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New law rules that fleeing in car from police is deemed a violent felony, and the police are authorized to kill the (innocent) suspect.


The dilemma facing civilized man is to either give in to primal instincts of self survival by active resistance, or to submit to corrupt and murderous authority ,allowing himself to be imprisoned, tortured and killed to avoid confrontation for the preservation of the fašade

of peace. Thus, (as Wilson stated) men 'had better not speak above their breath' of how they intend to resolve this-the greatest issue of our time. Many men succumb to the first option and that delights the assassins in government (fbi/police)who benefit from the very violence that they incite/induce. Thus, the dignity of man is forever compromised by the evil men of  usa government who force upon all of us the dilemma referenced above and keeps men in chains in order to preserve the inhumane system. 


I have learned that not all persons labeled as 'criminals' are evil, while those who engage in the torture we speak of are all evil, but not considered by law as criminal.  http://neworleans.indymedia.org/news/2014/02/18930.php



The fbi/cia/nsa are in fear of losing their stranglehold on the people so the corrupt fools of usa intel community invent new 'threats' everyday for publicity purposes and to instill fear in the public which (in their twisted homicidal minds) may justify continuing atrocities. fbi/cia/nsa=unnecessary evil.


The fbi/cia/nsa benefit from random acts of violence, mass murder and other atrocities committed against citizens and government officials; through the concept implied in "see, we told you so" the USA intel community fraudulently justifies its own mass murders and assassinations globally and at the same time keeps the public in a fearful/trembling state. The Benghazi attack seems to be intentionally set up or approved by fbi/cia/nsa for political purposes. Predictably, Hillary yet remains a top contender to run the country next; this means that she has the full support of uSA macabre intel which she supports 100% all the time.


The real mafia:


(The fbi miscreants train police leaders from around the world at fbi National Academy!)

Most crimes by police thugs, including fraudulent stings and staged crimes, go undetected and not reported.See my recent report on evidence that the USA uses federal state and local police (and operatives) to try to provoke an unacceptable response in their efforts to find a way to silence or kill me.



UT Police Crimes Against me:






The US DOJ sees the truth  as presented on this page
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and is particularly concerned that the public is also awakening to the horrors that I document, both with respect to fbi thugs and the DOJ white shirts who authorize or cover up fbi's own crimes.


The fbi's CJIS, a group of cowardly thugs hiding behind keyboards and fabricating files on innocent people, are also nervous about the contents of this page. See their visit in the site meter image below:


The fbi's CJIS employees continue anonymous visits to this page (shown in the site meter entries below)  and the miscreants there discover with chagrin that my truthful reports echo globally and that my documentations reveal the complete breakdown of the constitutional government of the uSA at the hands of fbi/cia/nsa sociopathic thugs and criminals and those persons who support or fear them.

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