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As an apparent  result of  Sosbee's report on Boeing's 'torture for profit' program, dated 9-4-08, entitled:"GERAL SOSBEE TO UNITED STATES ARMY, FOE " located at







Article dated and entitled:
Geral Sosbee To United States Army, Foe (4 Sep 2008),

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From Harlingen, Texas
August 4, 2009:

• Airborne Lasers: The Cutting Edge of Directed Energy Weaponry <http://www.thought-criminal.org/2007/09/04/airborne-lasers-the-cutting-edge-of-directed-energy-weaponry>

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Airborne Laser (ABL), a U.S. Air Force program aimed at destroying enemy ballistic missiles as they rise off their launch pads, could be deployed against conventional aircraft and even ground targets, according to prime contractor Boeing. During a Sep. 4 teleconference, Greg Hyslop, Boeing Airborne Laser vice president and program manager, said the Air Force is developing operational concepts for the beam weapon that could include “other missions and targets.”

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