From Harlingen, Texas

February 15, 2009

For a decade various federal and state agencies (and local municipal authorities and police) have unlawfully or criminally (in some instances) assisted the fbi and the cia in the assaults and provocations as I have documented, even while the intense 24/7 psychoelectronic assaults continue to date causing a weakened immune system and attendant complications. The following update represents my recent efforts to obtain suitable housing (from inhospitable managers) with the assistance of HUD and its contract investigator at Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

[The purpose for this update is show additional evidence of the fbi/cia unlawful control of and influence over all departments of government at every level. For other reports on this subject see my contacts with state agencies in different states].

Re: HUD #06-09-0105-8; Hud #06-09-0107-8HUD ; TWCCRD 2090026-HUD; TWCCRD #2090025-HU HUD

In October, 2008, I filed a complaint with HUD, consistent with Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act f1968 as amended by the Fair Housing Act of 1988; the complaint was accepted by HUD, a case was opened and was assigned to a so-called civil rights, TWC Investigator (hereinafter referred to as TWCI) for processing. TWCI and I discussed the case at length and he agreed that I have a right, based upon a documented medical condition and disability, to request reasonable accommodation at the offending property location, The Stoneleigh Apartment in Harlingen, Texas. TWCI stated that while little case law is available to support my complaint against Stoneleigh Apartments, I nevertheless was reasonable in requesting from the manager of Stoneleigh an area of the complex that might offer a 'minimal risk' of exposure to second hand smoke. Appropriate medical documentation and a sworn statement were submitted to TWCI to support the request. At no time did I ask for a 'guarantee' of a smoke free environment.** TWCI actually helped me draft the sworn statement, the essence of which which is reproduced below in my e-mail to TWCI; the 'R' is the signature of the TWCI.

About a month later TWCI for reasons known only to him notified me that he will no longer correspond with me via e-mail; at the same time he apparently reviewed my website at www.sosbeevfbi.com and subsequently seemed to be advocating for the Stoneleigh Apartments' attorney. For example, TWCI received false information from the Stoneleigh Apartment attorney and passed the information to me in the form of a directive; when I complied with the ill conceived directive I learned that the Stoneleigh Apartments had no intention of cooperating with me at the Stoneleigh location. I notified TWCI of the defective directive and he responded in one of his final e-mails to me as follows:

from mTWC roy.minton@twc.state.tx.us

to geral sosbee gsosbee@gmail.com
dateTue, Nov 18, 2008 at 9:21 AM

subjectRE: stoneleigh
mailed-bytwc.state.tx.us http://mailed-bytwc.state.tx.us/
hide details 11/18/08 Reply

"I got your message. I have called and LM for the attorney. The attorney was not incorrect. Clearly – the folks at the office have not gotten the message. I assure we will have this cleared up today. I am sorry for the frustration to had to deal with. You would think that these people could communicate and get the word filtered down to the office but I guess the word at the top did not make it down the line. I'll be in touch later today and you can trust that this will be resolved."


About a month went by (after the above Minton admission of Stoneleigh non-cooperation) and my repeated e-mails to Sweeney's HUD office (regarding possible retaliation against me) went ignored and TWCI later sent a registered form letter advising me of the status of the case. About the same time Stoneleigh attempted to send a certified letter to me at an incorrect address; when the letter was returned to Stoneleigh, both TWCI and Stoneleigh pretended that the returned mail incident was a sign of my bad faith (as hinted in the letter below dated 1-22-09), even though I never received the letter. The letter shown below and dated 1-22-09 contains several false statements, some of which were never previously raised by Stoneleigh, nor by TWCI. In the TWCI letter (shown at the bottom of this page) he made the following statement that TWCI knows to be false and that contradicts on its face the sworn statement which I drafted with the assistance of the same TWCI. Here is the false statement put forth by Stoneleigh (in the 1-22-09 letter) and now improperly accepted by TWCI:

That Sosbee wanted a unit , "…that would be ensured of being free of cigarette smokers…," and that Sosbee wanted a "… smoke free area…."

