August 31,2002, Brownsville, Texas


Psychotronic bombardment (or related technology) causes sleep deprivation in T from August 28, 2002 through August 30, 2002 (in increasing intensity) and on the 31st, T is exhausted both physically and intellectually. Then, on the morning of the 31st, the fbi assassins observing T en route to computer begin by remote control locking and unlocking the car doors to T's car. T suspected psychotronics being used against him previously, but now T is certain that he is the object of such mind games and that this is relatively new and consistent with the terrorist's message earlier this week about the "new game" that the Handler 'thinks' T will enjoy.


Both GF in Italy and JG in the United States confirm that the "new game" message is possibly the work of thugs. GF writes," It is certain possible that some of the 'persons' who think to simply make their task or who are so dull and enslaved to commit actions like those against you and others, can also have got this 'silly' message like something considerable for their 'game'..."


As I just reported the assassins now increase their attacks on me, using high tech sleep deprivation methodology. I know of no effective defense to this escalation of assaults. However, as I promised I will charge until I drop dead. As Clint Eastwood reminded us in outlaw Josey Wales, " Men like us don't fear death; it's living that is difficult sometimes". Geral Sosbee


September 6, 2002


T notices that he is now apparently under psychotronic assaults every night with the following indicia: For about the past week T is unusually tired and sleepy at around 9:00 PM, but a minute or two after he attempts to sleep, T notices that he is not sleepy, but that he is tired. T hears nightly (all night) slight high pitch ring-type noise; through the night T estimates that he sleeps two - three hours; this is measured by T in increments of thirty
(thirty) minutes to one hour as T looks at his watch throughout the night. The next morning T awakens at about 8:30 AM with headache which continues on and off on some days. The sleeping pattern is completely different from T's usual pattern and T thinks that high tech sleep deprivation activity is now employed intensely every night.


September 8,2002:


Home and car invasions (and tamperings therein) continue when fbi thugs lower the back window (again) of T's vehicle during a rain storm (again).


Other psychotronic operations against T continue. However, T sees a failing and pathetic mind-set in the thugs who continue to repeat the same harassment and terrorist techniques that have not been successful in silencing T for four (4) years. The "new game " that the fbi thug promised T ( through an e-mail) in Brownsville, Texas, is not so 'new'. So, even the chief fbi hoodlum can't get it right; that is to say that the chief just can't quite find the effective demonic tool to silence T. The fbi assassins are apparently told (by professionals) that eventually these terror-tactics will wear down the target and cause a complete nervous breakdown, especially as T is isolated, marginalized, medically injured ( in his late fifties) and financially ruined.


All thugs, including the handlers in the fbi and the cia, have no concept of their own illness and depravity and therefore cannot expand their thinking beyond the immediate tasks associated with killing the target. Ultimately, the target is dead, but so are the assassins; what remains is another chapter in the history of torture, homicide and man's cruelty to his fellow man. The target does his job by making clear to the world through his reports that humanity is still on the decline.



September 11, 2002: Brownsville, Texas, 78522


T reports theft/tampering with time sensitive mail to postal authorities listed below on August 30, 2002: Richard Hernandez (manager), Ben Mendoza (supervisor) and Robert Pantoja (Inspector); none of these authorities made inquiry/investigation. On September 10, post office employees at Brownsville, Texas 78522, admitted that an anonymous individual placed an incorrect code on T's mail box (on or about August 30,2002) indicating "Forward Mail". All of T's mail was then withheld from T's box until September 10,2002, even though the top authorities at the post office were aware of T's reports of mail tampering as of August 30, 2002. T sends letters (seen below) to Postal Board of Governors on August 30, 2002 and on September 10, 2002. T also notifies Pantoja on August 30,2002 that T was assaulted in the post office on August 30, 2002, at the same time the mail was being tampered with, but Pantoja ignored T's report. Then, on September 11, 2002, as T confirms the above facts to Hernandez, the fbi thugs enter T's car and tamper with the settings. The following envelopes show the postal code, "FWD", which an employee of the post office wrote on the envelope; also below are the letters T sent to the Board of Governors of the United States Post Office.


On this national day of remembrance of 911, the fbi thugs continue their terrorist activities against T.

From Harlingen Texas

June 24, 2011

The fbi's directed energy assaults have been on Geral Sosbee for the past six-eight years 24/7, without break and with no opportunity to block the assaults. This kind of torture is ignored by the government and takes a heavy toll on the Target. See symptoms at:


Then see the absurdity of the PI fraudulently investigation me :


October 5, 2002 From Brownsville, Texas


Click here to see letter from Postal Inspection Service refusing to investigate T's reports of fbi thefts and tamperings of his mail across the country over the past four years. The United States Postal Service and the Office of Einar V. Dyhrkopp (and his Inspection Division) are now corrupted by the fbi and are therefore complicitous in the postal crimes which the fbi commits regularly and at will. Geral Sosbee

September 23, 2002 From Brownsville,

From Brownsville, Texas

October 29, 2002


Not to be outdone from T's game wherein T catches the terrorists performing their demonic arts (which T documented on the previous update to My Story In Detail) the fbi thugs pull together all of their vast resources (i.e. 24 hour physical and electronic harassment by teams of punks and half wits, etc.) and show T their intention to continue their terror against T as follows: T notes that October 26 & 27, 2002, pass with no apparent incident from the thugs (habituation not strong during such a lull in hostilities); then, on October 28, 2002, 9 AM, as T pays for coffee at the gas station (while T is turning his back on the car for about a minute) the fbi team members in fast coordination with each other enter T's car and disconnect the two arm strap hinges on T's briefcase, so that when T later picks up the shoulder strap (upon arrival at the library) the brief case remains in place and T is holding only the disconnected shoulder strap. T also notices that the thugs, while in the car, also clicked on the high beam to the car's lights in order for T to "see better" that night when T turns on the lights.



Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas

November 5,2002


fbi thugs, assassins and cowards now intensify terror/harassment against T by

1) Regularly and repeatedly turning on the car lights while T 's car is parked.

2) Frequently entering car and tampering with control panel and rear view mirror.

3) Use of Psychotronics and usual Psyops against T.


From Brownsville, Texas

November 7, 2002


United States of America fbi thugs enter T's car during the period of November 5-6, 2002 and pour oil on T's clothes and personal effects inside the car. T discovers the criminal mischief by first detecting the oil fumes inside the car.

T now can see the world from the eyes of the legendary Ruth who, sick for home, slumped in tears amid the alien corn (Shelley).




From Brownsville, Texas

November 7, 2002


We may now see in the agents, operatives, cut-throats, assassins, thugs, punks and supporters in the fbi and in the cia (and their kind) the incarnation of the evil, hatred, misanthropy and regressively violent animus for mankind as has existed throughout the history of our species as expressed in horror stories, personal testimonies (in both poetry and prose) and literature from every corner of the earth.


So, those of us who permit and therein encourage these hooligans to reign over the earth with their infinite variety of demonic tools (one of which we all recognize as calumny) are the perpetuators of the very same mindless, murderous and torturous savagery that we often decry in our churches, parlors, sitting rooms and intellectual discussion forums the world over. We are thereby in effect the Abominations that we most fear and condemn in this life.

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