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Brain Entrainment Symptoms

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Title: Microwave Assaults Cause Cancer:
Sosbee's Opinion supported by circumstances and science:
Evidence by medical doctors that fbi assaults on Sosbee by DEW and Microwave technology cause pre cancer in Sosbee:
On April 14, 2014, scientists at Lab Corp confirm that patient geral sosbee presented with "strange", unexplained

 "Pigmented Actinic Keratosis, Extending To Peripheral Biopsy Edge...Adjacent To Melanocytic Lesions" on left neck.
See Specimen # 100-Q53-0069-0,
Lab IA, Time 12:43
Control # 10110, Draw 04/09/14, Entered  04/10/14, Last report 04/14/14.
Signed by  Dr. Virganeyce Lyons-Boudreaux, MD, Pathologist.

Sosbee also notes: See False Or Incorrect Medical Report At:
Note that ELF also produces painful and disabling conditions in addition to the apparent cancer caused by Microwave as described above.

Excerpted from:


Psychotronic terror, realized openly in relation to the selected victims is conducted every second, around the clock and over the course of many years along the principle of the activities of an executioner in the middle ages -- torture chambers and "works" of researchers of the VChK- KGB in communist torture chambers in the same terrible years of the history of our much suffering country. Contemporary executioners embody in the technology of psychotronic weapons the entire enormous arsenal of torture handicraft. For terrorists the person under testing represents an ideal target upon which the invisible rays-impulses fall, inflicting traumatic blows. Sometimes in sadistic ecstasy, the terrorists with particular cruelty torture their victims for a sufficiently long enough time. The brain jailers climb [ samoe svjatoe***] intimately and secretly, with electronic-ray whips, punishing him for disobedience. With the shouts of the defenseless person for help, he is appraised by the law-enforcement agencies and those around him as a raving lunatic. There is created a distinctive psychotronic hood, electronic-ray tentacles which entirely keep their own victims in firm isolation from the rest of the world around him. Distant control and the constant stimulation of important life-sustaining areas of the brain and organs allows for a quick getaway for the killers of the person under testing. Click here


Unexpectedly Sosbee receives two messages of support from the United States District Courts (shown in the site meter images below) for Sosbee's excellent work in "Remedies"  against the assassins of the fbi/cia/doj:

meter108 meter107

Joanna Iatridou said, regarding the effects of the ELF assaults on Sosbee:

The FBI-ID photo is dated 2000 and the photo in dark suit is 2005. Look at the face: DEWs and electronic assaults with microchip transmitters secretly planted, aged the face at least 30 years in 5 years space only. TIs are not ugly and should not feel shame. DEWs are used to damage and disfigure, as Police refrained from stopping psychos to inflict pain, injury and aging,decay of health, Police thinks its fun, when the fact is, it reduces society's respect when Police Officers deny DEWs assaults and don't touch the psychos or seize their weapons. The shame and loss of prestige and honor is with the Police Officers, not the TIs.

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