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October 15, 2003

From Brownsville, Texas

October 1, 2003


T's message to Friends worldwide:


Thank you for the great work that characterizes your efforts to re-take our country from the treasonous thugs and assassins (primarily affiliated with the fbi/cia) who presently dominate the United States government and American politics. As you know true leadership always prevails over incompetence and evil and these two traits are exemplified by the fbi and the cia as their agents, operatives, thugs, assassins and handlers have brought us to brink of a global and Humanitarian crisis of universal proportions. As I once mentioned to the splendid Barbara Hartwell, what an honor for me to be and to live on the right side of such a struggle (i.e., a battle wherein the forces of truth and enlightenment are set against the applied and coupled doctrines of deceit and destruction).

Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas

October 17, 2003


T enters the public library and the fbi causes the alarm system to sound by activating the tracking device in T. Then T reads the following e-mail addressed to T:


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To: "" <>


Subject: rrue


Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 11:10:51 -0700


; D10 Received: from ([I.I.I.I]) by (8.9.3/8.9.3) with SMTP id


18794 for ; D5 Message-ID: <1007520978jvrvehhC|> From:


"isaiah grier" To: "" Date: D Subject: Can you imagine a tighter hole


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text/html; Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 %^B


Then, T returns to his vehicle to see a screw firmly screwed into the tire of T's vehicle (consistent with the " tighter hole " message cited above). Also, the fbi purloins another part from the cycle, so that little by little the moto's parts fall off or malfunction. On prior occasions the fbi sends T a notice that he needs a better extended warranty on the vehicle (suggesting that T needs a bumper to bumper warranty) to protect against their thefts of parts. Then, on October 16, 2003, the fbi sends T the following reminder on the same theme of extended warranty:


From Brownsville, Texas

October 17, 2003


fbi thugs drive another nail into the back tire of T's moto. This is a part of the conditioned response technique which is used to punish T for not conforming to the demands of the fbi terrorists. In this instance T continues to defy the assassins by covering with wall paper the wireless surveillance technology installed by the fbi in T's dwelling. The above mentioned e-mail concerning the need for T to purchase an extended warranty serves as a notice/threat to T that his conduct is not acceptable. The costs to repair the two flats is $100.00.


This date T receives ultimatum from the fbi thugs: conform to our orders, or lose the use of your transportation. We will flatten your tires every day if we need to do so to control you. October 17, 2003

T receives another notice of fbi destruction of T's vehicle as follows:

Send Subject Date

Betance Choose The Right Auto Warranty Here! Sun 10/19


From Browsville Texas

October 25, 2003


Upon T's return from Thailand in 1999, the fbi intentionally infected T with a viral infection and when *T (suffering from the violent effects of the infection) visited the emergency ward of UCLA hospital, the fbi caused the medical doctor on duty to treat T as a mental patient. The doctor falsified the medical charts to show that T eloped prior to being seen. In reality, the doctor briefly visited with T diagnosed the illness and directed that T wait in a room which was monitored by electronic cameras. The report shows that the Medical Board is corrupt in refusing to properly investigate T's complaint. Click to see California Board of Medical Examiners Letter


From Brownsville, Texas

October 21, 2003


The fbi's use of messagings to augment their cowardly psyops continues in the expectation that T will eventually succumb to the torment. Cover Research, psychotronics, psyops and disabling and destruction of T's vehicle (in increments) continue as T receives this date the following reminder that T's vehicle (a motorcycle) is targeted for tampering. To the thugs in the fbi T replies you boys and girls are pathetic.

Cheranichit Would You Like Years Of Concern Free Driving Mon 10/20


SPECIAL UPDATE- "fbi thieves with ulterior motives"
From Brownsville, Texas


October 24, 2003


T learns this date that the fbi, reaching for new lows in their efforts to isolate, demoralize and break T, enter T's residence (in a mission-impossible type scenario) at a time when T has a friend in the residence; the fbi thug then steals approximately $2000 in cash from T's wallet, virtually all of the money that T has to survive. T is now in bankruptcy proceedings and must determine whether the guest stole the money, or whether the fbi did so; this causes a temporary strain on the friendship; also, T must scramble to stay alive as he has no money in the bank and is not able to meet basic living needs for the rest of the month.


T recognizes the possibility that friend took the money ( an unlikely scenario given the fbi surveillance cameras throughout the unit). T is sure as of this date (Oct 25, 2003) that the fbi took the $2000.00 from his wallet. This assumption is based on a careful review of all the facts, including the Border Patrol/Immigration/fbi searches of T and Amiga at the border numerous times.


From Brownsville, Texas

October 27, 2003


fbi psychological operations continue against T with the 24/7 electronic and physical surveillance, conditioned response terror tactics (i.e. nails and screws in tires) and efforts at mind control (including messagings); the fbi now sees that no investigation of their crimes is imminent, so they are free to target, terrorize and cause the death or disability of anyone. T receives a message about a woman 'in need' as the fbi observe T in real time in his efforts to overcome the effects of the poisonings. Then, the next day (after another night of psychoelectronic bombardment against T and following the theft of $2000.00 from the wallet of T), the fbi (assuming that T is shaken) sends T a statement on life insurance:


Bailey Looking for life insurance? Sat 10/25


ineconline A woman (widow) in need Fri 10/24


fbi Intense psychotronic bombardment nightly in order to cause T to have heart attack, a death of "natural causes"


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