From Brownsville, Texas

Dec. 12, 2003


To all mental dwarfs - assassins: This update is dedicated to all of you in the fbi, cia and similarly chartered/motivated groups of the United States and all other countries of the world: Your methods will soon be known to all, as people everywhere question at once how it is that you have been so long in power and why you so miserably failed to bring about peace and harmony to the earth's population. The continual killing, imprisoning and torturing of the most noble of this earth's inhabitants reflects your sinister goals and inhumane methodology. Further, the fall of the United States into Totalitarianism now brings upon all the world additional and unnecessary suffering and death; those who survive begin to realize that the terrorists of the various nations making up the authority of new world order (principally the United States) are (in the final analysis) a reflection of the failure of the citizenry to take responsibility for the atrocities of their own government. Excuses such as mind control of the masses, general lethargy and cowardice will not help to explain this vegetative syndrome that blankets the general population. The people must now pay for their hideous lack of attention to the cries of their brothers and sisters. I am saddened by this thought.




On December 11, 2003, the fbi mental punks and cowards (some now hiding behind their computer keyboards) continue their efforts to send T confirmations of the torture and mind games played upon him incessantly over the past 5 1/2 (five and one half) years as presented on this website. T is in fact worn down, but not to the extent the overlords and thugs believe. The sleep deprivations that is visited upon T causes only temporary pause in his work; T always springs back as T now proves (even in his tired state) and with ever more information to share with the world concerning their sickness and their utter intellectual and spiritual void. T is resigned to work until he drops dead from exhaustion; this would be an honor and T prays that he has the endurance to achieve this great goal.


1) Psyops and psychotronics continue against T.


2) The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners in Austin, Texas, now confirms that a continuing investigation of the possible criminal/unprofessional conduct of the fbi-controlled dentist - operative (who assaulted T with damaging drugs as previously set forth in these updates) is underway; that the same agency is also sharing information with the Texas Board of Medical Examiners in an effort to understand how the fbi could so easily undermine all state regulatory agencies for purposes associated with the vendetta against Geral W. Sosbee.


From Brownsville, Texas

December 15, 2003


On December 10, 2003, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners abruptly dismisses T's complaint against Dr. Manfred Lother Del Castillo, D.D.S. for the following reason: "...not sufficient supporting documentation or evidence...."

T assumes that the dentist refuses to cooperate with the Board , or that the Board accepts the fbi mandate to stay out this matter.




Below is the letter from the State Board of Dental Examiners referenced above:

From Brownsville, Texas

December 23, 2003


Over the past several weeks the mental dwarfs of the fbi continue their retarded efforts to silence T by the following methods:


As T continues to send out communications to professors, government officials and others, the fbi incapacitates T's motorcycle by driving nails, screws and other objects into the tires; then as the fbi becomes frustrated that T does not respond to the punishment (for his political activism) the fbi damages the transmission in the moto by driving the vehicle at low speeds in a high gear; the thugs know that T's extended warranty does not include the transmission. Thus, T loses his transportation. As T subsequently continues his work on foot (to stay alive and to update) the fbi bombards T nightly with psychotronics as though to remind T that T's failure to obey the fbi's terrorist orders results in the application of the torture, even while the fbi watch T (in real time) try to sleep. Meanwhile the Honda dealership which originally sold the vehicle to T and now regularly services the vehicle adds insult to injury by stating as follows (during T's most recent visit to repair yet another flat tire): "You always come in here and complain that the fbi is tearing up your cycle; they ain't done sheet to you".


T's message to the fbi and to the president of the United States: "I don't negotiate with terrorists."

Best Wishes to all.
Geral Sosbee


Special update to this part of My Story.

From Brownsville, Texas , October 12, 2004.


