Extensive and choreographed efforts by fbi assassins, corrupt poice and street thug/operatives to find a way to arrest me:


For more info on this report and on  the corrupt police at UT, see:

Click Here To See True Harassing Hate Mail To Sosbee (received on campus) Which The University of Texas Police And The Bridgeport Connecticut Police (Chief Gaudett) Refuse To Investigate.

Fraudulent UT Police Report With Patently & Transparently  False 'BOLO' on Geral Sosbee.The  BOLO report was directed by fbi and unlawfully entered by corrupt UT Police who exemplify the characters I describe as  mental dwarfs and living dead:







In April, 2009 A University of Texas (UT)  contract employee  and an apparent fbi operative commits a provocative stalking and  assault & battery on the person of Geral Sosbee at UTHSC, Harlingen, Texas, in an effort to cause a violent reaction which is intended to lead to the arrest of Sosbee.


In April and August , 2009, Sosbee repeatedly pleads with the university officials to stop the threats and assaults on campus.


8-18-09 : The CSUN ROTC Department files a false report with the University of Texas Police. Threats of arrest, stalking, harassment in the library by the civilian staff, security and police continue unabated for the next two years (to date). In one instance, a security officer named Paula Zapeda calls the library staff while Sosbee is there and asks, " Is Sosbee causing any problem; he has a history?" After that the library staff is under orders to keep a log on Sosbee every  time he enters the facility.

9-21-09: UT Police withhold all reports under the Open Records Act and continue threats and harassment against Sosbee every time he enters onto the campus, at least a full year after the illegal police investigation started.

In May, 2011 the UT fraudulent police report (shown above)  is provided to Sosbee.

[In May, 2011, Sosbee notifies the UT Board of Regents of the criminal  acts of  the UT police and of the unethical and harassing actions of the library staff as documented on the website.]



The above two page police report reflects how the University of Texas Police, in concert with Wolf and the fbi, engaged in a personal vendetta and smear campaign against Sosbee as documented at parts 19, 19A,19B, and 19c  of this website.

The phony investigation was started at the behest of Wolf of CSUN who was joined by UT Police Officers Michael Bleier and *Wilson. See the police report above and see


Wolf alleges that Sosbee harassed him; this is patently false as shown in the above link where Sosbee , exercising his First Amendment Right to free speech, sent to CSUN' ROTC (not to Wolf personally) links to articles written by veteran Sosbee.

Wolf then harasses Sosbee by falsely reporting him for harassment. See the above link for proof of this. Then, in response to the harassment from Wolf, Sosbee sent a message to Wolf as follows: "You are a cowardly punk". 


                     Note that the UT police falsely recorded Sosbee's message as follows:

"You are coward and a punk. Have a nice life".

This effort by UT Police to change the content of Sosbee's message to Wolf (i.e., adding the clause, " Have a nice life.") shows malicious intent to help fabricate evidence of  a crime. The person who sarcastically wrote the words: "Have a nice day" & ''Have an outstanding day" was sarcastic Wolf himself who commenced the harassment. See the above link for proof of this. The policeman who wrote the lies, "Have a nice day", should be called to answer for creating the false statements in the fraudulent police report.

Note that the false police report was begun four months after the criminal assault and battery on the person of Sosbee by a contract employee of UT acting as a de facto fbi operative, Harlingen, Texas, a crime that the UT police refused to document and to this day pretends did not happen.


Note also that inept officers Bleier and Wilson attribute to Sosbee a "Conspiracy Theory" motive for his  articles. Such a false and irrelevant characterization by the police (on page two of the above report) is further evidence of their efforts to discredit Sosbee.

The police and the security officers at UT Harlingen, Texas ,are aware that the fbi has been involved in phony and provocative intel campaigns against Sosbee in the library; therefore, any suggestion by Bleier and Wilson that Sosbee was pursuing a conspiracy theory is patently fraudulent and they know it. Indeed, the UT Police has demonstrated a mini conspiracy of their own as delineated herein.


