See lies by US POSTAL INSPECTOR (PI) who covers up postal crimes by the fbi, followed by PI fraudulent investigation for harassment purposes as directed by fbi. See two links below for  my sworn affidavit 2014 & my more comprehensive article on fbi crimes against me:


Letter From Postal Inspector

Click here for more mail crimes by fbi operatives and for information about the refusal of all postal authorities, including the postal inspector (PI), to open inquiry:

Then see the absurdity of the PI fraudulently investigating me :

The following message is sent by me on October 30, 2013, to the office of Government Information Services, National Archives and records Administration , 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001, Room 2510, via email at, with 3 enclosure faxed to the same office at (301)837-0348.

Over a decade ago I reported to the **US Postal Inspector postal crimes against me by agents/operatives of the fbi; all postal authorities refused to inquire and actually sent me insulting messages in response to the evidence that I submitted.

Now, the fbi stages a crime in Dallas, Texas, plants the name 'g sosbee' at the scene of the crime, and causes the US Postal Inspector and the State of Texas to investigate me, even though zero, no evidence exists linking me to any crime, ever. Also, I am under for the past decade or so, a 24/7 assaultive surveillance program spearheaded by fbi/cjis in their efforts to cause a breakdown, or to imprison or kill me.

The program is covert and involves extensive and prolonged crimes against my person as I have outlined at My Story in 20 parts online. I asked for a copy of the report filed by the Postal Inspector who unlawfully and unjustifiably harassed me in my home. For more on the visit to my home by the thugs of law enforcement see my summary report below under the heading of * Fishing Expedition. Note that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) tailed along with the postal inspector in unethical and unlawful efforts to profile me for reasons known only to TDPS Agent Rodriguez and his friend (the US postal insepctor). Agent Rodriguez was particularly offensive in my home as he dropped hints as to his real agenda against me which did not include the investigation of any postal crime.

Regarding this appeal to your office to mediate, in a letter dated October 22, 2013, Counsel C. Klepak of the US Postal Office refuses to release any information relating to the bogus investigation of me, citing various laws.

Please note that all such laws do not apply when evidence shows crimes committed by or covered up by the US Postal authorities as I have documented; all such crimes by the postal inspector in efforts to cover up fbi crimes are committed at the same time that the fbi engages in extensive criminal assaults on me for the past 13-20 years.

Thus I am attempting to gather evidence of such offenses in order to hold the federal and state employees accountable; and to this end I submit that withholding of my records under FOIA is in itself evidence of continuing crimes against me by the fbi, postal authorities, and their operatives who know that I am not a suspect in any crimes.

If no one in government can be held to answer to the attempts on my life, to provocative assaults, torture, and to other offenses committed against me that I have extensively outlined online, then the police state is fully realized here in the USA. See my Writ:

Please note that I forward today a copy of this email and a copy of the 3 page letter from Klepac to your office, fax number (301)837-0348

I certify that I am over the age of 18, that I sent this date a copy of this message to the office of Klepak at 475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington, DC 20260-1135, and that I make this appeal for mediation in good faith with no intent to cause any unnecessary inconvenience to any person.

Thank you. 

Geral Wayne Sosbee
P.O Box 3374
Harlingen, Texas 78551

[SSAN, DOB, Phone numbers deleted from this update.]

*Fishing expedition:


the postal inspector

The DPS chief, a former fbi agent and de facto operative of fbi, denies any record of Agent Conrad Rodriguez visit in my home::

Below is another letter from Postal Inspector dated 1998 and reflecting Sosbee's report of mail theft preventing him from processing his appeal for pension benefits.

The US Postal Service (USPS) sends me the message shown below that they are aware of "fbi misconduct" against me and that therefore by implication they (the USPS)  will not stop the harassment from the US Postal Inspector et al against me. Neither will the USPS cooperate with my request for FOIA release of the fraudulent efforts by USPS and USPI to help fbi find a way to imprison or to kill me.

Note that during the interview with the USPI in my home the PI admitted that he suspects that a Texas DPS employee planted my name at the scene of the crime in Dallas, and that therefore a public integrity investigation may be forthcoming against that employee. Also, the fbi assassins monitored the interview with me and PI (& Texas DPS Agent) under the 24/7 surveillance in effect on me. All data in this and other reports on this subject show that the fbi controls the USPS and the PI at will; further the fools at USPS are quite the cowards.

See my sworn statements (2007, 2014) regarding the information contained in this website and on this page:

Ominous developments evince police state

After decades of criminal assaults and torture by operatives and agents of the fbi and police (as I have documented extensively online at various sites, including the fbi plants my name at the scene of a crime (see 'fishing expedition' and 'request for disclosure' below) and causes the state and federal police to zero in on me as a person of interest.

Both cops (Knipfing and Rodriguez) ignore evidence of ongoing felonious assaults and attempted murder of my person, even as the two seek to gather evidence against me for some nefarious purpose. They both focus on my online posts and my report against the US Army in apparent efforts to profile me according to their secret and unlawful agenda.Meanwhile the fbi sends an anonymous operative online to frighten the public with cries of "mass murderer". See 'paint me doubtful's comments at

and my report  at

Six months after the illegal fbi/postal inspector/Texas DPS intrusion into my home a new development of possible significance arises:

As I return home at 9PM. November 4, 2013, I am greeted in the driveway of the duplex where I reside by a uniformed HARLINGEN, TEXAS POLICE OFFICER (with police squad car) who identified herself as Rebecca Cruz (phonetic spelling). I am advised that shortly after the other tenant to my duplex abruptly and secretly  vacated the premises, Cruz rents the unit adjoining mine, even though no rental sign was on the premises and the only people who ostensibly knew of the vacancy were the police, the owner, etc.

Now, while I am grateful to have someone other than a *terrorist living on the premises, I also hope that any apparently secret  and cowardly agenda by Rodriguez and Knipfing is not furthered by the Cruz appearance in my face.

* Note that during the year that I have resided at my present unit, I have been harassed continually by criminal mischief episodes including tarantulas crawing around my front and back doors, by a dead animal with bashed in head thrown into my patio and by another neighbor displaying his firearm to me in my front yard.

Thus, the failure of the fbi to silence me from reporting their crimes is a victory for free speech, but as I have learned certain risks always follow. The exploitation of legitimate police in our society is evidence of an encroaching police state in the USA, where the whistleblower or dissident faces a guantlet of assaults by the very individuals sworn to protect and to defend.

From Harlingen, Texas

November16, 2013

This date I discovered that vandalism continues in my back patio as follows: An unidentified chemical is thrown into my patio and plants so as to destroy some of the plants and cause a little mess in the patio. The liquid seems to be in the area close to the adjoining fence of the duplex and close to my patio door. I notified the owner. This is the type of assault that I experienced previously and I have suspects. Possibly the intel community has an operative in place here and  who with camera in place would like to record my reaction to the event. This update is my reaction.

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Any objective reading of this website, including the evidence on this page and links herein, must reasonably lead to the conclusion that the government of the United Sates of America has been overthrown by the fbi/cia and that the people are afraid to address the problem associated with this totalitarian state:


*'Veterans Today', Dr. Preston James on usa corruption & fbi murderous evil:

December 28, 2013

I am again driven out of my home by fbi operatives, including law enforcement acting as operatives. ELF intensifies as well as assaults by fbi street thugs. No names are herein published due to slander laws which protect the criminals who so perform against the law and against me. See also: