T C Brock  traveled to Chicago to speak with SAC Held on the need to fire Sosbee in 1974. Subsequently, Kaiser (Sosbee's Supervisor) wrote the fraudulent performance report seen at:


Note that Brock ,former  SA Roberts of Lakeland, Florida, Groves , and others with whom Sosbee worked, continue this date (May 10, 2010) to follow the fbi's progress in terminating this Target.

[Brock is in his late  60s and probably lives in Idaho; and Roberts is in his mid 70s, probably still living in Lakeland; and Groves is in his mid 60s, probably living in Staten Island. All parties who were involved in the threats and harassment against Sosbee (while he was in the fbi) should be deposed, and a criminal investigation against the current fbi operatives who are torturing and trying to kill Sosbee should be pursued.]


From Brownsville, Texas


February 11, 2004


Geral W. Sosbee has endeavored (throughout this website) to identify witnesses or members of the general public (hostile to him) in order to show that the fbi and the cia regularly (and without the slightest hindrance) poison public opinion against a given Target. In reference to the first paragraph on page 2 (two), above, of Sosbee's letter to Senator Gramm, the following individuals (unfriendly to Sosbee) may have information; the type of terror attacks on Sosbee in El Paso, Texas, included home invasions, re-arranging furniture in the home, destruction and theft of personal property, the driving of nails into the vehicle's tires of Sosbee on several occasions, stalking, poisonings of dog and other activities designed to "run Sosbee out of town" (in FBI agent Gary Webb's own words); All information in this update represent the opinion of Geral W. Sosbee who makes no allegations of misconduct against any person; all persons listed may be perfectly law abiding citizens:
Myrna Deckert-YWCA, Phil Mason, Dennis Hanson, Sandy Messer, Mark Boykin, *Billy M. Dickey, MD, El Paso, Texas, *Roger Salome, DDS, El Paso, Texas and Fowler Toyota Dealership, Dallas, Texas.

All individuals listed above , except Fowler Toyota, are from El Paso, Texas, at all relevant times as reflected in the events reported by Sosbee.


July 28, 2005


Regarding Dr. Billy M. Dickey. M.D., Urology and Roger Salome, DDS, El Paso, Texas. I am not allowed by law to record here what these men did to me when I was a patient in their offices.

Meet Myrna J. Deckert


Myrna J. Deckert , State Department


From Brownsville, Texas

April 14, 2006

Note: The fbi agent in charge in El Paso, Texas ( at the time Sosbee resided and practiced law there) was
named , Schwein; he is the same fbi official who authorized, condoned, or refused to investigate the terrorists' assaults on Attorney Geral W. Sosbee.

*The asterisk at the three underlined names listed above indicates that the person so named , based upon my opinion and considered judgment is EVIL.