From Brownsville, Texas

October 3, 2002


The collapse of leadership in the United States is now evident worldwide and the perpetual state of war that seems to characterize this nation's global political posture cannot change until the Mental Dwarfs and their mentors are exposed for what they are: maniacal and near demonic assassins and misanthropes unable to grasp the eternally damaging effects of their depravity. As the rest of the world awakens to the complete breakdown of fundamental human rights, as evidenced by the United States domestic and foreign public policy (and as defined & enforced by the fbi, cia and similarly chartered and motivated groups) this once great nation stands alone, isolated by its own warped and depraved values. The warmongers, the cutthroats and the low life assassins in the fbi and the cia bring to the United States precisely the same barbaric elements that the United States now impugns to so-called enemy and "Axis of Evil" countries; those elements are: 1) disrespect for the rights of human beings, 2) dictatorial regimes which imprison, torture, and kill people around the world (usually for the cause of "World Peace, Economic Stability, or Religion"), and 3) tyrannical cultures which are programmed (by mind control techniques of incredible effectiveness) to assist the corrupt government in terrorizing and killing the targets. Finally, those people who recognize the plan to dehumanize the earth's population and to strip all people of their natural spiritual impulse to honor first and foremost God's laws, also see the cowardly nature of the band of thugs who rule the world in a manner that defiles all that is holy on earth; this perception that the United States is made up of assassins and cowards brings upon the United States a most unmanageable rejection by friend and foe alike.


The time is come for the fbi and the cia to open all of their files on every human being in the world; by so doing the ability for the fbi and the cia mental dwarfs to blackmail and intimidate their critics is nullified. The release of the fbi/cia files (but I mean all the files, notes, memos and verbal understandings) will also show the world just how incredibly sick are the misguided men and women (in the fbi/cia) who make a living by fabricating the files and then by using the files to destroy people and governments.

Let the sunshine pour on all of the files now and begin it by opening for world review the files on Geral W. Sosbee.


From Brownsville, Texas

October 21, 2002


The following summary of terrorist tactics (which also reflects the methodology involved in fbi/cia programmed attacks on other Targets) best describes my life at present. The fbi now uses the electronic war games against me and I have no way to determine whether such activity is killing me or is simply causing me sleep deprivation. We will find out if I develop brain tumor, cancer, heart problems. The war games continue against me, but I am in fine spirits.


I assume that the various news organizations refuse to cover this kind of atrocity because they are afraid to do so. Geral


"The First Phase is the hararasment/stalking/surveillance in which human subjects are monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by the government satellite technology and personnel operating ground based super-computers. Many people claim their lives are destroyed, phones are tapped, video cameras are positioned inside and outside their residences, cars are bugged and sabotaged, mysterious break-ins occur at their homes, email are interfered with and monitored, assaulted in public places like the libraries and malls. Computers are crashed. Teams stalk victims. Some victims have micro chips put inside their body which help enhance the surveillance and torture. Cherished constitutional freedoms and privacy are thus stripped away.


The second phase is a Bio-electronic harassment/torture program in which the human subjects are tortured with "invisible bullets" directed at various parts of a person's body especially their head/brain. Satellite technology coupled with Directed Energy Weapons such as microwave pulsed signals and x-ray, other ionizing radiation weapons. Many non-ionizing weapons such as extremely low frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic energy, infra-sound, radio frequency and acoustics. These weapons cause lesions, debilitating pain, leukemia, breast cancers, brain tumors and heart attacks. Kucinich of Ohio Bill 2977 Oct. 2001 Definition section Stop Electromagnetic radiation...extremely low frequency (ELF)... energies directed at individual person or targeted population for purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control." Sosbee is grateful to Cheryl Welsh for the above succinctly written summary.