Further, TWCI complains in the same letter that I was hostile at the Stoneleigh Apartments, thus implying that he would soon dismiss my complaint [*Note the e-mail below from Stoneleigh wherein the management makes no reference to 'hostile', but insists on unreasonable (and not customary) fees to begin processing my application]. The allegation of 'hostile' is unfounded and is raised in bad faith by Stoneleigh and TWCI. For the entire time that I was acquainted with Becky Vasquez (about a year) I enjoyed a amicable relationship with her and the staff and I sometimes was allowed to drop in and use the computer in the office. Becky knows that I never was hostile and I never asked for a guarantee of any kind. Note that Stoneleigh's manager had previously stated (in an apparent effort to confuse the issue) that there is no guarantee of a smoke free apartment at Stoneleigh; this statement was thus injected in the last minute into the late record of TWCI to derail my legitimate request for an area that might offer 'minimal risk' of second hand smoke exposure. Thus, TWCI assumes the same dual faulty lines of reasoning as Stoneleigh's manager [i.e., that I was 'hostile' and that I sought a 'guarantee' of a smoke free environment] in efforts to justify dismissing my request .

When I requested HUD's Sweeney to intercede, I received the above referenced Miles letter which perfunctorily stated that I should contact Robert Gomez of TWC. I did in fact make unsuccessful efforts to contact Gomez by phone, but ultimately I found that his assistant Cynthia Washington was in charge. So, I sent messages to her office and all of my messages to her went ignored. Note that my previous requests to Sweeney and Washington to remove Minton from the case were also ignored ****.

I then requested that the Inspector general of HUD investigate this complaint against both Stoneleigh and TWC as set forth herein. Both HUD and TWC refused to officially inquire into my concerns about the compromised integrity of the investigation and TWCI continued to be assigned to the case. Then in February, 2009, after TWCI notifies me (by the TWCI letter dated 1-22-09, shown below ) that he intends to close the case (some three months after the case began) ***TWCI in apparent response to my report of failure of integrity in the investigation sends a new and belated demand for more information. Upon receiving the notice, I notified TWC that the TWCI assigned to the case is not to contact me or my witness again due to apparent compromise of the investigation. I also repeated my two month old request for a new TWCI, as a result of my loss of confidence in the original TWCI.


* Rebecca Vasquez of Stoneleigh sends me the following e-mail; note that no reference is made to 'hostile' and the e-mail is sent in response to my submission of application; no mention is made to the false statement that I sought some 'guarantee':

show details 11/4/08 Reply

November 4, 2008

Mr. Geral W. Sosbee

Harlingen, Texas 78550

RE: Rental Application

Mr. Sosbee,

I received your application and proof of income today. I will be happy to process your application as soon as we receive your application fee in the amount of $35.00 as well as your $250.00 deposit and the administration fee of $50.00. Should your application be declined, your deposit and administration fee will be refunded to you. The application fee is non-refundable.

I look forward to receiving your check or money order in the above amount so we can proceed with your application. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call or stop by our office.

Thank you for choosing Stoneleigh Harlingen.


Becky Vasquez

Leasing Professional

Stoneleigh Apartments


956-428-8900 Office

956-412-7595 Fax

stoneleighapartments.com http://stoneleighapartments.com/

www.woodmarkre.com http://www.woodmarkre.com/


** The Sosbee sworn statement is similar in content to the information contained in the letter dated November 10, 2008, delivered to TWCI shown below; note that the sworn statement was drafted with the assistance of TWCI and no reference is made to "guarantee" or to "ensured" no smoking area. Further, Becky Vasquez and another witness can confirm that during my initial visits in her office I never asked for a 'guarantee' or an area 'ensured' smoke free. Statements to the contrary are patently false, intended to mislead and are not supported by the evidence.

