The following images show the periventricular white matter

From Harlingen, Texas
September 21, 2010

A Radiologist confirms by brain scan dated 7-20-10  that the foreign object which caused the original mastoid effusion apparently remains in the same location in the mastoid air cell (sinus pocket) as shown in the brain scan from the year 2000; the following image from the 2010 brain scan shows the current mastoid problem area ten years after the original brain scan shown to the left. As I previously suggested , the fbi discovered that the mastoid problem prevented accurate reading of my pulse, so the fbi apparently placed a new tracking device in my upper skull area (nasal sinus pocket) with the help of the late Dr. Castillo.

Here is the image dated
July 20, 2010:

The following images reflect the right mastoid effusion. Also see the
arrows showing where the problem is.



High incidence and spontaneous resolution of mastoid effusion ... Click here to read High incidence and spontaneous resolution of mastoid effusion after craniotomy on early postoperative magnetic resonance images.


August 9,2002:

Sosbee now concludes that the implant in his right jaw is possibly biological microelectromechanical device (half the width of a human hair) or similar neural communication technology which relies in part on the periventricular white matter around the brain for the successful completion of the neural technology which acts as a tracking device. Sosbee's belief is based on his own symptoms, the activities of the fbi and the cia thugs (and assassins) and on the reports from the Center For Neural Communication Technology (CNCT). Based on all available data Sosbee concludes that he is either an active experimentee of CNCT research, or he is the target of perverse and criminal misapplication of new science which can be used to terrorize the Target. This activity enhances the Cover Research program which is also used against Sosbee. Excerpts from the CNCT study are as follows (give special attention to "project 1" below):


Center for Neural Communication Technology Organization


The underlying goal for all of the work conducted by the CNCT is to make multichannel recording and stimulation devices available to researchers which will enable them to more efficiently communicate with the brain. Micromachined electrodes offer the potential to extend small ensemble studies to tissue volume studies consisting of dozens if not hundreds of cells.

Internal Research Projects


There are three internal research projects under the Center which are designed to enhance the capability of the base technology:

Project 1, Extensions of Micromachined Microelectrode Technology :

Extend the basic structure of the device to include fluid carrying channels for delivery of fluids to tissue volume, and/or to lesion at recording/stimulation site locations.

Project 2, Biological Neural Networks: Develop techniques for data acquisition from and analysis of neural circuits in the volume surrounding arrays of recording devices. The direction which has been proposed for this project over the next grant period will be to study the relationships between the physical characteristics of the devices and the architecture of the neural tissue to rationalize the process of design and experimentally explore and model the deterioration of chronic implants over time to improve their behavior.

Project 3,

Morphological Visualization and Assessment :

Explore the envelope of tissue surrounding stimulation, recording and/or chemical delivery probes for histological evidence of deterioration of probe performance which has been observed electrophysiologically in vivo.


Collaborative Research Projects:


In addition to internal projects, there are multiple collaborative research projects with investigators outside the Center. Collaborators contribute significantly toward improving and expanding the use of the technology in areas including optimization of device designs, evaluation of chronic connectors, interconnects and cranial chambers, improvement of implantation methods, development of protocols for chronic electrode site maintenance, testing of advanced devices and exploration of new application areas.

August 20, 2002, My Special Thanks Are Extended To Eleanor White (see web link on home page) for her work which allowed me to better understand the science behind the fbi/cia criminal misuse of Neural Technology. Eleanor White is one of the Greats in this epic battle to save Humanity from the thugs and cut-throats of the world; I and many others are indebted to her for her untiring and always professional labors.

Geral Sosbee

From Harlingen, Texas

December 14, 2008

The radiology reports at present compelling questions for the medical professional:

1) Why did Dr. F.G. Moser write a false report on 11-10-2000 wherein he found "normal magnetic resonance"; who instructed him to create the false report ?

2) Was the fbi or the cia instrumental in the initial cover-up of the location of the tracking device (or the evidence of the proximate location of the foreign entry) to protect intel secrets associated with the nature and location of the device;

3) Why was the 11-10-2000 report reviewed and interpreted only by Dr. Moser, with no other doctor joining in (except for electronic verification);

4) Why was the second, corrected radiology report (of the same MRI study )re- dated 12-15-2000 and reviewed and interpreted by Dr. Marcel Maya (and subsequently verified by Dr. Moser); note that the second report concerns the same MRI study performed on 11-10-2000.

5) Why was neither Sosbee, nor Dr. Gandhi notified of the new interpretations of the radiology report;

6) Why was the second radiology report written on the same day that Dr. Gandhi examined Sosbee on 12-15-2000'sreports.html

When Dr. Gandhi wrote her initial report, she based it on the false radiology report dated 11-10-2000; then, when Dr. Gandhi received the corrected radiology report, she denied any understanding of the significance of the right mastoid effusion. Also, when Sosbee tried to meet with Dr. Moser, he was difficult to contact. After several weeks of repeated messages to Dr. Moser by Sosbee (and multiple visits to Dr. Moser's office) he finally agreed to meet with Sosbee; at the meeting Dr. Moser was generally not helpful in answering Sosbee's questions regarding the MRI; Dr. Moser circled in black the areas on the MRI showing the mastoid effusion.

The arrows pointing out the mastoid effusion were entered by Sosbee's webmaster of

When Sosbee asked the state medical board of California and the chief of the Cedars-Sanai Hospital (the authority who provided the MRI facilities) to address the issues raised by Sosbee regarding the inconsistencies mentioned above, all authorities white washed the issue and denied any irregularity in the MRI studies. Many other questions are raised about the *actions of the doctors involved in the study, but the fbi has the answers and should be forced to testify.

*For example: why did Dr. Gandhi become hostile toward Sosbee after the initial exam in her office?
Click here To See the arrogant Dr.Gandhi's comment regarding what the patient , Geral Sosbee, was " supposed to " do.

From Harlingen, Texas

December 18, 2008

The above update of December 14, 2008, was hacked by the fbi as follows:

as the webmaster typed the data into his computer, the fbi monitored and changed some of the data entries. The webmaster later caught the hacking, notified me, and made the corrections.

Note that the fbi (through its hacking activities) thereby notifies me and my webmaster of the monitoring exercises; in the past the fbi hacks into my other sites at newciv and ning and some indymedia locations; the fbi also changes orders that I may make on line with different merchants, so that the vendor sells me more than I ordered and also bills my credit card for the inflated order; additionally the fbi regularly interferes with all of my e-mail.

Such is the function of the federal bureau of investigation today: a group of punks paid to harass, torture, and murder as I have documented. The United States of America is defined by the low, menial and homicidal antics of its intel groups.

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