From Brownsville, Texas


June 6, 2006

I filed complaints against two doctors with the state agencies responsible for examining and monitoring malpractice by the doctors : The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners (TSBME) and the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE). Both of these agencies trashed my complaints. However, I persisted and finally the TSBME processed my complaint against Dickey and indicated that they could not release the contents of the complaint, but that they would keep it in a closed file. The TSBDE continued to trash my written complaint against Salome and then began to harass me as set forth below:


In early May, 2006, I sent by US mail on two separate occasions a copy of my complaint; the TSBDE did not acknowledge receipt of the complaint. Then, on 5-21-06 and 5-30-06 I faxed the complaint to the TSBDE at 512 463-7461; again the TSBDE refused to acknowledge receipt of my complaint.


I then sent two e-mails as set forth below and received no response:


E-Mail # 1 :


Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 09:22:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: "geral sosbee" <>
Subject: complaint against Dr. Roger Salome


"I have sent the following complaint (together with signed medical release form) to your office twice, first by US mail and then by fax. Please acknowledge receipt..."



Sosbee continues this update as follows:


Then, later that day the TSBDE officer who continues to trash my complaints apparently visits my website as shown in the site meter entry below:

I then sent another E-Mail to the TSBDE which reads in part as follows: (note that the time zone for the computer used at Austin, Texas, is different from the time zone used by the computer in Brownsville, Texas):


E-Mail #2


Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 16:49:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: "geral sosbee" <>
Subject: complaint against Dr. Roger Salome


I regret that your offices refuse to acknowledge receipt of my recent complaint. I trust that you honestly believe that you have a sound basis to treat my legitimate concerns with such contempt; however, history now records that representatives of administrative agencies at the federal and state levels who cover up (or otherwise refuse to investigate) well documented
cases, such as the one I present to your not so esteemed offices, are afraid to do so; such a cowardly approach to the complex problems facing our country at the hands of the intelligence agencies insures that the United States has no foreseeable chance of rebounding from the Totalitarian State now being formed.


If your official representative visited my site (as shown in the site meter entry below) for some obscure purpose, please note that such a visit also reflects your narrowness of mind, your ignorance and your unforgivable and unjustifiable arrogance. The brain scan is a legitimate piece of evidence of Mastoid Effusion and supports my earlier claims as set forth on my site. You should be ashamed of yourself (if you intentionally seek to undermine or insult me), but your lack of good sense precludes such introspection as may be required to see one's own shortcomings. If I am incorrect in any of my assumptions, I ask your indulgence and your response to my complaint, even if you feel that no investigation is warranted by the facts I present.


Geral W. Sosbee


Then, on May 31, 2006, I sent by FedEx another copy of my complaint which was received by the TSBDE early in the day on June 2, 2006, and was signed for by J. Shoholder, FedEx tracking # 857730449829


A few hours later on the same day the TSBDE again apparently visits my website as shown in the site meter entry below:

I conclude by the events summarized above that the TSBDE intends to trash all of my complaints, refuses to acknowledge them, and perform their own little harassment game against me. The record now shows that the TSBDE is a **terrorist organization wherein the officers actively help the fbi in the psychological war (see "obscure purpose" mentioned above) against the Target for the purpose of silencing him. Any person who tortures (For a definition of the word, 'torture' , see: another is a **terrorist; any individual who assists, condones, or otherwise covers up such torture is also a terrorist; and any person who fails in a duty to stop the torture (or who piles on by adding a new twist to the torture as suggested in this update regarding the TSBDE subliminal message and failure to investigate ) is also a terrorist.

From Brownsville, Texas


June 14, 2006

On June 5, 2006, I requested that the Honorable State Representative Rene O. Oliveira (District 37, Brownsville, Texas) contact the TSBDE and inquire as to the reason why the TSBDE refuses to accept my complaint against Dr. saLOme; a week later I received a letter from the TSBDE, dated June 5, 06, signed by Lisa Jones (Director of Enforcement) in reference to Case No.: 06-0736-0504 NJ, Respondent: Dr. Roger Salome, D.D.S., Complainant: Mr. Geral W. Sosbee. In the letter Jones states in part as follows: "It was determined that based upon allegations in your complaint, the Board has no jurisdiction over this matter according to the Occupation Code and/or the Board's Rules and Regulations." Sosbee responds that the rules and regulations also require that the TSBDE not cover up possible crimes, not trash legitimate complaints, and where appropriate refer cases to the appropriate agency when evidence of a possible crime exists. The TSBDE is a fraud and its officers should be compelled to answer my charges of their incompetence and corruption.


For the record, the complaint that I sent to the TSBDE in this instance involved an ugly scenario, witnessed by a total of four (4) people at different stages: first, the doctor and the patient are witnesses; then, the doctor's assistant whom the doctor identified as his relative, observed part of the conduct; also, a professor of the Baylor Dental College of Dallas, Texas, confirmed some facts as I allege in the complaint, as the doctor re-treated the suspect tooth and related problems; finally, part of the tooth in question remains in place and may serve as additional evidence in support of my allegations against Dr. saLOme.


All statements in this update represent my personal opinion and considered judgment and I make no allegations of criminal conduct against any person. With regard to the Honorable Rene O. Oliveira, mentioned above, I am extremely grateful for his kind assistance in this matter and I trust that his efforts on my behalf will be seen as an indication of his honesty and integrity in the representation of his constituents.


See also the following link for my efforts to file a complaint against Dr. Achleitner of Brownsville, Texas:

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