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Letter From The Medical Board of California

From Harlingen, Texas
September 23, 2010

Throughout this site I have identified (sometimes by name) doctors and nurses who have assisted the fbi/cia in efforts to torture and kill me. See one of my reports at:

The fbi infected Sosbee with a virus shortly following Sosbee's return from Thailand; then, as Sosbee sought medical attention for the violent medical symptoms associated with the virus, *the fbi contacted the doctor on duty in the UCLA medical center (as set forth in the above letter from the medical board) and advised the doctor that Sosbee is a mental patient. The doctor interviewed Sosbee, briefly diagnosed the illness and placed Sosbee in a room for observation (by electronic surveillance). Subsequently, the doctor denied seeing Sosbee, falsified the records, and lied to the Board. See Alert Page


*Click here for my report on intentional abuse of  law in so called, "Committed To Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures"

Click Here to See fbi's  US attorney Sara R. Robinson presenting slanderous perjury in open court:

          Evidence of false statement by Dr. Mark Morocco and the California Board of Medical Examiners

From Harlingen, Texas
April 26, 2009

Note that in the  letter from the California Board of Medical Examiners, shown above and dated
February 2, 2000, Susan Fisher states that I left early from the emergency ward and that
"Dr. Morocco wasn't allowed to fully complete the care". However, on page three of  the following medical report  Dr. Morocco falsely states that "Pt eloped prior to my seeing him".

As I have documented, the doctor saw me briefly , asked me whether I lived with any children, and said he " would find a room for me." The nurse then directed me to a room where I sat for about an hour (or longer) ; the doctor made no effort to come into the room and I realized that inasmuch as the doctor had no other patients at the time, that he simply had a different agenda regarding my temporary stationing in the room and that he did not intend to see me again. Note that a nurse also stated on the same page (three) that "Pt eloped before being placed in Room"; however her statement is false and misleading and is contradicted by the evidence contained in the same medical report shown below. The "Pt eloped" statement by the nurse simply seeks to concrete the false statement made by the doctor to the same effect. Due to the terror and slander campaign against me at the time by the fbi (under their around the clock surveillance of my person) I concluded that Dr. Morroco was under the control/influence of the fbi thugs, and that for this reason the doctor put me in a room for 'observation' of my mental state.

Note that on page one of the following medical records (at the top of the page), a statement appears that patient entered the room, with  "Time in Room" 10:00 (illegible). Also note that  page two of the same report documents the fact that I was extremely sick from the effects of the virus (a virus which I believe the fbi induced in me), and that I was in no condition and had no motive to go anywhere under my dire medical circumstances.

The record shows on page four that I gave up on the doctor and  left the hospital untreated at around eleven or twelve  that morning (as shown on page four of the report). I returned on July 8, 1999, for treatment of the same continuing symptoms  (see: medical report at: I later reported the above fact to the chief hospital administrator and the California Medical Board, to no avail.


Fourteen years later a different medical doctor fabricates another false medical record:


The two statements (in the UCLA medical records) to the left are transparent lies and are  contradictory; one statement by the nurse  reads that I eloped prior to being placed in the room; the other statement from the doctor reads "Pt eloped prior to my seeing him".

Note that in the first UCLA document above , I was in the room at 10:AM. The statement by the doctor is patently false as shown by the medical records above and my own personal testimony.

In summary, the doctor and nurse falsify the record; UCLA chief administrator refuses to investigate , and the California Medical Board white washes the lies. All of the illegal entries and failures are performed to protect the fbi assassins in their efforts to incarcerate or kill Sosbee.


For more evidence of health care professionals in dirty alliance with the assassins of the fbi/cia see: