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When you click link below you will see added evidence of fbi crimes in the Los Angeles area; the two police reports from Irvine P.D. and Gardena P.D. show that Sosbee reported the fraudulent use of a credit card that only he and the fbi had access to. Sosbee did not use the card except for a loan. The fbi agent/operative charged an item (possibly on the internet) to a company called, "Pack It Up", so that Sosbee would receive the subliminal message to seek final exit at the same time he receives a bill for the item charged; this theft was a part of the terrorist assaults on Sosbee while he tried to stay alive in California. See




of the writ for further documentation of this crime in Sosbee's pleadings to the

courts who don't care.

The reports:

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August 31, 2005


TO : President , Sprint PCS


From: Geral W. Sosbee


956 459-3024


Re: Tampering with my Sprint PCS Phone and Vision Services by the fbi


This note confirms my reports to your staff regarding fbi criminal interference and tampering with my phone and vision services. During the past several months I have not been able to access my website ( using my Sprint PCS phone; previously I had no difficulty in visiting my site using my Sprint PCS phone handset. Recently, I learned that the fbi apparently intentionally hacked my Sprint phone over the past 6 months, planted extraneous data therein and thereby created a syntax problem on the unit/account which is manifest by the error number 603.


Also, the fbi apparently used the recent hurricane as a cover to shut down my vision services altogether; at first I and the Sprint staff thought that the weather caused the shut down, but later when the Sprint technical support staff could not fix the recurring problems (associated with user name and passcode scrambling) the idea occurred to us that someone was preventing Sprint from fixing the vision service; then, after Sprint in fact discovered and fixed the apparent problem on 8-29-05, the fbi or a Sprint employee canceled the Vision Service on my account without my knowledge, so that once again I could not access my site with Vision. After I learned of the cancellation of the 30 day trial period for Vision, Sprint reinstituted the service, but then discovered the syntax problem (and the hacking mentioned above) which has over the past several months prevented me from effectively using Vision for my purposes.


Some of the employees at Sprint do not believe that the fbi could do what I have described; others however expressed appreciation for my documenting these events; a few staff members at Sprint insulted me as I tried to explain the events mentioned above. The interference with my communications by the fbi is a small element of the harassment and torture campaign designed to drive the Target insane. For more on the evidence to support this statement see the site,


Please note that after the Sprint team located and documented the syntax problem (error #603), my Vision services were completely restored and I can now for the first time in 6 months access my site using my Sprint PCS phone. The fbi monitors all information entered on my account, and the fbi realizes that their crimes are now uncovered by Sprint.


This is submitted for the record. Thank you for the excellent services and for the patience in reviewing my reports regarding criminal activities of the fbi on my Sprint PCS account.


* Note that as a result of Sosbee's documentation of fbi interference and hacking into the Sprint PCS account and services, the Sprint/Nextel Corporation has (as of November 25, 2005) apparently contacted the fbi to plead with the thugs to stop the interference due to the costs involved in the management of the Sosbee account.




From Brownsville, Texas


November 25, 2005


The fbi continues the nonconsensual cover research, psyops, psychotronics, assaults, poisonings, home and car invasions, surveillance (electronic and physical), etc., as set forth in My Story In Detail; these crimes are designed to force the Target into suicide. Note that the fbi plants the wireless surveillance cameras in any public or private room that the Target may frequent for any purpose (including a seemingly unlikely location: rest rooms). In some instances the fbi enters the facility to make the thug's presence known to the Target, so that the Target is aware that the fbi is really on the case 24/7.




Geral W. Sosbee


P. O. Box 2272


Brownsville, Texas 78522


Click Here For My Documentation

For more on the historically corrupt fbi see:

From Harlingen, Texas
August 5, 2010

The cowardly criminals who run the fbi's CJIS often send me their little messages of contempt for my work; all readers should recognize the threat posed by the CJIS thugs to each and every citizen of the USA . CJIS employees hide behind their computers and engage in political vendettas against anyone who exposes the crimes committed by the fbi; these corrupt agents and minions operate anonymously and fabricate records against the Target , including members of Congress and others for blackmail purposes.

In the following site meter image the CJIS fool may have a message for this Target, but the message is obscured by the low and despicable mentality of the visitor who should be prosecuted for his many traitorous offenses against this reporter and many others around the country.

My message to the CJIS hoodlum is straightforward and easy to understand: you are among the lowest form of human intellect that inhabits this good earth; in time your unlawful acts, your lies and your evil ways will be seen by people globally as exemplary of the inhumanity and criminality that characterize this nation's war on the people of the world.


From Harlingen, Texas
September 13, 2010

The fbi's cjis continues to deliver their covert messages as shown below, even while the fbi continues to terrorize this Target 24/7.

Sosbee notes that the employees of cjis who cover up the crimes against my person (as documented on this and other websites) are criminals and their names should be indexed as domestic terrorists and Unidentified Folonious Offenders. The cjis cowards who regularly send their subliminal messages to Sosbee must be identified by name and prosecuted for computer crimes for their role in the ongoing fbi attempted murder and harassment campaign against Sosbee. [Psychoelectronic assaults, home invasions, & vandalism, etc., continue unabated.]


The fbi crime report shown below is a fraud on the nation because the report does not include the murders, thefts, burglaries, robberies, forced suicide, vandalism, home invasions, etc., that I have described on this and other sites.Here is the recent false fbi crime report:

Database: FBI Crime Statistics, 2005-09

During 2009, violent crime nationwide declined for the third year in a row, with an estimated 5.3 percent drop from 2008 figures. Property crime continued to fall as well -- for a seventh straight year, according to the FBI . The federal agency annually releases statistics on violent crimes like murder, rape and robbery and on property crimes such as burglary and vehicle theft. Not all agencies participate in the voluntary FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program and therefore are not reflected in the data.

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