Thus I believe that the evidence clearly shows that the police  knowingly filed a a false report on me, that the police attempted to discredit me by further falsifying the contents of the report, and coincidentally at about the same time the police covered up a crime against me as documented at:


The United States Constitution is ignored by Wolf, by the police and by the entire UT staff who were involved in the illegal charade and coverup as documented on this site.


This report is submitted for the record, especially to point out the crimes committed by the UT police and their illiterate representatives. See the third paragraph of page one Wilson's report.

*[Note that Wilson also admits that he has no record of the original email message from Sosbee to CSUN. Yet, all messages from Sosbee to CSUN were recorded on or about August 18, 2009 at http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19-updatefor.html.]

   Sosbee sends the following letter to the Texas AG and to the Bexar County DA:


June 8, 2011
Greg Abbott, AG
Open records Department
209 W. 14th Street, 6th Floor
Austin, Texas 78701

Susan D. Reed , DA
Bexar County
235 East Mitchell Street
San Antonio, TX 78210-3844

Re: AG ID # 361750

Enc: UT Police Report # 094578

My previous letters to DA Reed and AG Abbott concerning harassment and false criminal police report # 094578 written by University of Texas Police on 8-18-09 against Geral W. Sosbee, hereinafter referred to as Plaintiff.

This letter requests an inquiry into public corruption (or other appropriate heading) of the following persons based on the information provided herein: UT Police Officers Richard R. Wilson, Michael Bleier, Ronald Davidson, D. Earhart, UT Attorney Neera Chatterjee .

The above listed individual police officers commenced a fraudulent criminal investigation in efforts to manufacture a basis to prosecute Geral W. Sosbee for a fictitious, non extant offense. The  UT Attorney Chatterjee authorized the unlawful withholding of the same police report under the Open Records Act. See:


The above referenced police report was predicated on the allegation that Plaintiff sent more than one harassing e-mails to one James Wolf at the California State University Northridge (CSUN) campus. The truth is that the Plaintiff sent a brief report to the CSUN ROTC office via the email facility offered to the public for communications. Plaintiff made no reference in the original email to the person of James Wolf. Upon receipt of the email to CSUN, the webmaster (the same James Wolf) filed a false harassment complaint against Plaintiff. At the same time Wolf sent to the Plaintiff the following statement:

“Your IP address has been reported to your ISP for harassment.
Have a nice day,
-James Wolf
Website Administrator”

Upon receipt of the above harassing and sarcastic notice, the Plaintiff responded to Wolf as follows:

“you are a cowardly punk.”

See Plaintiff’s message to Wolf here:


The UT Police officers also falsely stated that Plaintif wrote the following words to Wolf :

“you are a cowardly punk. Have a nice life.”

The evidence shows that Plaintiff sent one and only one email to Wolf in response to the harassing message mentioned above; Plaintiff never wrote the words, “Have a nice life.” In fact Wolf himself repeatedly used similar sarcastic language in his two emails to Plaintiff. See: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19-updatefor.html

For additional harassment email from Wolf to Plaintiff see:


All harassing emails to Plaintiff from Wolf are ignored by the UT Police. UT Police Officer Wilson admits that he did not see the contents of Plaintiff’s original message to CSUN . Yet he aggressively pursues a criminal case based upon the alleged email. See the third paragraph of the police report enclosed. Then, on page two of the same police report #094578 Officer Wilson states that Plaintiff writes about “conspiracy” theories; This is false and irrelevant to the supposed criminal investigation of Plaintiff as authorized by the Chief of Police Ronald Davidson and UT Counsel Neera Chatterjee. Finally, the report states, “No further action taken at this time.” In fact the police continued to stalk, harass and threaten Plaintiff every time he entered onto campus in the subsequent months and years following the bogus police report. Police officers, security guards and the library staff at UTHSC, Harlingen, Texas, are all witnesses to these events of harassment, slander and more as set forth below.