Here are the email exchanges between Geral W. Sosbee and TWCI (The letter 'R' below is the signature of TWCI):

housing complaint

Minton, Roy Q Geral – Draft me a formal letter of reasonable request to rent. I will be loo...10/31/08
geral sosbee November 10, 2008 The Stoneleigh Harlingen Apartments Ltd., Owners 16800 West...

Minton, Roy QI have made some changes. Review and let me know what you think. Ultimately t...


geral sosbee to Roy
show details 10/31/08 Reply
I will submit new application for rental unit next week, after you tell me to do so.
the revised letter:

November 10, 2008
The Stoneleigh Harlingen Apartments Ltd., Owners
16800 Westgrove Drive, Suite 100
Addison, Texas 75001

Re: Rental applicant Geral W. Sosbee who seeks reasonable accommodation.

I request that your property management at 905 N. Tx Loop 499, Harlingen, Texas, 78550, accommodate my medical condition by making a reasonable attempt to provide me with an apartment unit (as such becomes available) that is in a predominantly non-smoking area of the complex. Manager Donna Levy has previously indicated to me that such an area exists at this complex. The reason for this request is that I may suffer medical consequences when toxic, second hand cigarette smoke enters my lungs.

I do not seek or request any guarantees regarding a smoke free environment, but I simply request that my initial apartment placement at the complex be made with an effort to minimize the risk to my health associated with second hand smoke, as I suffer from a chronic (and sometimes acute) respiratory reaction to smoke. I realize that no guarantee may be offered regarding the future possibility of a smoker living in the immediate area around my unit and in no event do I expect or ask that the management discriminate against a smoker (future tenant or applicant) for any reason.

I trust that your office may be able to offer such a living space because the manager at the complex (Ms. Donna Levy) stated that she does in fact have an area of the apartment complex that is presently inhabited mainly by non-smokers. Indeed, Ms. Levy also stated that she is in the process of addressing a similar interest with one of her current tenants.

I request a written response to this inquiry with-in 14 days.

Thank you for your consideration in making such reasonable efforts on my behalf as described above. My supporting medical documents are enclosed.

Sincerely Yours,

Geral W. Sosbee
P.O. Box 3374
Harlingen, Texas 78551

- Hide quoted text -

On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 12:43 PM, Minton, Roy Q roy.minton@twc.state.tx.us wrote:
I have made some changes. Review and let me know what you think. Ultimately this is your document and my changes are solely for your consideration. We can talk on Monday.

I understand that you did not actually submit an application. We will need to address this. Basically you will need to return and submit an application. I think we can talk thru this strategy before you take any action.

Have a good weekend.



On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 10:04 AM, Minton, Roy Q roy.minton@twc.state.tx.us wrote:
Draft me a formal letter of reasonable request to rent. I will be looking for the following elements:
Address the subject property
Explain your reasonable request with the following elements:
Request placement in a location of the property that is predominately non-smoking. Specifically indicate that you are aware that manager has stated that there exists such a portion of the property.
Expressly state that you do not expect management to guarantee a smoke free environment.
Expressly state that you do not expect management to deny or make discriminatory rental decisions in the future to applicants that may spoke.
Ask for a response to this request in writing
Send it to me and I will look it over and offer suggestions. You will also want to gather your medical documents. We will discuss you next steps next week.



***Here is the Feb,'09 notice to Sosbee from TWCI :

February 5, 2009
Geral Sosbee
P.O Box 3374
Harlingen, TX 78551
Dear Complainant:
RE: Geral Sosbee vs. Donna Levy
TWCCRD #2090025-HU HUD #06-09-0105-8
RE: Geral Sosbee vs. The Stoneleigh Harlingen Apartments LTD., Owners
TWCCRD #2090026-HU HUD #06-09-0107-8

The above cited complaint of housing discrimination has been assigned to me for investigation. Upon review of the file it was noted some additional information is necessary in order to complete a thorough investigation. Please submit the following requested information to this office on or before February 15, 2009.

