Profile of the fbi/cia sociopath

Urgent notice to all new special agent recruits entering the fbi: A percentage of YOU will be targeted for termination/neutralization (psychopaths & sociopaths need not be concerned with this notice).

July 22, 2002


The following profile of criminal fbi agents offers a glimpse into the mind set of those entrusted with the security of The United States of America.


Arrogant (from unchecked power & a sense of anonymity)
Simplistic, mesmerized
Stealthy and often definitive mesomorphic types
Armed, dangerous and possessing no sense of guilt or remorse
Sly and proud of their deformity of mind
Sociopathic (either at birth or by the effects of fbi programming)
Intense and true believers in their evil missions
ever deterred, knowing that the target has no effective defense


Finally the fbi agent described above is cowardly, a fact that signals the demise of a nation which relies on these thugs because no intelligent and moral human being would embrace such inhumane and godless work.


Geral Sosbee


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