On or about April 17,2009, a contract employee of UT committed  multiple crimes against the person of Plaintiff apparently at the direction of the UT police or the fbi as I have set forth at


http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19-updatefor.html and related sites such as forthcoming


All officers of the UT police refuse to conduct an inquiry, refuse and internal investigation request into my allegations (as summarized above) and to this day allow the libelous police report to remain on file against Plaintiff. In one instance a librarian at the UTHSC, Harlingen, Texas, nervously reported to her colleague that Plaintiff is being investigated by the FBI and that she (and her co-workers) are ordered to keep a log and to report on Plaintiff every time he enters the facility.

I request that the AG and the DA (recipients of this letter) open a Public Integrity or Public Corruption case against all parties involved in the matter described above. The AG is also requested to ask Chatterjee why she falsely categorized the police report #094578 as a report of crime (for purposes of ORA disclosure) when in reality the report was classified by the UT Police as an incident.


Thank You.

Geral W. Sosbee

P.O. Box 3374

Harlingen, Texas 78551


Enc; 2


The fbi's pathetic, corrupt and cowardly CJIS continues their menacing visits to this
site as they recognize their murderous images at




"The action against the dissident is now developing as follows:

1. The dissident is denigrated, smeared and discredited wherever possible.

2. This will bring about social isolation, ridicule and provocation by security ’stooges’ on a daily basis.

3. This will lead to ‘internal exile’ the effects of which are well documented by the Rehabilitation and Research Center for Torture Victims (RCT) in Denmark. (35)

4. Security forces will inform anyone who may come into contact with a dissident to denigrate and abuse him in any way possible. They will also be told to use the term ‘communist’ and ’subversive’ when referring to the dissident in any way.

5. Security ‘goons’ will in public use much verbal abuse against the dissident. They will also try to provoke him in physical confrontations in attempts to criminalize him.

6. If the dissident has a job his/her employer will be contacted by security and he will either lose that job or their work will be made much more difficult (9). If the dissident is self-employed his/her customers will be contacted by security and ‘persuaded’ to take their business elsewhere. (10)

7. The dissidents phone, fax and mail and e-mail, will be monitored around the clock. Messages will fail to get through and their phone line will suffer from many disruptions.

8. The dissident will suffer much abuse from his ‘neighbors’. There will be many ‘noise’ problems and ’sleep deprivation’ will undoubtedly become a daily part of the actions being taken against him.

9. The dissident’s property will be entered and damaged on a regular basis whenever the dissident leaves it. His personal property, documents, electronic devices, etc, will be stolen or damaged. Money will also be taken and the dissident’s car will be damaged and sabotaged.

10. No matter what locks are installed on a dissident’s apartment, or house, the security services are always able to get inside. Having done so, one of the many things they often do is to get into a dissidents computer and alter or delete any files there. This has happened to me many times. They also damage some computers in various ways.

As a result of the documentation on this site of the criminal activities of the University of Texas police and other high ranking university officials who falsified police reports, covered up crimes and in concert with fbi assassins violated the civil & constitutional rights of Geral Sosbee, the University of Texas in 2011, places severe restrictions on the public's use of the library computer (directly affecting Sosbee) as follows:

1)One hour limit per day in the library
2)Upon entry must show picture ID and sign in with a computer code issued by the library staff
3)All activity on the computer is thus monitored at will by the very thugs at the university who attempted to have Sosbee arrested on fraudulent grounds.

