September 29,2002:

fbi and cia efforts to silence and or kill Sosbee, Hartwell and others fail and the government of the United States is reduced to the deployment of half-wits (see my most recent update to "My Story In Detail") to defend against righteous American Patriots who speak on behalf of all civilized people on the earth who condemn such tyrants and assassins as the Enemies of Humanity. The statement on the Home Page Button is in Romanian and is translated as follows: "Where there's one there is no power; where there's two power grows and the enemy does not increase (in power)."


Sosbee and Hartwell and others gather momentum by the force of the truth of their messages; the mental dwarfs of the fbi and the cia (and their associates and supporters) are on the wane.


October 1, 2002.

From Brownsville, Texas:


The Romanian quote on the home page of has special meaning to two people: Geral Sosbee and Patrick Groves. Sosbee and Groves studied Romanian together at the Defense Language Institute for the fbi, and they became friends and professional associates through their shared experiences at the California facility. One of the Romanian expressions that Groves and Sosbee often quoted in the course is the one now displayed on the home page button. Years later, while Sosbee served on the same fbi squad as Groves, he (Patrick Groves) betrayed Sosbee and assisted Alfred E. Smith in forcing Sosbee to resign. So, this Romanian button is in memory of that betrayal. Sosbee wishes Groves well, but invites his former colleague to recall the deceit and trickery that Alfred Smith asked Groves to perform in efforts to silence Sosbee in 1978. Geral Sosbee


From Brownsville, Texas

September 26, 2004


The Romanian expression "Cum Zboare Ventul" captures the Romanian custom of setting domestic policy in a manner consistent with "how the wind blows" (or, from which direction the political wind blows). For example, when the war machine of Russia is strongly felt in Romania, then domestic public policy accommodates it, at the expense of the Romanian people and basic Human Rights; when the Germans blow through, then the Romanians again shift their national character to conform to the new dictators (i.e. those of the Nazis). Now, the wind makes dramatic (and yet somewhat subtle) shift and blows from the United States; predictably the Romanians again accommodate. The various state and federal representatives from the United States legal profession (among other government bodies) presently presume to 'teach' the Romanians how best to set up the three branches of government (modeled after those in the U.S.). The problem is that as the various envoys (for example, those from the Texas State Bar and from the California legal community) reach Romania, little or no discussion focuses on the total corruption of the three branches of the government of the U.S. by the fbi/cia and other intelligence agencies. So, we see the smiling faces of the dignitaries posing for the camera in Romania as though to suggest that a great beneficial friendship is about to unfold between the two distinct cultures. We have all seen such a 'smiling face scenario' throughout history when one murderous tyrant forces another to sell out his people and his nation. I suggest that all countries (including Romania) lift the veil presented to them by the mind controlled visitors from the U.S. before adopting U.S. standards for public policy, law and government. I also suggest that these leaders take a hard look at the evil regime that underlies the system about to be imposed there. In essence I urge the Romanians for once in modern times to create their own unique and just government based on the ideals of liberty and individual Human Rights and that such system be diametrically opposed to the existence of any form of a Totalitarian state. Trash "Cum Zboare Zventil."

In the ad that I placed in the January 2001, issue of the Texas Sate Bar Journal (Vol.64,No.1,p.55) I notified the Texas State Bar (and I put on notice all members of the Texas Legal community) via my website that the fbi consists of torturers, terrorists and assassins and that the government of the U.S. as represented by the false public image of the three distinct and co-equal branches , --i.e., the executive, judicial, and legislative-- is a fraud . Yet, the Texas legal community ignored the information which I provided prior to the 911 attack on the U.S. and which forewarned of global distrust of the U.S. as a result of fbi/cia terrorist practices worldwide. The ad:


meter80 meter81

After the visit to my site ( as shown above, note that the visitor apparently notifies a mysterious figure in Washington D.C. who then examines the PG data as set forth in
this site:


The following site meter entries reflect Google's notices to me and to the DOJ/fbi/secret and corrupt intel court judge that Sosbee is skating on thin ice with the updates on this page. Sosbee also notes that over the past 48 hours the fbi pounds him with unrelenting directed energy assaults.


Sosbee assumes that the fbi and the secret intel court  may express a prosecutorial interest in Sosbee as reflected in the following image:


From Harlingen, Texas

As of January 21, 2010, the fbi, or fbi IT operative hack my gmail account (, so that all files are lost and most other features of the service are not available, or are removed from my account. I believe that my recent  reports on this and other pages prompted the fbi to send me their little reminders of the great powers they possess.

Regarding Patrick Groves ("PG"--a former high level counterintelligence officer, Special Agent with and  completely programmed by the fbi):

From my recollection PG is a w/m 6', 190 lbs, appx., 65 yrs., dark hair with light complexion and medium build; he is left hemispheric, bright, articulate (& fluent in Romanian) with a high IQ and a mathematics forte; yet PG evinces few signs of human decency and common sense. In short PG is the perfect fbi functionary and  'True Believer'  and is a witness to or participant in the many crimes committed against me by the fbi/cia in New York City in 1978. Wherever he be (probably SI or DC), PG should be summoned before the US Congress to outline the extensive efforts by the fbi over the past 32 years to torture, imprison, or kill me (and others); PG is also well versed in mind control methods and has a wealth of knowledge concerning fbi/cia high crimes and misdemeanors globally. One should not hold breath waiting for the Congress to depose the  Manchurian Candidate  PG because the Congress is also under the fbi/cia control and is not inclined to lift or to point a finger against the assassins of either agency.

Geral Sosbee

On 1-21-2010,  I documented  the hacking of my gmail account at

At the time of the disabling of my email, I thought that the fbi was the culprit; now, however, Google impliedly admits to the hacking (now stopped) as evidenced by the data at and in this report:

For over a decade I have endeavored to locate and to identify fbi agents and operatives  who continue to date efforts to kill or imprison me; I also seek to disclose the names of fbi agents who are material witness to or participants in crimes that I have documented against my person. One such witness or participant is Patrick Groves of Staten Island. 

Both Google and the fbi and Patrick Groves expressed 'anger' over my report on Groves and they (each in his own manner) began to send me their little messages of contempt as set forth herein).

Shortly after my update to this website on 1-21-2010 (10:37 PM) at as reflected in Exhibit A below, a Google fbi operative begins stalking me (and my webmaster) at 10:49 PM as shown in the site meter image below labeled Exhibit  B.  Note that the Google stalker visits the same page as I and my webmaster were on a few minutes earlier.

Exhibit B  (10:49 PM) - Google's visit showing
stalking of Sosbee's webmaster)

Exhibit A  (Sosbee's webmaster)

meter87 meter88

Then, the next day (1-22-10, 7:28 PM) I and my webmaster make a new update to (as reflected in Exhibit C below); and an hour later at 8:16 PM on 1-22-10, Google again stalks me and webmaster on the same webpage as shown below in Exhibit D.

Exhibit D- Google visits same page an hour later, same date

Exhibit C  (I and my webmaster visit to site for update)

meter89 meter90

Clearly, as reflected in Exhibit B (and in the context of  the email tampering), Google is acting as an fbi/cia operative as Google stalks, threatens, and harasses Sosbee when his messages hit too close to home. Concerning Google's work with the fbi assassins and torturers (as set forth in this update) in efforts to censure my reports, Google is hereby exposed as EVIL.

Geral Sosbee

For more information on  fbi Google's   notices and harassment (including threats and subsequent sleep deprivation) see:

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