From Harlingen, Texas

August 7, 2008

Dr. Gandhi should as a matter of professional decency submit an addendum to her previous reports wherein she pretended to not understand the cause of the stroke-like symptoms presented in the patient Geral Sosbee; specifically, the doctor to be honest in her report needs to state the obvious: that the sudden onset of the symptoms described in her report was in all probability triggered by or associated with the mastoid effusion and the periventricular white matter, and that other than her political motivations (based upon fbi false reports to Gandhi) no evidence existed that would justify her statement (written and verbal) that Sosbee should seek counseling. The ones who truly needs professional counseling are the cowardly doctors who allow the fbi and the cia to dictate the results of medical findings and prognoses.

*Dr. Gandhi records exactly her notion of what  Sosbee "..was supposed to"  ...do , as shown by the red arrow (which is entered by Sosbee's webmaster) on page 5 of the above report, but the doctor needs to first do her reporting properly ( free from lies and incompetency) before requiring others to follow her orders.