Please submit the name(s), addresses and phone number of any individual that accompanied you to the Respondent's office.
Please be advised that during the investigative process efforts will be ongoing to resolve the issues alleged in the complaint. (See attached)
If you have questions feel free to contact me at 512-463-4585.


Roy Minton

Civil Rights Investigator



Be advised that throughout the investigation efforts will be on going to resolve the issues alleged in the complaint. You have the right to offer any resolution you believe would resolve these issues. Any offer extended by you will be conveyed to the Respondent, who has the right to accept it, reject it, or offer something else. This process will continue until such time as all parties concerned reach an agreement or the investigation is completed.

Submit any offer in writing to be made a part of the file. Additionally if the offer includes lost monies support the total amount with documentation.


****Here is another e-mail exchange between TWCI and me:

Minton, Roy Q to me
show details 11/20/08 Reply

Mr. Sosbee – I have forwarded your request to my boss Ms. Cynthia Washington and she will be contacting you.


From: geral sosbee [gsosbee@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 10:21 AM
To: Minton, Roy Q
Subject: for the record...
- Hide quoted text -
...Roy- you stated yesterday that you "do not feel comfortable" communicating via e-mail with me.

Fine, I prefer e-mail for obvious reasons. Your dictatorial preferences obscure another agenda.

Further, I think that in your untenable defense of the Respondent's attorney , who lied to you as he sent me back for more abuse by his client, renders you unfit to continue this investigation. You have now insulted me by refusing e-mails as a method of communication between us. You are now more of a advocate for the despicable manager and her unethical attorney than for the aggrieved party to whom you owe the duties assigned.

Therefore, please advise me of how I might seek someone who is more objective and professional in the approach to this appeal.

If you do not intend to respond to this message then I expect a letter from your office.

geral sosbee

P.O. Box 3374
Harlingen, Texas 78551

See my recent update on political corruption of USA by fbi at

Sosbee  finally attempts to contact HUD official  Austin B. Groom in Washington, D.C., who is likely the chief authority for HUD Civil Rights cases . He may be the one and  the same Austin B. Groom who is a member of and embraces the doctrine and secrets associated with the deistic and ritualistic  *Masons.  Groom ignores Sosbee's appeal. See the following for evidence of Groom's entrenchment in Masons:


The Maryland Prince Hall Masonic Family                    

 The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Foundation of Maryland, Inc.                 


MD Prince Hall Foundation Board Officers


  Austin B. Groom


Sosbee is of the belief that no government official of the USA should be controlled or influenced by the Masons or any other 'status quo'  or politically/ideologically oriented civilian cult because all are fundamentally at odds with the letter and spirit of the United States Constitution and the interests of the people.




"When a freemason is being initiated into the third degree he is struck on the forehead in the dark, falling back either into a coffin or onto a coffin shape design. His fellow masons lift him up and when he opens his eyes he is confronted with a human skull and crossed bones. Under this death threat how can any freemason of third degree or higher be trusted, particularly in public office? He is hoodwinked literally and metaphorically, placing himself in a cult and under a curse. "


The failure, refusal, or negligence of both HUD and TWC to monitor their own incompetent or corrupt staff is punctuated by the letter shown below from the Director of TWC's civil rights division; the letter contains misstatements, false statements, and insults in  an obvious effort toward coverup.


Geral Sosbee
From Harlingen, Texas

April 10, 2009

When I received the three page letter from Robert Gomez (shown below), I responded to the Board of Directors of TWC that,

"The letter dated March 30, 2009, from Robert Gomez (signed by Cynthia Washington) is a fraud both in its perjurious content and in the corrupt manner by which it is written."