See: http://sosbeevfbi.ning.com/forum/topics/university-of-texas-fbi

For about the past forty years many fbi/cia agents and operatives have followed my reports of the fbi's torture and attempted murder of me which continue today. Also today, apparently Brook Roberts  (former SA of the Lakeland Florida fbi office where I once worked in 1972 ) continues to observe the fbi's dirty work in filthy efforts to imprison me. In the site meter image below, the visitor (possibly Roberts) reviews the fraudulent BOLO  report  (shown above) for some perverse reason. Note that Roberts is retired, is in his mid seventies, and continues the program to destroy Geral Sosbee nearly a half a century later. For more on Roberts see http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/lettertosenator2.html

Then, see the commendation letter awarded to me by the fbi director and discover that Roberts himself recommended me for the commendation:


Finally, all fbi agents are predatory thugs and earn their living by destroying lives, by torturing and killing people and by living off the suffering of all mankind. Their sickness is permanent and they have no possibility of reform in this life. All such miscreants should be requred to register as Enemy Of Mankind (EOM). See:  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/newspecialagent.html

Many of the assassins and heart breakers in the fbi are serial killers, and all fbi associates are accessories to the crimes of their cohorts:






For the past twenty five years the fbi has run covert counterintelligence operations globally against me in efforts to imprison me; at the same time the DEW assaults continue against me 24/7 for about a decade. The above data on military intel, fbi, UT police,  fbi operative Yanez exemplify the kind of criminal acts committed against me by the very authorities sworn to uphold the law and "to serve and to protect"; I have documented many of the crimes at "My Story In Detail", parts 19 (a,b,c).

After the Yanez case was unlawfully dismissed (upon a pleading of ‘nolo contendere’ by Yanez the fbi began a new campaign to harass. I noticed that a person began to visit the public libraries at the same time as I. The problem is that the suspect made sure that I observed his odd actions around me in the library. I have a witness to some of his strange actions.[Note that I must use the library to use the computer because the fbi destroys any computer that I buy].

The individual referenced above frequented both the central library in Harlingen, Texas, and the UT medical school library in Harlingen on many of the same days as I. One day he left his computer station at the medical school library and walked thirty feet to the computer station where I was located. He then tried to begin a social dialogue. I responded, " go away, I am not interested." He then returned to his computer station. A year or two later, on or about March 29, 2013, the same person confronted me as I was leaving the medical school library; he followed me a short distance in the hallway and stated, "Have a nice Easter."

I responded, "Go away, stay away from me, you are harassing me"; he continued to follow me in the hallway and he repeated a similar statement, "I just want to wish you a happy Easter".

I then stated," "follow me here to the police station where I can have a witness to your harassment". He followed me and he repeated to the security guard the same statement. I advised the guard that this man is harassing me and I need to file a police report. The police officer on duty was officer Leal and she took my report, but left out important elements of my report (as set forth herein). Although the police report shows that the suspect entered the facility at 11:14 AM and left a minute and half later, the report fails to confirm that the suspect followed me in the hallway, harassing me, and verbally assaulting me with unwanted efforts at discourse. The report does not show that the same suspect harassed me previously in the library and other locations. The report does not show that I have a witness to the suspect’s action at the central library. When the suspect realized that I was filing a police report of the incident, he left and he did not enter the library . Below is the police report that captures some , though not enough, of the details that I provided to the Officer Leal, UT police, Harlingen, Texas. Note that Leal’s supervisors in San Antonio , Texas, are the same so-called police officers who created a fraudulent BOLO on me, who covered up crimes against me on campus, who refused to take my reports of crimes against my person on campus by police operative Yanez, who falsified police reports, who assisted the fbi in efforts to harass and try to arrest me, and who generally failed in their sworn duty ‘to serve and to protect’. I assume that officer Leal tried to accurately record my report, but someone in higher office, controlled the data enptered into the report, so as to create an insufficient report for further action.


See more recent efforts  by fbi to harass me:




Then see suspect doctor's report:


Then note that on May 3, 2013, a suspicious assault on me reminiscent of fbi covert intel efforts to provoke as follows:

I and a family member enter the CINEMARK theatre,  401 S. Expressway 83, Harlingen, Texas 78550, at 2:PM, ticket order number 3729038, Terminal 0195BOX04 (Refund Order # 3728846); upon entering the crowded auditorium (100-150 people inside), the usher challenged me to present evidence that I paid for the movie. No one else was challenged. The staff of the theatre recognize me as a previous patron, but one of the ushers orders another usher (new employee) to challenge me. The suspect usher refused to state why he set up this fraudulent assault, but I suspect that he did so on orders from the thugs who are on my case 24/7. Then, on the night of May 4, 2013, the fbi increases the DEW assaults dramatically on me, as they learn of my complaint to management against the suspect employee. I am on good terms with the manager of the CINEMARK theatre. The statement &  link below show that the fbi has the following message to the Target (Geral Sosbee) as evidenced by a string of unending & ongoing provocations:

"We Intend To ..."


