From Brownsville, Texas

September 15, 2003


Intense psychotronics continue nightly against T, both in Brownsville and in Matamoros, Mexico. Psyops also are in full swing with the ritual wireless surveillance cameras, home invasions, poisonings and tamperings, etc. In one instance the fbi terrorists introduce T in his residence to the Tarantula Spider, up close and personal. The fbi cowards also watch T in real time in his quarters and subsequently send messages to T that reflect some of T's activities in his quarters in the preceding hours. The mental dwarfs also damage T's vehicle while T is in Austin, Texas and the mds subsequently remind T by electronic messaging that T needs an extended warranty that protects all the parts of T's vehicle.


Over the past two months T attempts to file a complaint against Dr. Oliver Achleitner, MD (and Mental Dwarf as defined on this site) with the Texas Board of Medical Examiners in Austin, Texas (hereinafter referred to as the Board). The Board as of this date has not acknowledged receipt of the letters, even though T has mailed five copies of the complaint to the Board over the past two months. Then, On September 2, 2003, T travels to Austin, Texas and hand delivers the complaint in person to the Director of the Board, Director Ivan Horowitz. While T is visiting with the Director the fbi thugs damage a part of T's vehicle so that the part falls off as T returns to Brownsville, Texas. On September 11, 2003, as the country mourns the deaths of innocent victims of the 911 attack, the fbi continues the demented antics set forth in this update.


Special Notation: T recognizes that the Board may have been compromised by the fbi or by a fraudulently obtained court order, directing the Board to ignore any complaint submitted by T. Further, the Board is now witness to some of the events set forth in this site regarding secret poisonings conducted by the fbi against T; T thus now documents state overt complicity with the fbi's efforts to silence, neutralize or otherwise drive T insane. This is a significant development and provides evidence of conspiracy by all parties involved (the Board, Dr. Achleitner and the fbi) to violate the civil rights of T; perhaps more significantly, this evidence reflects the cowardly nature of otherwise highly respectable citizens who obey without question the criminal orders of the assassins and terrorists of the fbi.


All statements in this update are, as always, the opinion of Geral Sosbee.


From Brownsville, Texas

September 18, 2003


Death threats and destruction of T's vehicle and clothing continue unabated. This is viewed by T as a favorable sign that the fbi thugs and assassins are frightened.

See significant development in the letter from Texas State Board of Medical Exminers admitting to possible criminal conduct by Dr. Achleitner :

Click Here For More Evidence OfThe Torture Of Patients By Health Care Providers At The Direction Of fbi/cia Thugs & Assassins.

Click here for another confirmation that the State of Texas has mainly a cowardly spectator role in the atrocities described in this site; the State of Texas sends Sosbee another letter dated 9-15-05 intimating that the crimes against Sosbee are the results of the United States Department of Justice; note that DOJ is aware of the fraud in the Rodriguez case (see and the corrupt officials of DOJ seek to help the fbi in its efforts to silence Sosbee.


After T receives the above letter from The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, T writes the following letter in response:

September 26, 2003

Ivan Horowitz, Director Texas State Board of Medical Examiners
P.O. Box 2018
Austin, Texas 78768-2018

Re: Complaint against Dr. Oliver Achleitner, M.D.


Dear Director Horowitz


Thank you for visiting with me on September 2, 2003, regarding my complaint against Dr. Achleitner and against your office for refusal to acknowledge receipt of my complaint.

The letter from your office to me dated September 22, 2003, confirms that the information I provided to you was true, correct and complete, and that in fact your employees illegally hid, or otherwise prevented my complaint from reaching your office.


While I am grateful that you finally directed your staff to respond to my letters, I regret that you, your legal staff, and your entire office have been corrupted by the fbi and have become in effect the instrument of terror and oppression that is reminiscent of the historical Holocaust.

The failure of your office to investigate the criminal assault against me also lends your imprimatur to the corruption of the medical profession in the United States which all the world will now witness. Have you forgotten the oath, "First Do No Harm", that medical doctors take and that your office has the pre-eminent responsibility to uphold and to enforce ?


Geral W. Sosbee
P.O. Box 2272

From Brownsville, Texas

December 12, 2004


The fbi continues the psychotronic assaults against T which prevents sleep; the bombardment of the infra sound (or directed energy) on T's body also coincidentally causes great pain in T's back due to the injuries to L-4, L-5 , in Viet Nam almost 40 years earlier; thus, the fbi, as now evident in these updates, tortures the Targets by causing existing medical conditions to worsen and the fbi continues to watch T in real time (under the guise of the non-consensual cover research program) as T suffers from the painful back condition, low back pain syndrome disorder. T is heartened that friends in Japan now investigate the fbi/cia involvement in such torture scenarios.


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