Ten years later the fbi and University of Texas Police generate fraudulent police reports on geral sosbee, cover up crimes committed against him and unlawfully seek a way to arrest him:


From Harlingen, Texas
September 9, 2010

LA Police Officers Arambula & Thomas enter outright lies in the report shown to the left here, as they write in their fraudulent police report dated 7-1-01 (# 16099) about Geral W. Sosbee ('Victim')  as follows [ note that the false report is typical of other police reports nationwide as the Target of fbi crimes is ignored and maligned when he files reports]:

"I, officer Arambula #35671, was advised by Sgt. Thomas #25283,,,Victim Has Made Numerous Exaggerated Reports At Wilshire Station In The Past. Many Reports Have been Inconsistent w/Info Given By Victim."


Part 2 Updates for 2001
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