once insincere and inconvenient.

Sosbee adds: psychoelectronic assaults continue against him  24/7 and now are at times increased to the point of causing complete exhaustion and near collapse.