Geral Sosbee Army Files


(And An Observation On Today's Army)


Click Here For Evidence Of DOD Involvement In The Torture Of Combat Vet

Two VA medical doctor specialists in ear problems (Dr Ann Wang and Dr. Sundaram Appukuttan) confirm service connected punctured left eardrum and related injuries which Sosbee sustained in Viet Nam in 1967. The VA as of December 16, 2011, delays (or freezes) any response to claim for these injuries.


Here are the actual trinkets issued on behalf of a disgraceful nation to Geral Wayne Sosbee by the United States Army which in criminal conspiracy with the fbi, cia, and military intelligence continue to date a decades long process of torture, slander and attempted murder of this veteran in response Sosbee's documentations of high crimes committed globally by the fbi and the cia; these awards are now  reminders  at once of a corrupt regime bent on world inhumane domination and of the brave Young who lost health, sanity or life supporting and defending in useless battles and unjust wars the most fraudulent, cowardly & murderous nation (the United States of America) in the history of civilization. 2012. Geral Sosbee

From Harlingen, Texas

February 23, 2011

In 2008/2009 the the VA clinic in Harlingen, Texas- at the direction of the fbi-  blocked all communications (via an internal note, or "flag" on Sosbee's file that fraudulently invalidated Sosbee's  address & phone number), thereby preventing him from receiving medical attention for about two years. Also, VA Doctor Downey scolded Sosbee for not responding to repeated notices (never sent) to keep doctors' appointments at the VA clinic.

This crime of falsifying of government records was documented with the IG and the VA headquarters; subsequently in 2010, the VA Doctor Ayala confirmed additional service connected injuries including the following: general sensory neuropathy, perforated left ear drum, tinnitus, et al. All injuries are presumed service connected due to law concerning combat duty of soldiers with 'boots on the ground'. Claims for these conditions are pending with the VA.

Subliminal messages from the VA to Sosbee reflect the contempt that officials there hold for this veteran.

Private, US Army
Ft. Polk, Louisiana


I hereby certify that the same   United States Of America   that issued the certificate shown  here ( to the left)  is an international criminal enterprise and is run,managed and directed by homicidal sociopaths, torturers, murderers and evil doers, and that any service that I may have rendered to such corrupt and maniacal government was made in good faith, to the best of my ability and without knowledge (at the time) of the damage that the United States Of America was unduly inflicting on Humanity and on civilization.

Geral W. Sosbee
May 5, 2010,fo.html

From Harlingen, Texas

September 4, 2008

The directed energy assaults continue with greater intensity and the symptoms associated with the assaults are more pronounced and painful.

The fbi and the United States Army are aware of the high tech assaults and should be called to answer for same.

However, the United States Congress is hopelessly corrupt and cowardly and in no mood to challenge the homicidal maniacs and torturers who claim to defend this nation.

Note also that...

...Ft Huachuca is the head of Army intelligence and reportedly has a IT branch where Lockheed Martin may be involved with an Electronic warfare program at Ft Hauchuca:

Meet aggressive United States Army Intelligence Officer James Wolf, protesting too much.


Sosbee to the Army: your participation/acquiesence in the torture of this veteran will never be forgotten, but I am grateful that I am able to present evidence of your retardation/evil to the people of the world.




Which person more resembles a dog!

This photo reflects the fbi/cia/army obsession to break down the human animal to its basic defenseless elements and to strip him of his fundamental human dignity. This same tactic by the army is used daily by the fbi/cia in their psychological assaults on men globally.

The fbi, via Google, visits the page of my site at  where I begin preparations (by email to my webmaster -monitored by the fbi Google ) to update the current intel services control of the United States Army; then, on the night of May 3, 2010, and prior to the actual update, the fbi applies ultra-extreme sleep deprivation. Here are the thugs' visits to my site (now seen as threats or notices to me to cease & desist from posting the proposed update). Clearly the fbi/cia/army do not approve my posting of the "Be All You Can Be" material on this page.

meter95 meter96
meter97 meter98

After Sosbee proceeds with the update on this page (regarding the certificate of service and naked prisoners subjected by fbi/cia  to humiliating poses for control purposes)  the fbi Google then apparently sends Sosbee a new 'hate' message, for his non cooperation as shown below; note that Google surrenders partial control of Sosbee's  internet data unto the assassins of the fbi/cia:


From Harlingen, Texas
October 18, 2010

MEMO TO:     Google Inc.,-122.084917&hl=en

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

This message is directed to the Executive Officers and Board of Google Corporation and is made public for reasons implied herein.

Over the past decade you and your technicians are privy to my documentations of fbi/cia  threats, harassment, stalking, torture, attempted murder (and /or attempted forced suicide) and other criminal offenses against  me. In many instances Google may have evidence to support my allegations against the fbi and the cia and such material in the possession of Google should be turned over to the appropriate branch of government for investigation. Some of the offenses against me have been summarized at

Additional examples of such evidence are apparent at :

In other instances the fbi/cia have used the Google name and system to deliver to me threats of impending increased psychoelectronic assaults with confirmations after the fact of the delivery of such assaults. As of today I have fallen victim to several medical conditions and infirmities as a direct result of the fbi/cia high tech criminal assaults and all medical records are available to the appropriate authorities.

I ask Google to order the fbi and the cia to stop the exploitation of Google for the fbi/cia’s unlawful and inhumane purposes; I also suggest that Google contact the FTC, the corrupt Congress and slovenly courts, and other appropriate authority of government  in efforts to cause an investigation of the assassins of the fbi and the cia who continue (uninterrupted for a decade or more) their murderous agenda against me as I have extensively outlined at

As of today Google fails to do what is right in this matter; accordingly,  I will need to reassess my small investment in Google shares and  to hereby notify the world (including the investment community) of  Google’s possible role in ( by deafening silence, etc.) some of the offenses  that I record. For more information on the need to expose all who assist the fbi and the cia in their global and inhumane crime spree, see

Finally, Google despite its original and best intentions ‘to do no evil’  appears at the very least  on the verge of being embedded heart, mind and soul with the terrorists of the fbi and the cia. The vast resources of the Google Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates globally are now no doubt integrated into the fbi/cia global intelligence apparatus in such a way that Google Corporation  itself can no longer stay above the fray which is an epic battle on behalf and for the preservation of Human & Civil Rights against gross & murderous ongoing government atrocities.

Thank you kindly.
Geral Sosbee
P.O. Box 3374
Harlingen, Texas
(956) 536-3103

As of today Google fails to do what is right in this matter; accordingly,  I will need to reassess my small investment in Google.


As Geral Sosbee has documented for over a decade, the fbi directors  (now Robert Mueller) run a group of fbi Mafia thugs and assassins and the director tries to preserve the 'code of silence' within the fbi ranks in efforts to cover up the many crimes committed by fbi agents, operatives, punks, and terrorists. To this end the current  fbi director, alarmed at the world's  favorable responses to Sosbee's revelations regarding the *methods, practices and financing of the fbi/cia joint global criminal enterprise, [*] sends the message shown below via Google to all who will listen; note that the image below has a virus planted therein:

Click here to see Google page that the image came from

January 23 2011


For more data on the fbi's illegal manipulation of, etc., see:

500 ◊ 376 - Control geral sosbee saturday, mar three
items to the law trends Via iafis


Sergeant Sweeney

Private Geral W. Sosbee , US 54438508

fbi/Google remove the above image of me in a combat infantry company in Viet Nam (1967) from the Google Images Search Engine.


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