  I filed a complaint with Internal Affairs to investigate offenses against me on campus; here is an excerpt of my complaint:


July 14, 2013

Michael Parks

Chief PoliceUniversity of Texas HSC San Antonio Police

7703 Floyd Curl Dr.San Antonio, TX 78229

"This is a formal request for an Internal Affairs Investigation at the Police Department of the University of Texas (UT) HSC San Antonio Police and Harlingen, Texas, for offenses committed against me by the police, including offenses committed against me by operatives acting at the direction of or with the consent and knowledge of the same UT police. The dates for the said offenses are from approximately 2009 through the present. Prior to 2009, the police may have also been actively seeking a way to harass me on campus at UT, Harlingen, Texas. The following is a summary of such offenses by police and their operatives and I reserve the right to modify this complaint as may be appropriate at a future date.....All officers who participated in the filing of false reports against me, as evidenced by the material on the pages incorporated herein by reference, are subjects of this complaint....I hereby incorporate into this letter/complaint by reference and make a part of this complaint, as though fully reproduced herein for all purposes, the contents of the following websites, authored by me:sosbeevfbi.com/part19-updatefor.,part19a-updatefo,/part19b-updatefo.html,part19c-updatefo.html".

 After I filed the document (containing my cell phone number)with the Chief of Police, he provided same to all appropriate parties in his department; then about two weeks later I received a call on my private, unlisted, seldom used cell phone, wherein the caller asked for legal advice regarding a tracking device planted in his Jeep. As the law forbids me from any form of law practice (including providing legal advice or otherwise practicing law, or soliciting clients), due to my inactive license status, I assume that one of the police officials (or his friend) listed in my complaint wanted to see if he could have the State Bar revoke my law license.


 As shown in the links below, all such thugs representing the police community engage in extreme hyperbole, wild accusations and destructive libel in order to incapacitate or kill this Target. 

fbi operative 'paint me doubtful' exclaims:"mass murderer":



UT legal counsel proclaims:"investigate & prosecute criminal activity, deter crime":


AUSA Robinson screams:"threats to public safety & possible crimes":


Medical doctor labels Target of hideous predatory agenda as "Paranoia (delusional disorder)":


Fraudulent BOLO on Target:


Assaults by police operatives/stalkers:


This victim of crimes by police/fbi is targeted for fraudulent investigation by multiple agencies:


Geral Sosbee's comments on crimes by the fbi,et. al.



Outlaws are better men:


One remedy for the thugs in blue:


National failure of populace created this state of affairs:


Below is a link to my reports that reveal the real destruction of our 
liberties by the homicidal sociopaths in police (& their fbi mentors) and operatives in gang stalking, neighborhood watch, vigilante groups, etc.,


From Harlingen, Texas, October 9, 2013

The fbi's *Cointelpro is shown in the summary below where the fbi enters onto several of the campuses of UT with a fraudulently obtained and abusively applied civil court order against me. The fbi displays the order to the police thugs and solicits their help in illegal & failed efforts to arrest me. Every employee and official of UT is induced to assist the fbi at will in the neutralization campaign against me as I have documented.  Military intelligence also joins in the games. 

For several years I have shown how the fbi, police and their operatives have corrupted the entire UT system, including the offices of Chancellor, legal counsel, president, dean, library staff, and janitorial workers, all in efforts to find a way to arrest me. The reports in my Parts 19,a,b,c ("My Story In Detail") 

provide the evidence of such criminal assaults on my person and the coverup of same.

The thugs and operatives whom I have described continue to harass me in the UT library to this day and the corrupt UT police are aware of the crimes and encourage a continuation of the provocative assaults to this day. I filed a request for an Internal Affairs investigation, but predictably the criminal assaults continue and the police laugh at my reports.

Cointelpro is an fbi covert effort through 'Counter Intelligence'  operations to neutralize (by imprisonment or death) a given Target by using operatives and assassins who are armed with high technology and forged information against the Target. While I am a Target of such assaults I am also being tortured by directed energy weaponry:

See The Age of Madness:

And See the real fbi as  federal burro of investigation:

Finally, understand the causes for the collapse of the United States government :

January 9, 2014

1)Attorney General Greg Abbott, Texas Open Records Section

2) Harry S. Lynch, Jr., MB, CPA          

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78229

3Michael Parks, or Texas Open Records Act Clerk

Chief of  Police University of Texas HSC San Antonio Police

7703 Floyd Curl Dr. San Antonio, TX 78229                

RE: Geral W. Sosbee, DOB: 8-30-45. This is a repeat of my email and letter yesterday under the Open records Act. My efforts to communicate with Chief Parks are blocked as per:“Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:     parksm@uthsca.edu


  Open Records Act Request  


On July 14, 2013   I requested that  Michael Parks start  an internal affairs investigation of the police activity against me at

University of Texas Health Science Center
2102 Treasure Hills Boulevard
Harlingen, Texas 78550

The details of the police activity are provided at the following links:





The UT routinely denies all of my Open Records submissions, so I request that the Texas AG once again provide an opinion on this request as follows:

I now request a copy of the complete results of  the internal affairs investigation for my records inasmuch as the same police and staff continue to unlawfully harass me every time I enter the library facilities.  As the police continues to harass me for years,  I would like for the public to know the details of the fabricated case against me in order to defend myself.Also, note that on September 29, 2009, Counsel for the UT Police in efforts to refuse my request for open records information, stated in reference to police action against me that “Certain details of the case are known only by the investigation officers and those close to the case.”

Those 'certain details' should be revealed today.


In fact I have shown that an operative of the police (employee of the UT System) committed assault and battery on my person and that he pled ‘no contest’ to the charges. Thus the UT police were successful in covering up their crimes (under the guise of a claim that 'certain details of the case') while fraudulently smearing my name. The AG agreed with UT Counsel's defective  reasoning which is still fraudulently used today by the police as a basis to harass and assault me.


The Internal Affairs Investigation (IA) is expected to show the evidence of crimes committed against me by the police and their operatives. Such IA report would also reveal what Counsel meant by the above statement regarding “…Certain details of the case.” I need to know those ‘certain details’ so that I may publish them and provide my own statements in response.

I request that , under the Open records Act,  UT provide me with the results of the IA investigation described above and any other letter , written memoranda ,  verbal understanding  or other document  which  sheds light on the so-called ‘continuing investigation’ against me for  the past several years and continuing today.

I certify that I am over eighteen years of age and that this date I sent via US mail a copy of this letter to the individuals listed above as addressees. 

This request is submitted in good faith and is not intended to cause an inconvenience for any party.  

Geral Sosbee, Attorney (inactive) Texas State Bar # 18855625
P.O. Box 3374
Harlingen, Texas 78551

ON January 27, 2014, I received the following denial from UT, San Antonio(in response to my request under the Public Information Act of Texas) for a copy of the Police Internal Affairs report promised me by Chief Parks in July 2013. Note that the police, by hiding the report or by refusing to conduct an Internal Affairs investigation on my complaint against the thuggish police in Harlingen and San Antonio, Texas, impliedly admit to the offenses that I have outlined. This type of arrogance by the police also reflects the police state here in USA and portends ill for all of the people of the USA. All citizens must beware that concerning all police in this country, we are dealing with armed hoodlums, liars, serial killers, half wits, and uneducated punks who are authorized to kill, arrest, harass, or torture at will any target of their inhumane operations.

