If T stops eating at home, the fbi thugs place drugs or virus in T's food in restaurants.


May 12, 2002


The fbi repeatedly places a variety of drugs in Sosbee's food and drink and regularly sends prostitutes (and on a few occasions, gay men) to proposition Sosbee. This kind of activity is consistent with the fbi's fraudulent profiling efforts wherein the fbi builds a fictitious file on the target in preparation for the next phase in the elimination process: death by appropriate disease (an illness consistent with the fictitious profile), or demise under suspicious circumstances.


From Brownsville, Texas

November 17, 2002


Based on recent poisonings, psyops and psychotronics, Sosbee has reason to believe that the fbi may be using hallucinogens on selected Targets. See My Story In Detail.


From Brownsville, Texas

January 28, 2003


The following medical record confirms the viral infection which the fbi planted in Sosbee at a restaurant in the Los Angeles, California area; for additional evidence of the intentional planting of a viral infection in Sosbee by the fbi see the log at part 13 of My Story In Detail, July 2,3,8,9,1999; also, note that the United States FDA visited this website shortly after the fbi planted additional viral infectious material in food consumed by Sosbee (in Brownsville, Texas),and shortly after the FDA visit to this website, all such plantings of viral infections stopped. The medical report:

See part 11 of My Story for more information (including a statement from the State Medical Board) on the fbi's use of viral infections against the Target.


For information on the fbi's planting of bacterial infections in the the Target, see part 12 of My Story.


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