From Brownsville, Texas

March 9, 2003


T notices a change in fbi terrorists' activity as follows:


After the Office of the Secretary of Defense visits (as previously reported in these updates), the fbi apparently stops home and car invasions and tamperings (as reported by T in a private e-mail to supporters-seen at the bottom of this update), but continues intense psychoelectronic assaults with simultaneous messagings/threats (such as the resumption of poisonings, etc.). All such e-mail and assaults also correspond to increased visits to the site by 'Genuity' as shown in the site meter frame seen below. T assumes that nonconsensual cover research also continues unabated. The fbi and the cia recently stopped all overt hostilities against T in order to see if T will stop his work; when T failed to obey the hooligans/terrorists, they continued their most cowardly maneuvers against T, especially as T drafted a tribute to a key supporter (Giovanni Flores) for the world to see. The phony war effort now being waged against Iraq adds more pressure on the fbi and the cia to silence the voices of legitimate and credible dissent such as Geral Sosbee because the fraud that is the hallmark of United States foreign policy is becoming more and more evident daily/hourly worldwide. T honors his word to charge the assassins and terrorists in this nation's government until T' s death. Best Wishes to all.

Today's site meter reflecting the 'Genuity' entries:

To all recipients:

I recently received word that a friend of mine in the intelligence community worked behind the scenes (through both fbi/cia and scty. of Defense) to order the fbi to stop the terror campaign against me. Over the past week I have noticed a marked reduction of fbi thug activity and this lull is preceded by their hyperactivity during the previous weeks (as I documented in my

updates). Apparently, the fbi assassins knew that an order to reduce the attacks on me was imminent; so, the fbi intensified assaults in their desperate hopes that I would disappear. With or without such a lull, the fbi will never hear the end of me; even if the punks in the fbi and cia re-new their attacks or stop them altogether, I will hound these two agencies far beyond my grave; and in no event will I stop , reduce, or alter my attacks (intellectually) on these mental dwarfs whose antics (which are depicted in are now the topic of conversation by intellectual giants worldwide.

The United States of America is defined by the fbi/cia criminal operations globally.

Thanks. Geral Sosbee


The fbi and the cia (and all their mental dwarf companions and minions) unwittingly create the perfect storm as they attempt to terrorize this Target whose vocation (in service to Humanity) is now crystallized by his awareness of the corrupt and evil regime that is the present United States government. Geral Sosbee

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