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Lioudmila Peliouchenko-Leverd United Nations.

6 place Fernand Rey, 69001 Lyon. France. High Commissioner for
Now my address is: Human Rights
250 Roosvelt Way, #A. Mrs. Mary Robinson.
San Francisco, CA 94114.

Tel/Fax:/415/ 431-5350. March, 12. 2001. San Francisco.


My name is Lioudmila Vladimirovna Peliouchenko -Leverd. I am Russian originally. I was born 1/26/1948 in Srednaya Nukja( USSR). In March 15, 1973, I got married to a French -Jean-Pierre Leverd in Oufa (USSR). I don't know why, but the KGB was not happy with my marriage. They decided to join with French Police in order to "make me obey, to give me a good lesson, bring me to my knees". The 2-nd Police office ordered the French doctors to put some terrible transmitters in my body on the very first chance. They chose a destiny for me.


I gave birth to my son Philippe in Rueil- Malmaison, France. I had a "complication" in my delivery. I was anaesthetized (10 h. by Dr. Rosier!). That's when they put the transmitter into my back, talking to each other in a vulgar way. The tortures started. They made a toy out of me which could be conducted on distance. It was not so hard with their "knowledge and skills". They made my son (who was born on 07/10/73) grow up as an orphan, because since 07/10/73 "my body and soul" belonged to the French KGB. As my husband knew about it "they" "got red of him" (4 policemen beat him up to death in May, 1980). Since May of 1975 I "live and work" in Lyon. "They" are exploiting me the way they want to. I was doing a job of four epode (18h/24 ) and getting a miserable salary (unlike my other colleges).


With this transmitter I was being "sexually stimulated" and all of a sudden I started "sleeping" with anybody, anywhere, anytime ( rape). A prostituted was made out of me. For many years I was working at normal place and after I "selling my body". The money that I would get for my "efforts" would be taken regularly by Police. And not only the money, but also rings, watches, documents and any other kind of stuff". They not used to break the locks of my door. I was moving from one apartment to another, but all that would repeat again and again. The 27 years of physical, moral and financial tortures lasted not only at work, at home, but also in my body. It took me 26 years to understand that I am a vulgar test animal which is being "experienced on" for having a French passport (since 1976). My existence was more awful for the last 8 years. I refused to sell my body any more and provide them the money.


"They" started regularly, in well planned manner, break everything in my home and even my car. The Police " announced" not only war against me, but also death sentence. For the last 3 years "they" would throw me on the street, steal from me and torture me 24 hours a day. It is unbearable, my heart break from their brutal tortures. "They" really overdid it all, otherwise I would keep on working and die as a fool. This tortures inhuman to point out these transmitters ( trough I know were they are located very well). They are there were I was being healed by French doctors (in my jaw, my right hand, my right foot). Police kill me, burn me, break me (real electric chair!). Real murder, assassination. My life is nightmare.


The whole Lyon knows about it, but everybody keeps quiet, they are afraid. I traveled all over Europe with a hope of finding a help and justice 03/6/98, I came to San Francisco, but I could not explain my problems, the pain was killing me. Strangers would stop me in the street and ask: "Are you OK?" I have witnesses, I stay one month in Stanford hospital. This is my second visit to America and I am asking for political asylum and help, but in my horrible situation I have not the money.


My work in France -Ville de Lyon cut off my provisions. They were even trying to make me sign some papers telling that I am an invalid. The first time they gave me papers which were saying that "an accident" had happened to me?!. Now the Medical Commission of Lyon found me "invalid 70%!", but what from?


Unknown, I will never sign under my "death sentence". If I ever will be able to heal this "original French disease". Mrs. Robinson, I need your help quickly, please. If you have the specialists in radiophysics, there should be some devices that will be able to point out these "transmitters". It might be hat "they" have made a "walking microphone" out of me. There are detectors (devices) for that, too. What kind of genuine materials do "they" use for making this "filth", that it is impossible to see through X-ray? Help me, please, for God's sake, I can't bare these horrible tortures any more.


Thank you very much.

Lioudmila Peliouchenko-Leverd.