CIA document denying any record on Sosbee, an American Intelligence Officer. Year - 2000

Below is another cia letter falsely denying any record on Geral W. Sosbee; the letter is dated February 2, 2000, and was written by the cia after the cia assisted the fbi in terrorizing Sosbee in Japan and Thailand, in April, May and June of 1999; specifically the cia conducted psyops, 24 hour surveillance (electronic and physical), planted drugs in Sosbee's food, kidnapped , harassed and assaulted him , and generally terrorized him for the entire time that Sosbee was in Thailand. The cia knew that Geral W. Sosbee is a former fbi intelligence official, knew that the fbi (in its campaign to silence Sosbee) needed assistance from the cia in efforts to drive Sosbee insane, and knew that the United States Congress was conducting an inquiry (feeble as it was) into Sosbee's complaints of fbi retaliation; the following documents also show that the cia is falsely reporting "no record on Sosbee" : fbi performance report for Sosbee's work in "Security: Espionage - Foreign Intelligence" (on this site), *United States Treasury annuity payments to Geral W. Sosbee (from three federal agencies), fbi history book dated 1996- library of Congress # 95-60549, ISPN 1-56311-205-1 (printed in USA), United States passport issued by the State Department to Geral W. Sosee, with multiple visa # 0622939 (from Thailand) and with foreign entry confirmations in both Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). The passport ID is also shown below following the cia letter.


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