Here is the UT response:

PublicInfo publicinfo@uthscsa.edu

to ‪me‬ gsosbee@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Sosbee,

On behalf of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and under the Texas Public Information Act, I am responding to your attached request received in our office January 14, 2014.
Our records indicate that there is no ongoing internal affairs investigation and we have no responsive documents to your request.

Thank you.

Olga M. Rodriguez

Assistant to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
The UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, TX 78229-3900
work: 210-567-7020: fax: 210-567-7027


Geral Sosbee sends the following message to the Texas AG on January 27, 2014:

On January 9, 2014, I requested open records information from UT San Antonio, Texas, specifically requesting the Internal Affairs Report from Chief Parks. I received the response shown above that no such record exists.

I hereby request the Texas AG to make inquiry on the denial shown below because the Chief of police Parks promised that such an investigation is underway. Also, if the police did not make such a record of my request and did not commence an Internal Affairs case, then I request that the Texas AG open a public integrity case against those police who engaged in crimes against my person as I have extensively outlined to the Texas AG.

I certify that I sent this date via email a copy of this message to  publicinfo@uthscsa.edu

geral sosbee, Attorney (inactive). Texas Bar Licence 18855625

By letter dated March 17, 2014, the Texas Attorney General, acting on evidence of false statements by the UTHSC and evidence submitted by Geral Sosbee concerning the denial of record of an IA investigation, ordered ('requested') the Chief of Police Michael Parks  as follows:

...contact an enforcement attorney with the Education and Enforcement Section of the Open Records Division within five days..." to attempt to resolve case ID # 518589 filed by Geral Sosbee relative to possible violation by the UTHSC Police of The Public Information Act, chapter 552 of the Government Code.

Texas Attorney General letter dated March 17, 2014


By letter dated April 29, 2014, the Texas Attorney General (Assistant Neal Falgoust) closes the file (case number 518589) regarding my Open Records request, stating that no record exists of an internal affairs case opened by Chief Parks; the same statement is repeated by University of Texas (UT) officials on behalf of Chief Parks, by memo dated 3/20/14, signed by Andrea M. Marks. Thus, the multiple criminal assaults and conspiracy that I have documented against the university police, the fbi, and their operatives, and the library staff and janitor for the past decade (at several campuses) are covered up by the very agencies of government responsible for investigating such offenses.

The failure of Chief Parks to keep his promise of an internal affairs investigation reveals a complete breakdown of law on campus and such a rotten state of affairs is supported by the Texas Attorney General (AG). The AG has the authority and the responsibility to order inquiry into the many crimes committed against me by the UT police on campus, but completely and openly fails to do so. The AG should be ashamed to acknowledge publicly his imprimatur to the lies and deceit issued  by UT  because the AG has visited my website documentations may times and has studied the evidence that I reference herein.

 I request that the AG order such an inquiry now to hold Chief Parks accountable for failure to control the thugs in his department.

Evidence shows that Texas AG and UT officials  covered up all the police/fbi  crimes outlined in this website (parts 19, a, b, c) and thereby  finally prevented a promised  Internal Affairs Investigation of corrupt police on campuses of UT.


The fbi renews vandalism on my car causing thousands of dollars in damages. These crimes against my property are apparently 1)in retaliation for my reports on this and other pages and 2) designed to discourage me from documenting ongoing felonies committed against me by the fbiMAFIA. 

As my car is not under warranty and as I cannot afford to purchase a new car, the fbi thugs and assassins assume that I will stop publishing reports online regarding their crimes.

The current destruction of my car is similar to the same tactics used by the fbi against me 14 years ago in Los Angeles, CA, where I sustained over $10,000 in losses for repairs to my car due to fbi's vandalism. For details of the fbi's crimes against me and my property in LA, see "My Story In Detail" in 19 plus parts, beginning at


This report should be seen as a further confirmation of the Nazi-like police state now in effect in USA.