Excerpted From www.stopcovertwar.com:


The War Against Whistle Blowers!

Protections prove inadequate as Managers continue to retaliate!


As corruption continues to grow in all sectors of our society, we can only blame ourselves for our continued reluctance to pass laws that adequately protect those brave souls who have put their lives and careers on the line to stand against greed, corruption, and outright disregard for the health and safety of the American public.


Whistle blowing results in disaster for those reporting the corruption. The whistle blower is tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. The victim will never be told what the charges are, will never be allowed to examine the evidence against against them, nor will he/she be allowed to confront their accusers. A secret campaign of stalking and harassment constructs for the victim a prison without visible walls. Exposing corruption is now a crime in our country and never goes unpunished.


Those honest folks who try to right a wrong often loose their jobs and are blacklisted for the remainder of their lives. Much of the time the victim is stalked and harassed in ways which cause them to appear paranoid. Their marriages often end in divorce due to the constant strain of being targeted. Friends and family members cannot understand why the victim will not "get help", and imply that the victim needs psychiatric care. Any business venture attempted will be sabotaged into bankruptcy. Finances are thus eroded to such an extent that the victim may become homeless.

The perpetrators of these crimes continue to follow the victim everywhere, spreading lies about the victim, so that the victim's character is so badly assassinated that the victim cannot build a new life. New acquaintances are scared away or induced to participate in the campaign against the victim. The victim may accidentally find employment for a period of time but is often harassed out of the job after only a few weeks. Bosses and co-workers are secretly brought "on line" to participate in the harassment and sabotage of work until the victim quits or is fired. This is how an intelligent, hard working, honest human being are pushed into the street and become homeless.



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