From Brownsville, Texas

November 14, 2002


The rest of the world, particularly those countries threatened by the United States (US) military (at the direction of the fbi/cia, etc.) have everything to lose ( in a spiritual and humanistic sense) by 'going along with' (or otherwise conforming to) US mandates. However, such nations recognize that they must use the same deceit and trickery (as employed by the US) in dealing with such mandates. The leaders of the targeted nations are now buying time in order to more effectively deal with the madmen in the US at a later date. (Incidentally, in a broad sense all nations on earth - and many individuals around the world- are now targeted under the US Non-Consensual Cover Research Program).


The failure of the American people to recognize that their own hopeless surrender (of their rights as human beings) empowers their tyrannical leaders to force on the rest of the world the same cultural barbarisms and war mentality that this nation perpetuates as described in and related sites. Other nations are aware of this phenomena (i.e.: US psychopathic lunacy globalized) and are presently strategizing on how best to deal with it.


The fbi and the cia are largely responsible for the global blood bath and holocaust now in motion; the cost of allowing these two agencies to continue to exist in their present form is of proportions unparalleled on the planet and all the while the US government has lost the moral and intellectual compass which might otherwise have given rise to internal reform of its goals and of its methodology. Most of the law makers in the US Congress and most of the Justices on the US courts have in their slovenliness betrayed Humanity and by the grace of God (as evidenced in the triumph of the indomitable human spirit ) this betrayal is now recognized in every corner of this glorious earth. Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas

November 22, 2002


The following excerpts from the Homeland Security Bill precisely define the fbi's terrorist activity to silence/neutralize/kill sosbee (and others) as reported in My Story In Detail (inter alia)

Homeland Security Bill
Section 2 Definitions
(15) The term "terrorism" means any activity that--

(A) involves an act that--
(i) is dangerous to human life or potentially

(ii) is a violation of criminal laws of the United States or of any State or subdivision of the United States; and

(B) appears to be intended--
(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or kidnapping.

Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas

December 12, 2002


The fbi and the cia corrupt every segment of our society by forcing our citizens to live in fear of reprisal for failure to cooperate with their goon squads whose primary missions are to kill/imprison the Targets. Perhaps more disturbing than the fbi/cia's ongoing global terror campaign to silence their critics is the damage to the psyche of human beings (now and into the future) who become adjusted (by the omnipresent implied threat of retaliation) to acceptance of the dictates of the world's licensed murderers, torturers and calumniators. This destruction of the free will of the people leads the country and eventually the universe toward a kind of hyper fascist state wherein no human being is capable of individual creative thought/analysis and anyone who reveals an unbridled artistic tendency is deemed a potential threat to the state. Thus, our species allows weakness, lethargy, slovenliness and fear to at long last defeat some of mankind's once most promising traits: individuality, creative imagination and adventurous spirit.

Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas

December 16, 2002


The use of high tech killing techniques and remote control terrorist methodologies (as described in this and related sites) characterize the fbi and the cia operations worldwide. This concept that perceived or accused enemies of the United States can effectively be destroyed from a distance and with a minimum of human contact now also permeates the military posture of the new world war machine; of course, those whom the United States presently targets for death and destruction and those who may fear that they will be next for such targeting by the U.S. are now engineering their own versions of such killing by "remote control" weaponry. Thus, the U.S. inevitably brings home to its own citizenry the devastating effects of its own demented, immoral and cowardly national character.

The labeling of the "Axis of Evil " countries is a true paradox, if those countries so named ultimately provide the only remaining hope (in their perceived obstinacy and sense of self-righteousness) for mankind from the grips of universal and eternal tyranny and oppression now imposed by the U.S.

Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas

December 22, 2002


Between the months of March and September, 1998 (shortly after Geral Sosbee unsuccessfully requests that Senator Gramm and Congressman Sessions to stop the fbi terror campaign), the fbi commenced the program to silence sosbee; the operation continues uninterrupted since that time. The cost of the global, 24/7, comprehensive assault scheme (employing both physical and mental attacks on sosbee) in efforts to neutralize/kill/imprison Sosbee may approximate an average of one million dollars a year. Sosbee intends to continue his work for another twenty-five years with a grand total of about thirty million dollars costs to the United States. So, the number of potential Targets of fbi/cia contract killings will have to be estimated by the GAO in order to honestly predict the budgets of the conspirator killer agencies. Of course GAO will not honestly make such report and the Congress will make no effort to obtain true costs from fbi/cia operations. Yet, the costs to the taxpayers are there. Finally, the real cost to the United States of its murder contracts on sosbee and others may far exceed the numbers in the above estimates; as Sosbee reports to the people of the world the psychopathic and otherwise criminal activities of the United States government officials (often best described as Mental Dwarfs in this website) the economic impact of such reports on the United States could yet become a bit more perplexing than might otherwise be anticipated.

From Brownsville, Texas

February 13, 2003


For another example of fbi's subliminal messaging to the Target, see page A26 of Sosbee's Writ (this website) and note that the fbi fraudulently used Sosbee's credit card in order to suggest to Sosbee that he surrender (i.e., "Pack It Up") to the dictates of the fbi terrorists; this incident occurred as two (2) fbi operatives physically approached T with a discussion between themselves about suicide as an escape from the terror campaign (against Sosbee). The United States Supreme Court ignored this and all other evidence submitted by Sosbee. Subliminal messaging is a clever way by which the fbi and the cia may deliver to their Targets highly specialized and often disturbing ideas designed for a particular Target. Obviously, such methodology is intended to wear down the mental defenses of the Target as a part of the much wider psychological operations (psyops) and psychoelectronics (psychotronics) which are also effectively used against most Targets.


From Brownsville, Texas

February 26, 2003


The fbi often interferes with e-mail in the following manner: the fbi types or deletes words onto the page that T is typing on; they sometimes enter in the subject column, the word, "lunatic" or 'file in the lunatic file', etc. In some instances the fbi changes the contents of the " To " column and T is unabe to see the change until T tries to send the message. In other words the fbi takes over the computer that T is on and manipulates various functions; in some instances the fbi prevents T from accessing addresses. In other instances the fbi erases or deletes the information entirely. Note also that Barbara Hartwell apparently experiences the same or similar interference by the fbi. The date of the last such fbi mental dwarf mischief: February 13, 2003. This type of fbi harassment is difficult to document, but someday the truth of the fbi's terrorist practices will be thoroughly revealed and my report herein may be seen as correct.


From Brownsville, Texas

March 1, 2003


As T reported on November 27, 2002, (inter alia) the fbi regularly interferes with T's accounts. One such account is the Sprint PCS that T has had for several years. The fbi regularly changes the plan on T's account, causing over billing, etc., and on one occasion the fbi closed the account. T has documented these tamperings with Sprint on many occasions. On each occasion Sprint refuses to investigate. In response to the false billings and tamperings on the account T deposited an extra $224 in order to prevent Sprint from canceling service. T later requests a refund of the overpayment. Sprint then alleges that the change in the plan caused Sprint to seize the credit balance and then to re-credit the amount back to T's account as a so-called, "courtesy adjustment" which cannot be refunded. The letter from Sprint follows:


December 20, 2003


As a result of my recent experiences as documented in detail on my website at I am certain that the men and women of fbi and the cia (and their affiliates) actually watch in real time as the Targets of the inhumane assaults described in my site commit suicide. The despicable activities of these fbi and the cia agents, operatives, thugs and assassins must be revealed to the world in order to offer some protection to all of mankind from a phenomena politely referred to as non-consensual human experimentation; in actuality this barbarous United States program is born of devilish minds and wicked hearts and is implemented by pathologic personalities of the lowest type. We must stop these confused and pathetic creatures now. Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas

January 10, 2004


As the United States' control of the people is achieved through warfare (both physical and psychological), the same inhumane techniques (now expanded with high tech applications) must continue to be applied indefinitely in order for the tyrants to consolidate and entrench their oppressive roles as Overlords of humanity.


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