T learns this date that following T's last visit with Dr. Castillo the pain in the upper jaw was in fact the beginnings of an infection near tooth number 14, but far enough away from #14 so as to represent an anomaly of sorts; also note that Castillo was working on tooth #15, so the fbi made sure to plant the infection in a different tooth in order to prevent Castillo from being charged with incompetence; a different dentist now treats T with antibiotics to control this infection near tooth #14. T suspects that Castillo permitted the fbi (or their operative, a dentist) to inject T with the bacterial infection at the same time that the operative also injected T with the medroxyprogesterone acetate; also, some adjustment to the tracking device or power source was apparently made. This is speculation, but is based on a number of indications and also based on the actions of Castillo. For example, T falls asleep in Castillo's dental chair (T suspects that Castillo injected T with a sleep inducing medication); Also, Castillo states that he injected T on more than one occasions that date with anti-pain medication (T suspects that Castillo also lies about this and in actuality he injected T with the two other poisons --the sleep inducing and medroxy drugs) even though T had no pain and even though the root canal treatment was nearly finished. When T asked for an explanation and for emergency treatment for pain on a later date, Castillo refused to see T as a patient; the State Dental Board also refuses to investigate T's claims of criminal activity. Finally, after the visit to Castillo's office T is under constant, non-stop assault (24/7) by the directed energy weaponry, the most apparent indication being the delivery to T of extremely low frequency (ELF) or similar electromagnetic sound waves now affecting T as a form of torture (i.e. sleep deprivation, among other symptoms). The fbi therefore reveals its desperation to cause T's death by any possible means. The psychoelectronic assaults on T are now apparently set on automatic, so that the sound waves hit T all the time wherever he goes. The statements in this update represent the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee and are not intended as allegations of misconduct against Castillo (though he should be required to answer questions in this regard). Click Here To See The Infection near Tooth #14 [Sosbee learns on November 21, 2004, from an expert in the subject under inquiry that the incessant,"... ringing in Sosbee's ears is a very common symptom of hearing loss (medically known as tinnitus) fully unrelated to any sort of manipulation."]


Click here for recent updates regarding psychotronic assaults and possible subliminal messages from the fbi to T.



From Harlingen, Texas

December 18, 2007


Death of possible fbi operative Dr. Manfred Lother Del Castillo, D.D.S.


Headlines 12/17/07:


Dentist Killed in Morning Car Accident

BROWNSVILLE - A Brownsville dentist died in a morning car accident. ... Police say 47-year-old Manfred Del Castillo died after crashing into a tanker truck. ...

For more details contact the following media source:


For more information on Castillo's contact with Sosbee see:




The central focus of this report (by Sosbee) is on the possibility that the fbi's apparent contacts with Castillo may have influenced him in some manner, especially as evidence submitted by Sosbee (to state agencies and the *federal government) may have been the cause for an investigation by unidentified parties; and further, such inquiries may have identified a source (known to Sosbee) who was and is in a position to substantiate some of Sosbee's allegations of fbi terrorist assaults as outlined in <> .


The Brownsville Police Department needs to be careful to not falsely report the results of the alleged accident investigation.


The above data represent the personal opinion and considered judgment of Geral W. Sosbee and are not intended as accusations against any person.


* Note the nervous twitching of the cia (as reflected in the State Department site meter entry below) as informed people begin to question the causes of the strange deaths of persons associated with Targets: <> 11:09:10 am



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From Harlingen, Texas July 18, 2010

Psycho-electronic assaults continue 24/7 in concert with psyops and other ongoing efforts to find a way to silence Sosbee. All such efforts by the fbi assassins have failed for the past decade, but ultimately the damage takes a toll. The fbi thugs also monitor all medical and dental procedures which are scheduled or performed on Sosbee and they often send messages to Sosbee for his consideration. The site meter image below is sent by the fbi on July 18, 2010, in anticipation of a Brain Scan scheduled (by a medical doctor during the previous week) for Sosbee on July 20, 2010; the message seems to be: the brain scan is used by the fbi for 'hacking' purposes.


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