Gomez, probably at the direction of Board members at TWC (after they reviewed the fbi smear campaign against me and after they discovered my on line documentations of corruption in the TSBME & TSBDE), set out to discredit my complaint in order to cover up incompetence and corruption in the TWC office as I have documented and to do so in a most underhanded manner. Gomez wrote lies, half truths and misrepresentations of fact. He ignored the evidence that I have submitted that tends to refute the false statements made by Levy and others. His own employee, Roy Minton, impliedly admitted in at least one instance to bad faith by Respondent as shown above. Gomez also pursued in his bogus investigation redundant ideas that do not pertain to the basic premise of the case; he did this for the sole purpose of adding irrelevant data that might be used to discredit my complaint. He never attempted to contact an eye witness  on my behalf (Ms. MM) who was with me at the time of the violation and whose identity was known by TWC staff from the beginning. In one instance he also falsely affirms that he left a message on my voice mail in efforts to reach me. He knows very well how to contact me, but he did not want to talk with me (probably because I described him as a liar and a coward), so he invented a way to unlawfully pretend that he made an effort to reach me by phone. Thus, he constructed a paper fortress behind which he and the entire TWC authorities could hide.

The other  problem with his report is that the case did not need any additional work from his office because the Respondent  had already invited me in to rent the appropriate unit. The attorney even told Minton that I would need to sign a conciliation agreement.

So, little Mr. Gomez and his stooge, Cynthia Washington, undermine (in their fastidious obsession to discredit, as reflected in the letter below)  their own integrity and credibility by ignoring the evidence in support of my case and by failing to contact my key eye witness, while at the same time seeking out additional  witnesses for the Respondent (all of whom have had five months to rehearse their false story) for the unlawful purpose of at long last trashing my legitimate and well documented complaint.

By pretending that all of the information in the possession of Roy Minton in support of my case does not exist, Gomez as a Johnny-come-lately  attempts to re-write in an illegal manner the facts and progress notes of the case, while insuring that Roy Minton's failures and admissions thereof are conveniently omitted from the Gomez report.

In the final analysis, the people who need the assistance of the law in such cases must be prepared to deal with the very low mentality and  immoral character of the TWC  staff profiled in the above reports and the fbi scores another victory in their criminal enterprise by controlling state agencies and employees at will for the purpose of depriving the Targets of the protections afforded by the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the United States Constitution. 


From Harlingen, Texas
April 27, 2009

The letter shown below is an admission that the TWC, its Chairman, investigators and attorneys seek to prevent Sosbee from documenting the fraud and possibly libelous statements (against Sosbee) which prompted that office to unlawfully dismiss the Sosbee complaint with HUD. The Texas Attorney General's opinion in response to the Lona Chastain letter (shown below) is forthcoming.


From Harlingen, Texas
May 18, 2209

Here is the e-mail I sent to the Texas AG in response to the fraud and cover-up by TWC and the AG.

From Geral Sosbee:

Date Thu, May 14, 2009 at 9:39 AM

*subject your libel & unprofessional conduct.

As I have previously documented, the United States Of America is a nation in decline, governed by sociopaths, torturers and assassins (who are supported by cowards and fools in the public and the private sectors); the record on this site (www.sosbeevfbi.com) reflects the names of state and federal agencies (and employees) who assist the fbi/cia criminals in their unlawful efforts to kill or to otherwise neutralize their Targets. The Texas State Attorney General (AG) now gives his imprimatur to all the unlawful actions of the TWC (as I have documented), by allowing TWC investigators to unlawfully withhold public information from Sosbee, to falsify the record and to malign the complainant, Geral W. Sosbee. Note that in the letter from your office, dated May 4, 2009, by Hadassah Schloss (Re: Public Information Request No. 09-024877) the AG refers to Exhibit 'B'  which the AG refuses to release to Sosbee because (in my opinion) the data in Exhibit 'B' reflects the fraud by the investigators in the case at hand; the AG now helps the TWC cover up the fraud and incompetence which resulted after Roy Minton (one of the investigators) learned of the fbi smear campaign and subsequently refused to do his job as an investigator on the case. The reasons given by the AG for denying the Open Records Act request by Sosbee represent a whitewash in efforts to cover up the total and intentional mishandling of the case by the TWC staff. One of the stated reasons that the AG offers in refusing to surrender the data to Sosbee is provided by the very same investigators who engaged in the unlawful actions described above. Here is the libelous information spread anonymously against Geral Sosbee (referred to as  'complainant' ) by the TWC so-called investigators (a cowardly and traitorous group of thugs and punks); note that the last sentence in the following paragraph the TWC investigator writes gibberish in his retarded effort to support the fbi's slander campaign and at the same time to cover up the possible criminality which is the hallmark of the TWC:

* "Also during the course of the investigation, the complainant directed anger toward and became verbally abusive to the investigator.
The Agency believes that the complainant may direct anger at one or more of the witnesses and may seek to harass or intimidate such witness or witnesses. The Commission believes that exigent circumstances exist given the totality of the circumstances relating to the investigation, repeated verbal abuse and harassment by the complainant that necessitates seeking to maintain the identity of the individuals as confidential."

I hereby give notice to the AG that your conduct and that of Robert N. Jones, Jr. (the TWC attorney who served the libelous and false data on me) are now recorded for all to see, especially in the context of the fbi/cia ongoing campaign to torture and to kill me. The AG violation of the Open Records Act stands as proof of the collapse of law in Texas and also reflects the ease by which the fbi/cia assassins exercise control or influence over state agencies like TWC and over the AG himself. The AG should open a fraud case against TWC and at the same time should ask the United States Attorney to investigate the ongoing crimes committed against my person by the fbi/cia.

Finally, note my exception to your wrongful conduct in denying me the Rights afforded under the Open Records Act and in sending me your sloppy letter with enclosures written by Schloss.

Geral Sosbee

cc: groom who has the duty to investigate the AG and the TWC for fraud against the US government.


On or about September 5, 2013,AM, an fbi operative entered in the the Texas Workforce office (where for several years I access the computer without incident) at

601 E Harrison Ave,Harlingen,TX78550(956) 423-9266 where I was working on the computer.

The fbi  thug began harassing me and a few days later, on September 11, 2013, the same office blocked my website from my view as follows:



Web Page Blocked!

You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.

URL: www.sosbeevfbi.com/
Category: Personal Websites and Blogs "

I identified two witnesses to the verbal assault by the fbi operative and they agreed that I have never caused a problem in their office and that they witnessed the verbal assault on September 5, 2013. They are They are Yadira Espinosa and Amy Garza.On September 11, 2013, I met with the manager of the same office, Belinda Oliverez, and I asked her to rescind the 'block' because the site is a professional website of my attorney status as approved by the State Bar of Texas:


Oliverez stated that she would forward my request to  IT  Director Fred Aguilar at the Texas Workforce office in Brownsville, Texas (851 Old Alice Road) for his consideration.

I advised Oliverez that the fbi frequently stages crimnal assaults and battery on me at every computer terminal I access, including the one shown on this update and the one documented here:


[I note in this report the vendetta that some of the employees at Texas Workforce Commission conduct against me as documented on this page.]

Here is the new update:

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) now blocks my site from all of its servers; such illegal action is consistent with years of abuse by the agency against me as directed by the fbi assassins. TWC and its officers are among those traitorous cowards who contribute to the collapse of the constitutional government of the USA.

From Harlingen, Texas, October 15, 2013

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), after studying my reports of fbi crimes against me, restores (unblocks) my website (www.sosbeevfbi.com) on TWC computers. This is seen as an insult to the fbi thugs who instructed TWC to block access to my site. I take all victories, however slight, as a sign of success in my efforts to communicate to the nation the pervasive corruption of our society by the fbi's own  torturers &  assassins.

Upon viewing the above update, TWC sends me the following message of "conciliation" (in the site meter entry shown to the right) as a token of their good faith after other TWC officers corrupted a previously earned "conciliation agreement " on a different matter: