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Harassment and torture is authorized by court order as shown here:

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April 29, 2002

U.S.A. Human Rights Violations Continue - Illegal Human Experiments by U.S. Government Continue, As 2 U.S. Government Agencies delay Clinton's Policy Change to end such Wrongdoing No Protective laws yet made.

U.S. Government Agencies, U.S. Department of Justice (and, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development), have not signed onto a Notice of Federal Policy Change, thereby delaying President Clinton's New Federal Policy to BAN Non-Consensual U.S. Classified Human Research/Experimentation. (U.S. "Classified Research" is research declared as secret, in the interest of U.S. national defense or foreign policy.) President Clinton publicly ordered the Policy Change by a March 27, 1997 Memorandum/ Administrative Order "Strengthened Protections for Human Subjects of Classified Research", 5/13/97 Federal Register. That Order ordered Government agencies to sign onto the Policy Change by March 27, 1998.


*Most notable among Ongoing Non-Consensual Human Experimentation is illegal Research, Development and Testing, of Electromagnetic-signals upon the human body and brain, by our U.S. Government. (Note that Sosbee and others live with the effects of this high tech assault for years, or possibly for life) 100 - 200 (or possibly more) innocent citizens, across the U.S., are currently held "satellite prisoner's of multiple satellites' monitoring and assault; or, non-satellites-based signals-monitoring and signals-assault. Each is subjected to advanced technology electromagnetic-signals monitoring and assault, of his (or her) body and brain, day and night, 7-days a week. This includes advanced technology thought-monitoring and full-body monitoring (of human electrophysiology, i.e., the human nervous system). 3, 4, or 5 (or more) stationary-type, 'research' satellites and/or other technology, in combination with very-fast computers, are used to achieve such monitoring and assault, upon each victim.


The most public exposure of this technology-topic, thus far, was a July 7, 1997 U.S. World & News Report cover story article (pp. 38-46) on "Wonder Weapons", which covered U.S. Department of Defense development of anti-personnel electromagnetic (and acoustic) weapons (so-called "Non-Lethal Weapons"). On the Internet, see:
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In 1997, then U.S. Senator John Glenn attempted to outlaw all Non-Consensual Human Experimentation (including classified research). In introducing S.193 (105th Congress), the proposed "Human Research Subject Protections Act of 1997", Senator Glenn: spoke of "some serious gaps in our legal system" [Congressional Record, Jan. 22, 1997, p. S645]; and stated that "Under current rule, and executive order, it is possible to waive informed consent and IRB [institutional review board] review for [U.S.] classified [human] research." [p. S648]. Although S.193 was not passed and expired, 4 of its 5 co-Sponsors, Senators Kennedy, Lieberman, Inouye, and Akaka, are still in the U.S. Senate. Legislation to solve this problem must be Re-Introduced! With President Clinton's Policy Change delayed, and no protective laws yet made, innocent citizens are being harmed, their most basic rights violated!

Click here for evidence on how the Congress of the United States became cowardly in the face of fbi/cia political power and how this influence over the Congress contributed to the formation of today's totalitarian state.


May 5, 2002


As sosbee has previously reported, fbi agents, operatives and thugs stalk and harass him (see My Story in Detail at and updates at ) 24 hours a day 7 days a week without end. This monitoring of Sosbee's every move is accomplished by a tracking device (or other shielding experiments) implanted in Sosbee and monitored by the thugs.

On 4-23-02 (3-4 pm) the following described individuals, operating a late model, white vehicle (possibly a Toyota), California License Plate # 4VDD501, followed Sosbee all day:


Suspect #1: White male, 5' 10" 140 lbs., 25 years, goatee, brown hair, brown eyes.


Suspect #2: Hispanic male, 5' 8" 160 lbs, 27 years, black hair, brown eyes.


The two thugs parked their undercover vehicle at the parking lot adjacent to 3807 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca., followed Sosbee into the "New York, New York" Cafe and assaulted Sosbee who was seated at a table.


The Los Angeles Police Department and the California Department of Motor Vehicles unofficially confirm that the license number 4VDD501 cannot be traced because it is an unregistered plate vehicle.


Los Angeles: June-July 1999, individuals with the following vehicle plates stalking Sosbee: California 3SHV090, LOCAVD. Dallas Texas (1998) individuals (fbi operatives) stalked Sosbee in a vehicle with plate: Texas** NKZ621 (non traceable). IMHO.


From Brownsville, Texas




Every state in the country provides the fbi and other secret police agencies with non-traceable license plates so that the identities of the thugs and assassins cannot be easily determined.


Over the past four years (as of October, 2002) Sosbee is targeted non stop for similar assaults every where he goes, as a part of the fbi's "Non-consensual Cover Research" program to neutralize him. The life that Sosbee is leading is however, infinitely more enriching and fulfilling than the lives of the tormentors; while this gives Sosbee no joy or consolation, the thugs and assassins are on notice that they offer nothing constructive to the world and that their life's work will someday be an embarrassment to humanity.


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on Sosbee


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As of August 28, 2007, the directed energy assaults are continuing nightly against Sosbee for about the fourth year here in Brownsville, Texas; the effects of the extremely low frequency (or pulse microwave) assaults are severe. For more on the EIF attacks see my updates at the following site, dated and titled as shown below:
2005-04-02 Diary A Snap Shot Of My Typical Day, Part One
2007-06-16 Diary A Snap Shot Of My Typical Day, Part Two


I have documented fbi criminal activities for several years and some of the evidence of such offenses are on this website; the U.S. Department of Justice is complicitous in some of the crimes ; officials of that Department actively aid the fbi in the cover-up of numerous felonies (as outlined throughout this site). Click here to see the visit to by the Justice Department on 1-24-05, reflecting a keen interest in the fraudulent performance report and the photo of the fbi supervisor -Ken Kaiser- who wrote and signed it. Perhaps the Justice Department officials desire now to put someone in jail; the question for the corrupt fascist government of the U.S. is whom to prosecute and imprison, and on what charge;in other words does the Department want to prosecute the fbi criminals and the corrupt officials in the Department, or does the Department prefer to explore ways to silence the Target/victim/reporter of the fbi/cia's hideous and inhumane assaults which continue as this update is written.

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Click here to see fraudulent fbi performance report written by supervisor Ken Kaiser


**Click Here For More On fbi Dallas, Texas, Covert And Criminal Operations Against Sosbee

From Harlingen, Texas

December 11, 2007

Psycholectronic assaults (via pulse microwave, extremely low frequency sound waves, or other directed energy technology) continue against Sosbee 24/7 (now into the 4th year; 10 years of cover research); the assaults are increased between the hours of about 7PM-10AM nightly with the apparent purpose of draining energy from my body and at the same time weakening my natural immune systems. Other symptoms also continue as previously reported, such as headaches, mood swings, indications associated with sleep deprivation, etc. Also note that the fbi can actually manipulate the degree of for example, last night the fbi used the directed energy intensely to cause this Target to be completely exhausted, but a few minutes later, this Target feels wide awake in the middle of the night as though he had a good night's sleep; then, a few minutes later, this Target is again completely exhausted.

The non-consensual cover research and related psychological operations (including home and car invasions, 24 hour surveillance, tamperings, etc.) also continue against me unabated. However, as I have habituated to the program (and have become accustomed to the variances of the experiment), I notice a renewed emerging strength in my psyche (with respect to my efforts to fight back) and at the same time I notice that the fbi thugs and serial killers are on the defensive, as evidenced by their efforts to deflect criticism (of their hideous crimes against my person) through misinformation/slander campaigns on the net.

See evidence of fbi fabricated kidney stone in the person of Geral Sosbee: